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Princess & Cinderella Wedding Headpieces and Bridal Tiaras

Austrian crystal bridal tiaras between $50 and $89; princess style / Cinderella tiaras and bridal jewellery in silver and gold-tone for under $70 to just over $100. Gorgeous headbands, headpieces, designer collections and even hair jewelry. Great prices, outstanding selection, personalized customer service. Where?

Discover Princess Bride Tiaras

Christina Brown of Princess Bride Tiaras knows about brides and bridesmaids because she’s been designing gowns and helping bridal parties look fabulous for over 15 years. Although she added tiaras, wedding headpieces and jewelry to her online store about 5 years ago, her primary focus has been to give each bride not just a bit of sparkle (or the look she’s dreamed of), but help to make the wedding day a successful one.

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that success is dependant on hundreds of small things coming together the way they should. And that’s why Christina Brown and her team at Princess Bride Tiaras (including Princess the cat) expertly handle some of those small details just the way they should. What about product quality, style and design? Let’s have a look at what they offer:

The Newest Bridal Tiaras

One of the simple, elegant designs is a silver-tone band with delicate Austrian crystals that have been wired by hand with beads and genuine pearls. It’s a very romantic tiara for a bride with or without a veil. Pair the headpiece with matching pearl and crystal necklace styles as well as earrings to have a complete ensemble. The prices of the newest designs are under $110, which is very reasonable considering that similar items retail in bridal salons for $200 plus. Compare and get the best deals by shopping online.

For the same price you can also choose another of the newest wedding hair accessories that is in fact a much wider tiara design that can be worn either as a headband or to keep hair in place or as a focal crown that accents a veil or an updo. Again, what you see sparkling like diamonds are authentic Austrian lead crystal rhinestones. Almost the entire length of the band is encrusted with the stones, and the widest point of the piece is about an inch. A more dramatic princess look can be achieved with wider wedding tiaras if the bride intends on wearing her hair loose or done up, but the same tiara style may be an appropriate addition to a veil, especially the formal cathedral lengths, balancing the top (headpiece) with the lengths of tulle or organza that will cascade behind.

Tiaras And Bridal Jewellery

One of the frustrations of shopping for bridal accessories, jewelry and headpieces in general is that it’s quite easy to find one item you love, the bridal tiara for example, but getting the total look that matches is not so easy. That’s what’s really great about what Christina Brown of Princess Bride Tiaras has done to help a bride to be totally pulled together with a look that doesn’t appear haphazard but carefully planned. The tiaras and the jewelry sets that match are priced separately but can be ordered together. Matching crystal jewelry sets can vary in price, but as an example, the one we feature here is about $80 and includes both the necklace and the earrings.

If you think that all bridal wedding tiara designs are conservative, and that all wedding headpieces must be delicate and simple, then take a second look at what you can choose that’s anything but conservative or boring.

The exotic Swarovski crystal bracelet is a marvelous addition to a contemporary ensemble and can offer a modern bride a touch of vintage if she’s chosen a less conventional theme. The bracelet costs about $99 and the matching hair jewellery, which is very elaborate, costs about $325. Wow! It’s a stunning combination that can be worn several different ways, in fact for a formal wedding, instead of a tiara, the dazzling silver-tone Swarovski hair comb can be set into a hairdo in many different ways. Have your stylist play with positioning.

Bridal Hairstyles With Tiaras

The hairstyles that can be worn with tiaras can be long or short, just that it’s best to consider how thick the hair is because tiaras are usually fastened into the hair with a comb and pins. It’s more difficult to fasten to very short or thin hair, however, most hairstylists can add volume to your natural hair with sprays and body builders as well as add a small hairpiece that matches your natural color. Here are some examples of how bridal hairstyles can accommodate a tiara or wedding hair accessories:

  1. The first shows a beautiful Princess Bride Tiaras design in loose hair that’s just pulled back in a princess style.
  2. A tiara can be worn with a classic updo and a veil as shown in the image. The tiara will normally accent the front of the hair instead of the crown, and a veil can easily be attached at the back. By the way, the tiara featured is in fact a gold pearl headband that costs just $89.
  3. If the hairdo is pushed a bit more to the back, the crystal or pearl bridal tiara / wedding headpieces can be worn as a crown. Take a look at how the Wisteria, 14k gold plated tiara (retailing for $129) rests in the crown position of the head and yet the hair is still up and away from the face.
  4. Regardless of your hair design, there’s an unusual way to wear a tiara that is borrowed from the gorgeous Indian brides who traditionally wear jewelry on their foreheads. Some bridal tiaras, especially those that have a V point or some dangling gems or pearls are excellent for wearing in this exotic style.

