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Be Rich diamond jewelry stores and nightlife in Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol

In summer 2012, during the Marbella Luxury Weekend held at Muelle de la Ribiera in Puerto Banús on the Costa del Sol, the elite avant-garde Spanish diamond jewelry store “Be Rich” opened its doors and presented their Indulgence Jewellery collections.

Be Rich designer diamond jewelry – 18k gold with coloured precious gemstone accents

Joyería Be Rich Puerto Banús made a splash of an entrance into the world of luxury diamond jewelry designers on the Costa del Sol with the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, inaugurating a show that featured the current Mister and Miss Marbella (Lidia Santos and Dani Rivero) who exhibited a variety of luxury items. The inaugural Be Rich designer diamond jewelry line has been created to appeal to men and women who can afford impulse purchase like fine 18k gold rings with coloured diamonds and precious gemstones, limited edition red carpet inspired earrings and high-end sterling silver jewelry plated with 18k gold. All the fine diamond jewelry at Be Rich, as well as the precious gemstones series in the celebrity inspired collection (with diamonds and genuine sapphires & emeralds), have been handcrafted: individually made by artisans exclusively for the Be Rich stores.

Be Rich limited edition fine diamond jewelry – almost one of a kind

One of the reasons for choosing a piece of BR designer diamond jewelry over prèt-a-porter items from high-end jewelry shops in the area is that the pieces in Indulgence are limited to 200-300 items per design. Although not one-of-a-kind, they’re the next best thing.

Only two BR diamond jewelry stores in Spain

There are only two Be Rich diamond jewelry stores in Spain, one on Calle Goya in Madrid and the other on Muelle de Ribera in the luxury capital of the Costa del Sol: Puerto Banús. To view the latest Be Rich silver, gold and diamond jewelry online, go to their official website at See gemstone and diamond pieces with prices starting at around eighty euros and going up to….whatever anyone can unreasonably afford.

Immediate indulgence and capricious impulses

The concept behind these exclusive diamond jewelry stores (and especially the Indulgence Jewellery collection), is to make the dream of immediate indulgence possible; to induce men and women to become swept up in the impulsive spirit to seize the day and not deny themselves a capricious desire or luxury, no matter the cost. Although it’s a concept everyone may like to live by, there’s a good reason Joyería Be Rich is situated in Puerto Banús, one of the few places in Spain where luxury and capricious impulses are still the order of the day…and the night. Indeed, indulgence continues at luxurious venues for nightlife in Puerto Banus… at elite clubs, bars and sophisticated lounges that provide a natural habitat for flaunting silver, gold, gemstones and colored diamond jewelry.

Nightlife in Puerto Banus – living the “lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”

Critics say that Puerto Banus nightlife has become fake and pretentious; that the Costa del Sol is less of a place for genuine “lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” to unfold and more of a place where rich and famous wannabes strut phony gems and cubic zirconia costume jewelry while pretending to lead an indulgent lifestyle. But the yacht lined harbour, parking lots with Ferraris, fine diamond jewelry stores and the variety of high-end luxury clubs, bars and lounges tell a different story. As do the pages of local celeb magazines that abound with images of pop idol sightings in and around bars in Puerto Banus…like Linekers Bar and the chic Babilonia lounge (one of the newer additions to Linekers Puerto Banus Group) as well as funky Astral Cocktail bar situated in front of some of the top designer shops and jewelry stores. Although the Costa del Sol may no longer be what it was in it’s heyday, it thrives. It’s still catering to the “who’s who” who can afford to indulge in jewelry, fast cars, sailboats, and of course, luxury nightlife in Puerto Banus clubs.

Nightlife in Puerto Banus – with or without diamonds

If you’re up for indulging your senses, even if you’re not a millionaire, there are a few Puerto Banus nightlife venues that merit visiting, with or without diamond jewelry. Get entertained atop a replica ship on the harbour and sip some of the best, fresh fruit cocktails…while celebrity spotting. Or…start an evening gazing out over the harbour and its glistening array of yachts, while sipping cocktails and nibbling tapas at the eclectic Arabic-fusion lounge – Babilonia. Although Babilonia isn’t a place to party all night, it’s a great place to get in the mood for nightlife Puerto Banus style with international cocktails in a luxury Moorish-Andalusian setting. This is one of the more unusual restaurant, bar lounges that have come to the Costa del Sol courtesy of the Linekers Bar Puerto Banus Group, the same people who started the original Linekers Bar (now at 2nd Line, New Town), famous because Wayne Lineker (brother to Gary Lineker – the celebrated former English football player) was its founder. While you don’t need diamonds or gemstone jewelry to have fun at Babilonia or the sporty Linekers Bar, you may spot the TOWIE girls or other celebrities who frequent these clubs, lounges and upscale bars in Puerto Banus.

Handmade Artisan Jewelry by Elizabeth Plumb

Handmade artisan jewelry – Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings – each an original handmade design. Unique artisan silver jewelry collections include pieces with semi precious stones such as turquoise, jasper, garnets, coral and pearls. Drop earrings are priced as low as $28. One-of-a-kind artisan crafted jewelry items include bracelets from $22 to $250 – made from silver, gold, brass, wax coated linen and leather, embellished with exotic stones, beads, garnets and turquoise as well as handcrafted charms.

Artisan Crafted Jewelry Features

The making of Elizabeth Plumb’s fine artisan jewelry involves techniques such as:

  1. wire wrapping
  2. unique silversmithing
  3. lost wax casting
  • Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings with individually set stones.
  • Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be ordered in custom sizes.
  • Rings in the sterling silver artisan jewelry collections are only available in sizes listed. Prices range between $35 and $110.
  • Necklaces many have hand bezeled pendants and handmade clasps. Prices range between $30 and $230.
  • Earrings may be crafted with gold-filled wire. Lengths can be customized.
  • Elizabeth Plumb Artisan Jewelry Designs

    Here are some of Elizabeth Plumb’s artisan jewelry designs:

    1. Artisan Jewelry Designer Necklace:

    Wrapped Citrine and Multiple Stones Necklace

    This sterling silver necklace uses a toggle clasp to display a citrine hand-wrapped in silver wire, accented by a faceted garnet and a series of black and white pearls. The necklace can be re-sized or bought with the 17-inch chain. It costs $90.

    Find this piece and other Elizabeth Plumb Artisan Jewelry for sale on her website.

    2. Artisan Jewelry Rings:

    Garnet Labradorite and Sterling Silver Ring

    This sterling silver ring is cast by hand and features stamped oxidized dimples all around the wide adjustable band.

    A vine-like pattern curves around the ring highlighting a garnet and labradorite charm. It’s priced at $65.

    Find this piece and other Elizabeth Plumb Artisan Jewelry for sale on her website.

    3. Designer Artisan Jewelry Bracelet:

    Stamped Sterling and Organic Coral Bracelet

    This 7-inch handmade bracelet brings together contrasting elements – red coral and veined turquoise. It’s accented with a stamped sterling silver central piece and finished with a handmade toggle clasp. It’s priced at $115.

    Find this handcrafted artisan jewelry and other Elizabeth Plumb items on her website.

    4. Fine Artisan Jewelry Earrings: Turquoise Loops and Red Coral Earrings

    These 3 ¼ inch drop earrings are handcrafted with red coral teardrops looped onto oval-shaped hoops covered with heishi cut turquoise, accented with faceted brass beads and set into silver hooks. They’re priced at $60.

    Find this set of handmade artisan jewelry earrings and other items in the collection on Elizabeth’s website.

    Artisan Jewelry Designers

    Amongst artisan jewelry designers, Elizabeth Plumb stands out because she crafts pieces that make a statement with semi precious gems and high quality metals yet the jewelry is wearable.

    Shopping for artisan crafted jewelry from small designers can be a challenge because many are unknown, most don’t have well-publicized websites or online shopping facilities. However, Elizabeth is one of the artisan jewelry designers who has a large selection of items, an online shopping system and the ability to fulfill wholesale artisan jewelry orders. View items that are currently available by visiting her website.

    About Elizabeth and Her Fine Artisan Jewelry

    Elizabeth Plumb is a fine artisan jewelry designer from Sugarhouse, Utah.

    She’s been creating unique handmade pieces since 2003.