The wedding tiaras that are gold or gold-tone are best because the Indian look for a bride is almost always gold. Although a solid gold piece such as many Asian women receive as part of their dowry may not be possible for a western woman, the Scheherazade design that’s sold through Princess Bride Tiaras is a good value replica that’s done in 14k gold plate and costs under $65. Although the spelling of this bridal tiara looks like it might be German, it is in fact the name of a Persian Queen and you might recognize it from Arabian Nights Tales. Anyway, the gorgeous item is finely crafted from pearls and Austrian crystal.

More Ideas For Brides and Bridesmaids

If you don’t see what you need in the collection we are recommending in this article, then we suggest you browse other posts that deal with Wedding Tiaras from other manufactures and designers. We offer many innovative suggestions for Wedding Hair Accessories and other crystal and pearl jewelry for brides.

We also provide advice and recommendations for buying Bridal Jewellery in the UK, Bridal Sets in the US and internationally, Bridal Veil designs that are affordable and information on Bridesmaid Jewelry and Bridesmaid Bags. If you need a few other little things, like garters (to toss and to keep), consult suggestions in the post entitled Elegant Wedding Garters.

Wedding Ring Bridal Sets

Bridal jewelry sets with an engagement ring and a wedding band that match; yellow and white gold styles; titanium and platinum bridal sets; cheap alternatives under $100; cubic zirconia and genuine diamonds that are affordable; designer bridal wedding sets and celebrity inspired imitations – at Jewelry & Accessories we review engagement and wedding rings and show you where to buy the best bridal jewelry online.

If you are looking for a genuine gold and diamond set, then we have a beauty to recommend that’s for sale through Goldenmine. It looks like a full carat solitaire but in fact is made up of 9 princess cut diamonds that are set all together in a square white gold mounting atop a yellow gold band and accented by baguette diamonds. The matching wedding bend is also adorned with genuine baguette cut diamonds to pair with the engagement ring.

Due to the unique way in which smaller diamonds have been grouped together, this ring gives the illusion of having a large gem as the central stone, although in fact it only has .50 carats of diamonds divided into 40 small gemstones, which allows the piece to be priced very reasonably at just $550. Choose the same basic design, with the similarly crafted illusion of larger stones, in a white gold mounting for the same price. The white gold set actually is the better buy because white metal mountings with clear white diamonds make the gems appear even more pronounced. Wedding ring bridal sets that have two pieces in solid gold and real diamonds and are as large and dramatic as this piece are usually priced at $1,000 or more.

Compare this set with a similar design that uses only 4 diamonds grouped together to create the illusion of a solitaire, with princess cut diamond accents on the band instead of baguettes, for a total of 18 diamonds (.33 carats), priced at just over $500. The secret to these very affordable genuine gold and diamond rings is the use of smaller, lees expensive, diamonds and the skilled craftsmanship of jewelers who ingeniously group the stones to give you more sparkle for your diamond dollar! However, if the $500 price range is still beyond your budget, then there’s another option you should consider that still allows for the bands to be gold, but the gems are cubic zirconia.

14kt Gold Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Bridal Set under $400

We found this gem of a bargain bridal set at Goldenmine, and we believe it offers great value because it costs only $390. For that price you get 2 rings, the engagement ring and the gold wedding band, both solid 14k gold, very intricately designed with a blend of tapered cubic zirconia baguettes and round stones to accent the central round .60 ct CZ at the heart of an exquisite marquise design. Try finding a gold wedding band set where each ring costs just $195! And this set is delicately crafted and the two pieces fit beautifully together while even plain wedding bands are often more than the cost of this complete set. However, we understand that even bargains like this may be unaffordable, and so we’ve found some even less expensive sets for around $200. Take a look:

14kt Gold CZ Bridal Set For Around $200

For about $212 you can have a two piece bridal set that’s solid 14k gold with a dazzling .40 carat CZ diamond solitaire accented by smaller CZs in a swirl setting. This is a delicate classic set that is created so that the two rings fit seamlessly together. Remember you are getting 2 rings, the engagement ring and the wedding band, in solid gold, for just over $100 each. And don’t forget that even though the gemstones are cubic zirconia the bands are genuine and worthy of upgrading at a later date to real diamonds. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with an affordable cubic zirconia and getting an anniversary diamond upgrade when you can afford to indulge.