    Each piece is a work of wearable art. Elizabeth says that the enjoyment of designing comes from “looking at a bunch of loose stones and/or raw materials…and from that creating something unique to the world.”

    She’s one of the few artisan jewelry designers who’s been successful enough to make it more than a hobby – in fact, it’s what she does fulltime. Although she describes her studio as a “ma and pa operation”, she has pieces in galleries and shops throughout the country and has been a featured designer in the Sundance Catalog {with pieces appearing in the Salt Lake City Sundance Jewelry collection}.

    What’s her secret?

    She says: “I keep three standards in mind throughout the creation of all of my pieces; quality, uniqueness, and beauty.”

    What inspires the unusual design of Elizabeth’s artisan jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets?

    She’s inspired by exotic stones such as turquoise, aqua marine, chalcedony, citrine, labradorite, amethyst, carnelian, garnet, coral, iolite, peridot, fluorite, agate, jasper and onyx.

    She loves Thai silver and buys a variety of beads, pendants and handmade clasps from Thai craftsmen when in Chiang Mai.

    The stones and raw metals inspire Elizabeth to present new collections every couple of months.

    Visit Elizabeth Plumb’s web site at

Art Deco Jewelry Designs by Top Designers from Max & Chloe

Inspired Designer Vintage Art Deco Jewelry – Rings and Bracelets – Blu Bijoux Crystal Art Deco Cuff for $56; Beyond Rings Art Deco Ring for $55; Ceek Oval Art Deco Ring for $50; Melinda Maria Melted Art Deco Cuff Bracelet for $198; Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Oversized Cocktail Ring for $238; Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Bracelet for $207; Gold Plated Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Bracelet with Austrian Crystal $170; Designer PDB Gold Vermeil Minimalist Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Ring for $145. Shop for these and other art deco costume jewelry pieces at Max & Chloe.

Designer Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Cuff Bracelets

1. Blu Bijoux

Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Crystal Cuff Bracelet – $56; Crystal Flower Cuff – $112; Pearl Flower Cuff – $98

Blu Bijoux is one of the hottest names in art deco jewelry designers with pieces recommended by Oprah. Shop Blue Bijoux vintage art deco jewelry collections made from resin, crystal and wire as well as the latest ultra modern cuff designs, through Max & Chloe.

The Crystal Cuff is a piece of high-end art deco costume jewelry by Blu Bijoux that’s silver plated with 12 prong-set Austrian crystal gemstones intertwined between four twisting bands. The cuff bracelet is almost 3 inches wide and wraps around the wrist. The vintage design is a geometric-type shape that’s rustically elegant. Other recommended Blu Bijoux art deco style jewelry pieces include the wide Crystal Flower Cuff for $112 and the eccentric Blu Bijoux Pearl Flower Cuff with resin and pearl accents for $98.

2. Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria 18k Gold Plated Melted Art Deco Cuff Bracelet – $198

Melinda Maria, another of the top art deco jewelry designers, makes this sophisticated melted Art Deco cuff that features a flat checkerboard-style faceted black onyx cubic zirconia gemstone set in an asymmetrical geometric frame that conceals part of the stone. This bracelet isn’t your average art deco costume jewelry item, but a piece of art with a textured 18k gold plating that’s been molded to give the illusion that’s it’s melting. This cuff bracelet is adjustable but isn’t as wide as it appears – just 1.25 inches, which means it’s delicate enough to accent eveningwear.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane Ivory Art Deco Bracelet – $170 / $207

Kenneth Jay Lane is well-known for high-end art deco jewelry designs that are elegant, yet artistic. This Ivory Bracelet is part of the art deco inspired jewelry collection that’s crafted with Austrian crystal and trimmed with gold plating. It’s 1 ¾ inches wide and has a secure magnetic closure and a hinged opening system.

Kenneth Jay Lane also makes another piece of art deco costume jewelry that’s similar but comes in black and costs a little more – $207. The bracelet is part of the art deco inspired jewelry collection that’s accented with a large pearl-like bead in the center and assorted geometric-shaped Austrian crystal gemstones mounted onto a stylized cross-shaped gold-plated platform. Although it’s about 2 inches wide, the bracelet is lightweight, has a secure magnetic closure, and opens with a hinge.

Buy these art deco inspired jewelry pieces from Max & Chloe.

Vintage Inspired Art Deco Jewelry Designs – Cocktail Rings

1. Beyond Rings

Beyond Rings Art Deco Jewelry Ring – $55

There’s a fine line between vintage art deco jewelry and antique pieces, which is especially true of this piece by Beyond Rings. It combines clear crystal gemstones with a blackened background and gold plated accents in a design that captures the flamboyant spirit of art deco jewelry period, which spanned the 20’s and 30’s, with elaborately stylized geometric symmetry mimicking architectural shapes and melding into opulently detailed artistic extravagance.

Learn more about antique, vintage, art deco estate jewelry, reproductions, inspired and genuine pieces, as well as a bit about what is art deco jewelry, in the post entitled:

A Complete Vintage Jewellery Guide by Era

2. Ceek

Ceek Art Deco Jewelry Reproductions – Large Oval Ring – $50

The antique art deco jewelry by Ceek is uniquely made to replicate the elegant extravagance of the period with a smooth brass band and a large oval-shaped area that’s sculpted and embellished with crystal and a large diamond-shaped topaz gemstone. This piece of antique art deco jewelry faithfully duplicates the original styles, which now retail for between five hundred and a thousand dollars through dealers who trade in antique Art Deco ring designs with Old Miner Diamonds in. Compare with genuine art deco fine jewelry pieces such as those listed with Etsy dealers or with Dover Jewelry – a company that specializes in vintage, antique and art deco estate jewelry.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Costume Jewelry – Oversized Cocktail Ring – $238

When it comes to modern art deco jewelry designers Kenneth Jay Lane is one of the best, incorporating fine sculpturing techniques and gemstone placement with art deco jewelry history to replicate pieces that would otherwise be unaffordable to most women. This particular oversized cocktail ring mimics the extravagant creations made by the original art deco jewelry designers in the roaring twenties but replaces genuine emeralds and old mine diamonds with clear / emerald colored Austrian crystal stones mounted into intricate silver plated sun-bursting geometric designs. With a series of baguette-cut and round-cut crystals, and a large faceted green gemstone in the center, the masterpiece, which measures 2×2 inches, is a splendid replication of vintage jewelry.

4. PDB

PDB Gold Vermeil Minimalist Art Deco Costume Jewelry Ring – $145

PDB are not necessarily art deco jewelry designers devoted to replicating vintage pieces, and although most of their jewelry items would be categorized as unique if not somewhat bizarre, for the most part they’re altogether modern. However, they’ve made a couple art deco jewelry designs that aren’t classic vintage but certainly elegant and geometric. Perhaps the best term for the PDB Art Deco Ring would be “sophisticated”. It’s crafted in gold vermeil without gemstones or crystal, just a large smooth globe mounted in a wide textured band that gives the illusion that the globe is floating without support. This minimalist piece of art deco costume jewelry sits apart from other extravagantly embellished pieces, but is no less striking.

Art Deco Jewelry for Sale online

All the pieces featured in this post are available for sale through Max & Chloe at:

More Art Deco Jewelry Suggestions

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Handmade, Custom and One Of A Kind Jewelry

One of a kind designer jewelry by exclusive artists like Baruch Hadaya, who works from a studio in the Jewish Quarter inside the Old City walls of Jerusalem; and Wendy Brandes (through Broken English in Santa Monica California), and Hans and Anne Meevis who work from their studio on a Caribbean island (Sint Maarten, in the Netherlands Antilles). That’s what custom and handmade jewelry is about – finely crafted pieces by artists who distinguish themselves with design and technique; who are loved by their private clients and a select few who know how to find their one of a kind jewelry for sale online.

Handmade Jewelry By Baruch Hadaya

Baruch Hadaya is an artistic jeweler, renowned since 1983 for his unique collections in silver and gold. Although working from a studio in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem offers a singular opportunity for those who visit the city to experience a touch of the genuine flavor of a native jeweler / artist / designer / storyteller, it is in fact the talent and imaginative designs based on antique coins, beads and hand craftsmanship that distinguishes Hadaya’s creations to clients from around the world.