If you’re worried that your budget will only allow for simple traditional settings and classic deigns, then you must take a look at some of the other imaginative creations you can buy for the same general price. For just $206 you can select the Goldenmine sparkling wedding ring set that has a half carat central gem and is accented by 8 round and 6 baguette CZs in a contemporary design that’s a burst of diamond-like brilliance. Each of these rings is set in solid 14k gold, not electroplated or cheap imitation metals. This is real gold and lots of sparkle for about $100 per ring.

For just a little more, around $270, you can have even more options, like wider bands and more carats and lots of intricate or simple contemporary designs. For example there’s a white CZ wedding ring set that includes two 7mm bands, both in 14k gold, and the engagement ring has a dazzling half carat gemstone, and includes 8 additional accent CZs. This set costs $264 for both pieces that match perfectly.

Buying Rings Separately and Creating Your Own Bridal Set

Just so you can compare how affordable the Goldenmine sets are, have a look at what alternatives you have. You can create your own sets by selecting a fancy or simple engagement ring in white or yellow gold, or a mix of both, and then pair it with a plain gold wedding band or choose an eternity ring to match. Here’s what we’ve found.

For about $340 you can have a solid 14k gold engagement ring in two-tone white and yellow gold that’s either polished or has a satin finish with a round .15 carat diamond (yes a real diamond). Now you can choose a wedding band to match in either yellow or white gold or select an eternity ring.

The simplest two-tone gold ring to match will cost at least $150 to $200, and diamonds or anything else like an eternity ring will be much more. The basic set you’ll have created will end up costing about $500. That’s if you want diamonds and gold. And remember that matching the two rings perfectly will be difficult. Nevertheless, you can have a unique set and breakup the purchase in two and therefore afford to buy a better quality engagement ring and later select matching bands.

Really Cheap Bridal Sets in Silver, and Electroplated Bands with Cubic Zirconia

Gold wedding ring choices may have your head spinning, especially if your budget for your entire bridal jewelry sets is under $100. We understand, and for that reason have scoured the Internet for the best bargains in alternative cheap bridal sets that are silver, or made from electroplated metals, that are still of high quality but are be considered costume jewelry. One of the best places to find complete ready to wear sets in contemporary and classic designs is Emitations. They specialize in cubic zirconia and silver jewelry that is ideal for those on really tight budgets and for those who want replicas of celebrity engagement rings and wedding sets.

Wedding Ring Bridal Sets by Emitations

If you’ve been looking at white gold bridal sets and fainting over the prices, but loving the designs, then pick yourself up off the floor and look at what you can have for just $89. Yes, you can be wearing a multiple carat faux diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band set in silver for under $100. Or how about complete bridal jewellery sets for just $35.

Sterling Silver Bridal Set Rings under $50

In the $35 to $50 price range, you can choose from sets like the simple sleek and chic styles with lots of silver and a large solitaire or classic clusters or emerald cut styles or even the popular princess bridal sets. For example, let’s start by taking a look at the clean lines of Tonia’s Double CZ wedding ring set that includes two 4mm sterling silver rings. The engagement ring is a classic 2 carat round cut CZ solitaire and the wedding band is a cotemporary banded design that matches the engagement piece perfectly. The whole set costs just $49.

If that’s still too much, then have a look at the bridal jewelry set for just $39 called Valentina’s, that’s sold through Emitations, and is a wonderful option because it offers an eternity wedding band and a diamond solitaire combination with lots of sparkle and brilliance. Set in sterling silver, these cubic zirconia bands are not cheaply made and are a very good option for anyone on a tight budget who don’t want just a plain design.

Although many cubic zirconia ring designers go over the top with sparkle and create massive ring settings with unrealistically large CZ gems and embellish the bands to the extreme, making them look obviously fake, there are some very discrete sets that are simple and gracefully chic.

A single well set gem, a polished silver band and a matching wedding ring. That is all there is to one bridal ring set that Emitations has called Ashlynn’s. It’s priced at $59 and is just as tasteful as can be with a single sparkling gem in a wide polished band. It comes in ring sizes 4 to 12 so will fit almost any new bride’s fingers.