The sculpting of each piece individually by hand from quality sterling silver, 18k gold and gemstones such as pearls, emeralds, diamonds and rubies, into original one of a kind jewelry creations, has set him apart from other jewelers. But it is the contrasting elements, the blending of the precious with the ordinary, like gold with leather and, silver mountings for diamonds, and other unusual jewelry collections, that distinguishes his art from the average fine jeweler who follows the rules of an ancient trade.

It is through knowing the rules and stretching the boundaries of these, then going beyond into the world of imagination where rules no longer apply, that has earned Hadaya a reputation of excellence and uniqueness.

Some of the outstanding one of a kind handcrafted jewelry pieces are hammered 18k gold, like the bracelet that is set with a total weight of 3 carats of diamonds. The bracelet is a cuff style with a hinge mechanism, all handcrafted. Pieces such as these must be custom ordered and the diamonds set to the client’s specifications.

Simpler bracelet styles are also available, but the unique element of even the least ornate design, such as the one featured here, is that the hand hammered gold bracelet is 22 carat, which means it is almost 100% pure gold, something almost unheard-of in the jewelry world these days. Clients may choose different finishes, such as highly polished or a more rustic matte style, but no matter which is chosen the ancient style hand-hammered surface, created using an anvil and a hammer, will be evident. These simple, yet delightful pieces are available in various widths – each piece crafted with a client’s needs in mind.

Another piece of craftsmanship, in fact artistry, is the diamond bracelet in solid 18k gold with diamonds. This is not a gold bracelet with a little bit of sparkle, but a unique one of a kind jewelry piece with about 50 diamonds set into the gold, which equals a total carat weight of around 6 carats of diamonds. The shape of the bracelet is patterned after the artist’s version of an organic shape – a blend of wild forms inspired by nature.

Baruch Hadaya is not just about making bangle bracelets, in fact he has a complete range of jewelry items, such as silver and gold rings, elaborate and simple necklaces, one of a kind beaded jewelry, earrings and even pins and cufflinks.

Amongst the masterpieces of this one of a kind designer jewelry collection are items like the gold and diamond cocktail ring.

Singular Silver Jewelry By Baruch Hadaya

His one of a kind silver jewelry is unique amongst designers with hand hammered rustic styles and a blend of gemstone settings that are not like most mountings, but placed sporadically on bracelets and rings. For example take a look at the silver cuff bangle bracelet with tourmaline gems. The silver is pure and therefore a softer material than sterling, which allows for the hammered rustic look to really give the piece a singular texture; more pronounced.

The key to the setting of the tourmaline stones is that after they have been placed into the pure silver cuff, the silver is carved out from around the perimeter of the gemstone to give it a slightly raised effect. The number of the stones and their positioning can be decided by the artists or can be customized by a client. That’s all part of the beauty of dealing with a craftsman who creates each piece individually. Custom jewelry, entirely handmade step by step, can take time. Therefore Baruch Hadaya asks his clients to be patient when placing customized orders.

Hand engraving is also done in silver on bracelets and rings which can have Hebrew characters, inscriptions and even etched scenes. Gemstones can be strategically inlaid in unusual places, not necessarily the center of the ring, but often on the edge where the silver may be wrapped or folded over to give a double thickness. Individual gemstones can be selected, such as rubies and sapphires. Since the rings are heavy and a little thicker than manufactured ones, it’s best to order a larger size.

Regarding the engravings that are possible there is a Psukim chart on Hadaya’s website where you can choose some of the famous engravings, like the Gam Ze Yaavor.

Aside from the one of a kind handcrafted jewelry pieces that can be engraved in Hebrew and can have gemstones, there are also some pieces like the sterling silver rolling ring called Dimples. Naturally it is also handmade, but the interesting aspect of this silver ring is that it is made up of two rings that are on top of each other. This design affords the outer ring to roll freely over the other. Also, Hadaya’s exclusive Rolling Ring design has an outer crust that’s textured, or rough, and therefore called a dimpled ring. This is one of the silver handmade jewellery pieces that some couples choose as a wedding band.

Other plain styles include rings like the Banks design, which is a wave style with doubled edges, also hand-hammered. What gives the piece a bit of contrast is the dual finish, with the edges being highly polished and the center part being matte.

This is one example where silver oxidization or slight tarnishing of the piece will in fact accentuate the design instead of taking away from it. As the ring ages and darkens where there are creases or waves or hammed areas, or even along the doubles edge, the ring will acquire more and more personality. It is possible to engrave and customize this, as all the other one of a kind fine jewelry items in the collections both silver and gold.

To get ideas for some of your own one of a kind designs that you can order from this talented artist, view the collection of “Masterpieces”. Some are very simple and others are complex with gemstones and inscriptions. Choose pure silver, sterling silver or a variety of gold, including 18k or 22k. If you’d like to see where such unusual and innovative handmade jewelry is crafted, and how the pieces are created in the studio, without actually taking a trip to Jerusalem, we invite you to view this short video, courtesy of Baruch Hadaya and his One Of A Kind Studio.

By the way, Hadaya’s recent collections, featured on his newly designed website, are very affordable. The two top collections that can be ordered online are the goldfilled Yeshiva designs and the silver Yeshiva line of bracelets, rings, pendants and other items that start as low as $20 for a simple pendant, $40 and $50 for beautifully engraved silver rings and many other items for between $100 and $165. These are much simpler creations, but still very original.

One Of A Kind Designer Jewelry by Wendy Brandes

On the other side of the planet, and in a totally different genre of handmade jewellery collections, is the talented designer renowned in the United States and abroad – Wendy Brandes. Her vivacious creations are a blend of 16th century luxurious gemstone and gold mixed with 1960’s wild free energy. Her one of a kind pieces reflect a boldness while maintaining a feminine natural allure.

In her various collections the differences and similarities are brought together, from the regal Vivat Regina with lockets and outrageous rings, to It Girls and the Eden line where nature is the obvious inspiration. Let’s take a closer look at some pieces that are regal and a teeny bit evil:

If you’ve been wondering where to get one of a kind fine jewelry like a poison ring, then Wendy Brandes Nefertiti 18k gold and lapis lazuli masterpiece will be just the thing!

Brandes Nefertiti Poison Ring opens to display the space for the poison below the large oval lapis gem. These mechanical pieces of jewelry, items that are hinged, locked, have secret compartments and operate manually, are in fact one of Brandes’ specialties. This is true of the variety of rings and lockets that open to a secret cavity, such as the other deliciously eccentric Borgia Poison Ring which can be purchased through the online shop called Broken English. The Borgia ring is a tribute to a pope’s daughter, Lucrezia Borgia, and if you want to know why she was known to carry a ring filled with poison, you’ll have to read up on the history of famous women.

If perchance one of a kind handcrafted jewelry is what you buy as a consolation, then you’ll undoubtedly find solace in the series of uniquely crafted double gemstone Clemence Ring designs, that are crafted in gold, but have two large, contrasting gems, such as the opulent citrine and amethyst design we feature.

Amongst other glorious tributes to famous women of centuries past, is the luxurious turquoise and diamond ring set in 18k gold called the Xenobia Ring. This masterpiece is fashioned with inspiration from queen of Palmyra, a woman who is said to have defied the Roman empire.

If one of a kind handcrafted jewelry inspires even a few of us ladies to read up on the history of courageous and audacious women of the past, it has served a marvelous purpose, not to mention adorning our fingers in inspired ways through translations of historic events and people that Wendy Brandes encourages us not to forget.

In the It Girls collection, the theme is different but the style remains intriguing, with secret compartments, mechanical openings, and gorgeous gemstone and gold designs that are about as unique as jewelry can get. For example the Virginia Woolf Whistle, which is really a blowable whistle, also opens up to bestow a glimpse of a woolf, and the entire piece is 18k gold with 112 diamonds. Gorgeous, strange, wonderful, eccentric and one of a kind.

For this designer, one of a kind fine jewelry goes far beyond jewelry that’s a fashion statement and delves deep into the realms of art – wearable art that’s not part of a defined genre, but one that dabbles in all the eras of luxury and color and glamour, from what might be Baroque to Retro and even touching on Art Deco. Blasts of color, sunbursts, geometrics, rhythmic patterns and nature at its strangest best.