This set has received mixed reviews by the ladies who have purchased it, so it will depend on what you hope for, but in general, you should be aware that the bands are wide. The two put together will almost reach the knuckle, so if you have very delicate hands this may not be the best choice. Also, remember that silver scratches and tarnishes over time. Although this is genuine 925 sterling silver, clearly stamped, it is going to need care and polishing to keep it shiny. And you shouldn’t wear it to wash dishes or swim in chlorinated pools. The other thing you should know is that the CZ is prong set and the stone is quite large. Prong sets stones, be they diamond or CZ, have been known to come loose and fall out. Emitations will replace the stone for a period of 60 days, but after that you will have to replace the stone yourself should you have problems. Remember this is a set that costs $59, not $500, so you can’t expect it to last forever.

If you can afford to squeeze a little more from your wedding budget and want a lifetime guarantee on a ring that won’t get scratched easily, won’t tarnish and is totally hypoallergenic, then we suggest you don’t go with sterling silver but choose titanium.

Affordable Titanium Bridal Sets

The only problem with trying to buy a titanium wedding ring bridal sets is that they are not yet widely sold in matching pairs. Usually you will have to choose an engagement ring and then pair it with a band. However, a place called Titanium Era has grouped some choices together to create sets that work well together. The rings are priced separately, but shown on the screen together. One of the most affordable sets is the Diamond Minerva and Semi Dome set that is in fact a tension set diamond engagement ring for $285 paired with a semi dome wedding band for $55, so the whole set costs $340. The beauty of this is that you can buy the wedding band in a ladies size and a mans matching one, and for just $55 more, have three rings, the engagement ring, and the two matching His and Hers wedding bands. These rings are solid polished titanium and come with a lifetime guarantee. They are difficult to scratch or bend and are corrosion resistant and allergy free.

If you’re looking at the pictures of titanium sets and thinking that they just aren’t delicate enough, then you need to see some of the other designs…like Titanium Era’s cubic zirconia and titanium set called the Sarita, which is actually a solitaire engagement ring paired with a flat titanium wedding band that can be bought for Him and Her in the same style. The Sarita costs $245 and the flat titanium band costs $55, so the bridal set rings all together will cost $300. Add another band for him and the total cost for all three is just $355.

There are other delicate options like the Serenity engagement ring paired with a diamond studded titanium band called the Orion that costs about $295 and other options more or less affordable. You can spend just a few hundred or several thousand depending on the gem you choose and how wide the bands are. But, for about $300 you can have a set that will rival the more expensive white gold bridal sets, and these titanium ones will last a lifetime.

The Elusive Pearl Bridal Set

If you’re looking for pearl bridal jewelry sets that have an engagement ring and a matching wedding band, then you’ll be rather frustrated because they are very difficult to find sold as sets. There are lots of pearl engagement rings from almost every jeweler who sells pearl rings, like Heavenly Treasures and even Shecy Pearls, but you’re probably going to have to choose a wedding band separately. For example choose a delicate pearl engagement ring for about $300 from heavenly Treasures and pair it with a plain gold band for about $150 or $200 from Goldenmine or jewelry Vortex, making a set come to about $450 or $500.

If you want something very unusual and have a little more in your budget, then try creating bridal sets from unique antique or vintage pearl rings. This will require some planning and research, but you can start at places like Adin Antique Jewelry, where there are Victorian seed pearl sets and even Art Deco pearl rings that make marvelous engagement rings and can be paired with most 18k gold wedding bands. This is not a cheap alternative by any means. Vintage pearl rings start at around $150 for really small seed pearl designs in the Victorian style and go up to several thousand.

For around $1,000 to $1,500 there are dozens of beautiful options that include pearl and gemstone combinations and usually will give you a ring in 18k or 24k gold or in gold and platinum blends. Create your own unique set by choosing ruby or sapphire accents, old mine diamonds, unusual gemstone cuts, rose cut diamonds and large natural pearls and seed pearl accents, or even go all out and select large Art Deco pieces with geometric shapes that can be paired with a contemporary wedding band. Forgo the wedding band altogether and make a vintage or antique wedding ring the one eccentric piece of jewelry that commemorates both your engagement and marriage.

For more information on pearl rings, vintage jewelry, gold wedding bands, cubic zirconia rings, eternity rings, silver rings as well as bridal jewellery and accessories, please continue browsing other related topics.

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Pearl Necklace

Bridal pearl necklace designs can be elaborate double strands or chokers with Victorian cameos, accent diamonds or cubic zirconia or simple ribbons. They can also be gold chains with a pearl pendant or drop pearl.