But what touches the heart of many of her clients and fans, including this writer, is that she not only crafts ingeniously designed jewelry concepts, inspired from ancient women throughout history, but through art and jewelry also reminds of the women who have touched our lives, and altered the world we live in today.

For example, the Diana Ring is not just a tribute to a famous woman who was fashionable and stylishly adorned with gems, but to Diana, who in 1987, publicly touched an AIDS patient, in fact shaking hands with such a patient, forcing the world to wake up to the fact that the deadly illness was not spread through casual touch. For this act, and to remind us of the courage of modern women who we do well to imitate, the Diana Heart ring in 18k gold (or rose gold or sterling silver) is one of Wendy Brandes most touching pieces. The one with 56 teeny diamonds is not exactly affordable for everyone, but the silver version is reasonably priced at just $450.

One Of A Kind Jewelry Designs By Hans and Anne Meevis

From ancient Jerusalem to modern USA designers, we now take another jump and land on the island of Sint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles, where Hans and Anne Meevis have a studio with a collection of one of a kind jewelry items that are inspired from nature, from their travels and histories, and from their eyes and hands who see a unique interpretation of the world and offer it back to us in artistic jewelry forms.

Although many of the pieces we show you have already been sold, the images offer an idea of what’s possible, of how they design and what materials they work with. For example, this pendant, a fluid watery structure with aquamarine gem pooled as solid liquid, accented by a deep sapphire and finished with a series of diamonds, all set in 18k gold, both white and yellow. Is it a pool of rainwater or a small oasis for animals to drink from? Is it the tears that fill the soul and spill out into a single diamond teardrop below or inspired from the pleasure of warm aqua colored Caribbean waters? We don’t know, but the translucent liquid ripples on the stone water, and the whimsy this piece conjures in the mind, is limitless.

We flow over to another piece that also makes us wonder how liquid stone is solid water, or is it the other way around, with the ring featuring a giant carved Aquamarine stone, edged by diamonds. One more enigma example of beauty crafted so ingeniously by Hans Meevis, who is the expert gem cutter.

But who are these designers? From where is all this inspiration born? We believe that to appreciate the artistic creations of this unusual one of a kind fine jewelry it is necessary to know a bit about who the creators are, what they see and how they live to understand their creations even partially.

Hans and Anne Meevis are husband and wife, and they have been crafting jewelry together for over 20 years. Hans’s is Dutch South Africana and Anne, Namibian/ German, and together they began their jewelry journey in South Africa. Their first shops were in Safari Lodges like in Kasane, Botswana, and later in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where they were proprietors of the aptly named Elephant Hills Jewellers, located in the famous Elephant Hills Hotel. We mention these steps in their jewelry evolution because the African influences, though in no way reflecting the slightest ethnic clichés of the region, have undoubtedly formed part of their design evolution when it comes to color, power, passion, intensity, and contrasts derived from the diverse elements – gemstones, metals – all forming part of the magic of what they create, even now that they live and work on an island in blue Caribbean waters.

One obvious inspiration proffered to them by virtue of living on an island where Larimer stone is available, is evidenced by their extensive larimar stone collections – The Larimar Art Jewelry Series.

Larimar stone, by the way, is particular to the Caribbean, and although it tends to be somewhat turquoise and resembles the gemstone of that name, it is in fact unrelated, being a unique volcanic blue color of pectolites only found in the Dominican Republic and a few Caribbean islands where cobalt causes the rich blue/aqua/turquoise to be the dominate feature.

The designs that Meevis creates from larimar are sophisticated and unusual works of art, not merely large cabochons set into silver ring settings as is common of the jewelry from that region. From unusual pendants, with hand selected pieces of larimar as the watery background for such motifs as dolphins or even regional maps, the singularity of their one of a kind jewelry is plainly exemplified.

With blue, purple, aqua, lavender, green and tropical intensity being a dominate feature of the numerous Meevis handmade jewelry pieces, it’s not at all surprising to find that they also work with titanium.

Why is this not surprising? Because anodized titanium can be royal blue, vivid purple, vibrant green, and since it is a metal that is colored at a molecular level, and not just a surface coating or treatment like enamel or a gold or silver plating, it is a high quality means to achieve colored accents while crafting high-end jewelry.

The long list of the qualities pertinent to titanium, and why it is of such high quality, is available in another post about Titanium Rings, however the use of colored titanium in the Meevis creations is unique due to the creativity involved and the skill of working with one of the hardest metals on the planet.

Many small designers are simply not capable of working with titanium due to the amount of equipment required, however, the custom jewelry that Hans and Anne Meevis offer are titanium Paintings In Metal. What does that mean? By using the anodized areas of titanium, they are able to reflect the rich blue colors of the sky and the watery pools that their jewelry epitomizes; also more affordably than by using large gemstones. They can also cover an entire ring with a vibrant blue or purple color, then accent with smaller gemstones or diamonds, allowing for creative options that are natural, colorful and yet of the highest quality.

It goes without saying that highly specialized, one of a kind jewelry items crafted by talented international artists, is not cheap. However, it’s possible to get a singular item in sterling silver, with blue titanium, for as little as $640.

Most gemstone pieces, and all the custom jewelry that’s possible to make upon demand, will be priced according to the weight of the gemstones and the metals used as well as the time needed to craft the item all by hand. Special creations that are ordered by small artisans, artists, designers and non-manufacturers, usually need several weeks or more to have a piece ready. If you’re hoping to create a singular item and give on a specific date, please allow sufficient time for the piece to be made and for shipping. Also, please double check that the country where the jewelry is being made can ship to the country where you reside. In the case of those ordering from the US, this is not usually a big problem, but some countries do have restricted shipping services to certain parts of the world.

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There are so many kinds of designer and handmade creations from around the globe that it is impossible to mention all the varieties. But, we do our best to scour the world and bring hidden treasures within your reach.

The Joy of Lola Rose Jewellery

Lola Rose – designer jewellery by Nicola Gewirtz – a newcomer to the London jewellery world, has rocked the semi-precious gemstone foundations of jade and black agate to quartz and mother of pearl so much so that even Prince William was unable to resist buying one of her chunky heart pendants for his lady, Kate Middleton.

Wild, bold, audacious, chunky, colorful – these are just some of the words to describe the Lola Rose jewellery collections that range from earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces to really funky brightly colored scarves.

If you want to spend a really fun half hour browsing, just pop into the Lola Rose jewellery UK website and turn the pages of a delightful diary where you’ll find out about the designer and her products as well as fill your shopping bag with original creations or register as a client.

Even if you’re not going to buy, it’s worth a visit to the site. Find out which celebrities have been spotted wearing Lola Rose rings, bracelets and earrings and to what events and even find out what’s new this weekend.

Hop over to Accessories Online to find out what bargain Lola Rose jewellery sale offers they have, like a baby pompom ring or one of her famous pebble bracelets or one of her popular Chelsea cabochon bracelets in colored jade or sandstone.

Lola Rose Bracelets

The Lola Rose bracelets are large and chunky like the Smooth Heart Bracelet in Terracotta Quartzite for £ 64.95, or the Freddy Large Daisy Bracelet in Terracotta Quartzite for £ 84.95.

Some of the newest pieces are the Skye Curved Section Bracelet in Lemon or Terracotta Quartzite £56.95, and the classic piece, since 2000, which is the Veronique Faceted Big Heart Bracelet in Gold Sandstone or Persian Agate for between £ 85 and £ 60.

Lola Rose necklaces and Cocktail Rings

The other newest designs are floral like the collection of Dylan Small Daisy Necklaces in Lavender, Lemon, Pink or Teal Quartzite for £ 44.95.

There’s also an eccentric and bold new line of cocktail rings in teal and terracotta quartzite that sell for about £57. The rings are smooth dome shaped quartzite and the bands are solid sterling silver. When you order Lola Rose jewellery it comes in a specially designed pouch ideal for giving or for storage.

Since all the Lola Rose rings, bracelets and necklaces are made from real stones, each piece will be slightly different, unique to the individual pieces of stone, and therefore may not be always exactly the same as the ones you see in pictures in a catalogue or online.

If you are looking for Lola Rose discount shops they are easy to find online since the collections are not exclusive to one shop, in fact even Amazon UK has some pieces for sale.

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