Whatever you’re looking for, in whatever color you can imagine, you need to go to Shecy pearls and compare the prices with cheap costume jewelry that you might be tempted to buy.

If you stick to freshwater pearls you can pay as little for a complete pearl bridal set that’s real as you will for some cheap manmade jewelry. Just as long as you stay away from golden South Sea and black Tahitian pearls you will be able to get Akoya or freshwater pearls for a lot less than you think.

At Shecy, bridal pearl necklace sets start at just under $50 and go up from there, but there are many choices for bride and bridesmaid that are under $100, and even some cheap little pieces like bracelets and earrings and simple strings of pearls for $9 to $13 and there are really real pearls!

Choose simple elegant white or go with colored pearls. The choice even when selecting freshwater varieties is almost unlimited.

Choose complete sets in multicolored pearls for about $200, which will include earrings, bracelet and a bridal pearl necklace that could match a whit, champagne or ivory colored gown. If you think your bridal pearls need to be white, you’re wrong. Match the pearls to your ensemble, or choose a slightly darker tone than your dress and let the pearly gems stand out.

Chunky Baroque Bridal Pearl Necklace

Accent your wedding day wardrobe with the most classic princess length pearl necklace designs or go for something contemporary like a chunky baroque bridal pearl necklace in shimmering iridescent hues or white, ivory and champagne or even a hint of blue or pink. The prices for these pieces are surprisingly affordable at around $70 to $75 depending on the necklace length.

Single Pearl Elegance

Don’t underestimate the elegance of one single pearl accented by diamonds or cubix zirconia on a slender chain. For a bridal necklace that’s tasteful and just enough to add a little sparkle and luster, try the Shecy pearl masterpiece, that’s a genuine South Sea pearl set in white or yellow gold and almost half a carat of diamonds. This is the ultimate bridal pearl pendant. It costs about $1,200. Matching pearl rings, earrings and bracelets are available or can be custom designed to match.

For more ideas on bridal jewelry and even wedding rings, please continue reading our other related topics that will help you plan your wedding accessories with everything from wedding tiaras to bridal garters.

Wedding Hair Accessories Guide

Floral, pearl, crystal, rhinestone and vintage wedding hair accessories; pearl and rhinestone combs under $40, crystal hairpins under $22, floral and feather accents under $35, elegant crystal barrettes under $60, crystal wedding tiaras under $50, simple rhinestone tiaras under $20, pearl tiaras under $40, headbands starting at $20, traditional bridal veil designs and retro birdcage veils starting at $40, complete matching bridal jewelry sets under $10 – at Jewelry & Accessories we’ve found discount bridal hair accessories and jewelry bargains you can’t afford to pass up!

Wedding Hair Accessories to Match Your Wedding Gown and Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen your wedding gown, the next most important decision you’ll have to make is how to wear your hair. Will you wear it loose, in curls, in a princess style or will you have a stylist create an updo or French roll? Will you need a hairpiece or extension to get the look you want? How will you accessorize your hairdo? Do you need pearls, rhinestones, decorated combs, hairpins or a wedding tiara? Are you going with a veil or just a hairdo with a little sparkle? If you have decided upon a veil, will you choose a traditional bridal veil or opt for a vintage cage design? These are all questions you may not be able to answer until you’ve seen a few hairstyles and know what accessories you can choose to accent them.

Even if you have every bridal magazine you can get your hands on, you will still need to be able to duplicate the style and know where to buy the accents. That’s the hardest part – finding where to buy wedding hair accessories that go with the style you’ve chosen. Often the accessories pictured in bridal magazine are difficult to find in your area, or simply aren’t within your budget. What you need are bridal hairstyle pictures showing the accessories that you can buy easily for an affordable price. So, keep reading and we’ll show you fabulous hairstyles with accessories and show you exactly where to buy them with very little effort. Match the hair accessories with affordable bridal jewelry and beautiful wedding earrings to have a complete matching look, be it pearl, crystal, rhinestone, cubic zirconia or even flowers and feathers with sparkling accents or beaded pearly luster.

Even if you have an idea of the look you want, you probably need to see pictures of hairstyles to visualize what accessories will be best. You’ll also need to know how much to budget for your wedding hair accessories, and most of all, where to buy the accent pieces you need.

There are many shops that specialize in hair accessories for weddings, but we understand it takes time and energy to search for websites or go to the shops to see what’s available and make a good decision. And when it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many small details you must attend to that time is often your most precious commodity. That’s why Jewelry & Accessories has put together a series of bridal and wedding topics to help you select your bridal attire and accessories as easily as possible from shops that offer good value and a wide selection of items that you can purchase quickly and easily online.

USA Bride Weddings for all Your Wedding Hair Accessories Needs

This week, we present suggestions for accenting hairstyles with combs, hairpins, tiaras, headbands, flowers, feathers and birdcage veils. There are good buys on hair accessories from Orange Blossom Tiaras and elegant pieces in the exclusive Anna Bellagio collections. Also Eliza Fig bridal accessories are stylish and affordable, and we often recommend Model Bride for bridesmaid accessories. But we’ve found another shop that we’re excited to suggest to our readers because they offer a selection of ideas for bridal hairdos and sell all the items needed to duplicate the look you see in the pictures. Browse through hairstyle suggestions, print the pictures you like, take them to your stylist and see how they work on you. When you’ve decided on a basic hairstyle, all you have to do is select the recommended accessories, order them online and you’ll have them delivered to your door.

The shop we suggest is USA Bride Weddings, and don’t let the name scare you off if you’re not in the United States. USA Bride Weddings ships internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

USA Bride Weddings has wedding hair accessories UK customers can order with ease and ship within 2 business days. If you choose ground shipping you’ll receive your items in about 2 weeks, but just to be on the safe side, allow 4 weeks. If you live outside the US, Canada or Europe, USA Bride Weddings may still be able to send you the wedding day hair accessories you desire if you contact them directly.

Choosing Hairstyles & Wedding Hair Accessory Designs

Cheap wedding hair accessories that look elegant come in a variety of options like barrettes, hairpins with crystal accents, pearl tiaras, adorned headbands, combs with flowers, feathers or rhinestone embellishments and a variety of combinations of all these items.

One of the simplest ways to accent a hairstyle is with hairpins that have long stems and can be placed in almost style of upswept hairstyle for a bit of sparkle. They are usually sold in sets and start at about $22. They can be used in conjunction with a veil and can be added to the hair even if you plan to wear a bridal tiara.

One beautiful hairstyle that can be accented with crystal or pearl wedding hair accessories like adorned hairpins, is the large bun that is spread in an open floral design or loose woven braid. It’s simple and chic, can incorporate a bridal veil at the back, and can be formed from your own hair or enhanced with a hairpiece even if you have short hair. The veil can be attached just under the bun or you can choose to forgo a veil and accent with larger wedding earrings that match the design of the decorative hairpins.

Even if you’re not sure what your stylist will recommend, you can take her/him a few of these very affordable bridal hair accessories and play with their placement to see what suits you best. Remember: a pre-wedding day consultation with your stylist is an absolute MUST. You won’t have enough time to play with hairstyles on the wedding day and you don’t want a hairdo surprise! Usually stylists offer bridal hairdo packages that include a consultation for no extra charge.

All the hair accessories for wedding designs you see on this page are available through USA Bride Weddings. The ones with pearls and crystal are about $38 for a set of two, the rhinestone flower hairpins are about $30 for a set of 12, and Swarovski crystal florets are just under $22 for a set of two.

Delicate pearl bridal hair accessories, like the large pearl hairpins, come in sets of 12 for just $29.95. These are finely crafted wedding day hair accessories that do not look cheap and will accent your bridal jewelry be it diamond or cubic zirconia.

Many designs are replicas of vintage wedding hair accessories, with darker silver-tone settings around crystals and pearls for an aged feel. You can also choose rich yellow gold in either antique or bright tones to match whatever jewelry you have selected.

There’s one unique hairpin that has a vintage air, and that’s the Roxanne Gold Hairpin, with a large cluster of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones in an assortment of cuts, all on a pin that can be placed into almost any hairstyle. It’s so elegant it may be all you need, replacing a tiara or headband or other decorative combs. It’s set in gold and matches almost any bridal ensemble, but especially a champagne or ivory gown, worn with gold bridal jewelry. Vintage wedding hair accessories with this much detail and sparkle can be very expensive, but at USA Bride Weddings, this piece costs under $50. It may well be the only hair accessory you need to complete your vintage look.

Another way to achieve a vintage look is to use small pave hair pins or pearls to accent a ‘60s upswept hairstyle with large rolled curls that fold under in elegant waves. With just a dash of sparkle or pearl accent, you may go without a veil, or add a small tulle netting for a visor or birdcage affect over your eyes. The small pave pins are very reasonably priced since they come in sets of 12 for just $39.95. The delicate pearl versions are $28.95 for a set of 6. Take a set of these pearl wedding hair accessories to your stylist along with a picture of the hairdo and see what personalized creation you two can up with.

Some of the best bridal hairstyle designs are very simple. Remember to choose a design that will accentuate your best facial features. If you tend to have a rounder shaped face, have your hair pulled away from the sides and piled on top to create height and form a crown. For long slender faces, have curls cascading around your face to add a bit of width.

A bridal tiara can accent both low and high styles since they can be worn high on the crown or low like a headband. The position of the tiara will depend on the hairdo and on your face shape. Choose your bridal hair accessory based on YOUR features and not on the design that looks fabulous on the model in a magazine picture. Use the images as guides to try styles and come up with the one that brings out the best in YOU.

There are some unique alternatives to tiaras, crystal or rhinestone sparkle or even pearls, and that is using wedding hair accessories flowers, be they natural or silk, set onto combs or pins or even headbands. Some floral styles may have a touch of sparkle or pearl, but are primarily silk petals and leaves, sometimes accented with feathers. Usually when using flowers, the hairstyle will be asymmetrical, with only one side of the hair having the floral accessories. A feather comb may be placed at the lower back of an upswept hairstyle, or may be worn at the right or left side of the face. Sometimes a feathery or floral accessory will be used to attach a visor style veil for a retro look.

If you wish to wear your hair loose, or pulled into a curled princess style, a floral or feather comb can be added to accent the curls or loose hair. Using floral and feather bridal hair accessories is not just for high piled or upswept styles, however, it can be more difficult to keep the pieces in place if your hair is not naturally thick. One solution is to add a small hairpiece or some extensions and place the flowers or feathers where the extension has been added. This gives more body to your own natural hair and provides a means to hold the decoration securely in place.

You can also mix natural flowers, that match your bouquet, with the silk bridal hair accessories flowers, but if you choose to do so, use small rosebuds or flowers that are not too heavy. Just a few green leaves or bridal fern will add life to a silk accessory and yet not make it appear like you have a garden on your head.

A single orchid bridal comb will cost just under $50, but there are some designs in the $30 to $40 price range. Feather and flower combinations start at about $35 and go up to $99. If you’re not going to add a veil, cheap wedding hair accessories like the ones we suggest through USA Bride Weddings can help you to accent your ensemble within a very tight budget.

If you wish to add a veil, there’s good news. USA Bride Weddings also carried a selection of bridal veil styles that are extremely affordable, starting at just $39.95 for a birdcage veil design that can be worn alone or enhanced with designer bridal hair accessories like the ones mentioned above.

You can also select from traditional bridal veil styles that start at around $45. Accent a simple cut edge veil with crystal or pearl bridal hair accessories and create your own design around your hairstyle using a tiara or a comb or a few pins.

There’s yet another alternative to all the wedding day hair accessories we’ve mentioned so far, and that is a simple ribbon headband that can be tied around a bun, worn in place of a tiara, woven through a braid, placed on the front part of an updo, or used to hold back curls in loose hairstyles or princess designs. They start at just under $50 and go up to about $90 for ribbons embellished with silver and vintage rhinestones.

One of the most delicate bridal hair accessories you can select is the sheer tulle or organza headband with detailed beaded accents sewn onto the wide strip of sheer fabric.

For under $50 you get the sheer ribbon that has a segment 12.5 inches long that’s completely decorated with clear rhinestones and seed pearls, and two 16 inch lengths of ribbon to tie under, or through, your hair. The tips of the ribbons are also decorated with a seed bead pearl motif.

The simplest way to wear the ribbon bridal hair accessory is similar to how you might wear a headband. Or wear it to enhance a braided twist, or wrap it around a spiral bun, or use as a band to adorn a bridal hat.

The ribbon headband with pearl beads or the ribbon rhinestone vintage design are both ideal to accent loose hairstyles for beach weddings or outdoor ceremonies that are less formal.

If you have been flipping the pages of bridal magazine and falling in love with impossibly expensive hair accessories, then we recommend setting your magazines aside and visiting USA Bride Weddings. You can browse hairstyle ideas that incorporate the discount bridal hair accessories that you can buy at the click of a button.
Even if your budget is under $50 or $100, you can still have the top designer inspired vintage bridal hair accessories, modern tiaras, or feathery floral headpieces you’ve been dreaming about.

While you’re shopping USA Bride Weddings for their cheap bridal hair accessories, don’t forget to have a look at the matching wedding earrings and crystal necklace designs to complete your look.

If you’re just starting to plan your wedding ensemble, even better, because they also have a huge selection of affordable bridal gowns and beach wedding dresses that start at just $350! If you’ve been eyeing an After Six or an Alfred Sung creation for your bridesmaids, separates start at just $70 and renaissance gowns are just $120. Choose bridal jewelry sets, bridesmaid bags and even little niceties like wedding garters, gloves, handbags and even fun little extras like bouquet jewelry.

For more suggestions on jewelry and accessories from other companies like Model Bride, Anna Bellagio and Orange Blossom Tiaras, please browse related topics specific to your needs such as: wedding tiaras, bridal jewellery, crystal necklace, wedding garters, bridesmaid bags, flower girl jewelry, bridal veil, bridal jewelry sets and cubic zirconia earrings.

Bridal Purses & Bridesmaid Bags

Bridesmaid bags; dolly bags; bridal handbags and purses in ivory, white satin and a rainbow of colors; bridal and bridesmaid bags with rhinestones, crystals, pearls and ribbons; personalized bridesmaid bags to match wedding themes for just $19, and designer bridal purses from $24 to over $200 – whatever handbag, purse or dolly bag you want for your wedding, Jewelry & Accessories shows you what’s available, where to shop and how much to pay.

An Essential Bridal Accessory

The little niceties that every bride should have on her wedding day include the obvious accessories and jewelry like earrings, necklaces bracelets, wedding tiaras, a bridal veil and wedding garters, but one of the items sometimes overlooked is a bridal purse that matches the gown or wedding ensemble. And even if the bride has decided not to carry a handbag, bridesmaid bags will be indispensable for carrying a mirror, hairpins, makeup, perfume, a handkerchief and other essentials to keep the bride and bridal party looking fresh throughout the day. It’s recommended that at least one attendant have a dolly bag or a cosmetic bag that is near at hand.

A tote or regular ladies purse may be cumbersome to carry and unattractive as an accessory; totes get in the way of pictures, end up taking up space under tables, messing up the finely decorated head table and in general are a nuisance. However a small satin bridesmaid bag with a ribbon and a drawstring closure can even be held when walking down the isle, and will be unobtrusive even if it ends up beside centerpiece on the head table. Likewise a beautiful rhinestone, feather or crystal accented bridal bag can be an accessory that matches bridal jewelry and will be useful for trips to the ladies room or when a handkerchief is needed to wipe away a tear.

Bridal Accessories Shops Online

There are several shops that specialize in elegant bridesmaid bags, satin dolly bags, bridal purses and decorative cosmetic bags that are ideal for weddings, however, after much research, Jewelry & Accessories has found the top three shops that have a good selection of high quality bags in a variety of price ranges to accommodate those on a tight budget as well as those who have a little more to spend on unique designer creations. The three shops are Anna Bellagio, Eliza Fig and Model Bride.

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bags from Model Bride

Some of the most unique bridal and bridesmaid bag designs can be found at a shop called Model Bride who specialize in exclusive luxury wedding accessories. Their purses and handbags have special designer touches, for example: the Princess Bridal Purse is all handmade from silk organza, trimmed with rhinestones, and set in your choice of silver, bright yellow gold or antique gold. It’s a long narrow bag, 8 X 10 inches, and comes with a delicate 10 inch rhinestone studded strap. You can add a gorgeous antique style hand mirror that attaches to the bag with a slender chain. This is handcrafted luxury designer bridal accessory costs $398. The mirror is $75.

In the same Model Bride collection, and in a similar quality and price range, there’s another bridal masterpiece called the Ravishing Bridal Purse, which is a romantic baroque style handbag with a coil handle. This bridal or bridesmaid bag is all hand made from European silk and can be ordered in white or ivory. The decoration is a floral rhinestones pattern that can be chosen in silver, bright yellow gold or antique gold settings. It’s a little smaller than the other bag at 7 X 7 inches, and costs $350.

Elaborate Feather Bridal Bag

The most elaborate and expensive bridal purse that Model Bride has is an exquisite creation called the Satin Diva Bridal Purse. It’s patterned after the retro 1920s style, replete with ostrich feathers, Swarovski crystals and white Japanese pearls. The pearls and sparkling accents can be set in your choice of silver, bright yellow gold or antique gold. This is a small bag, 5 X 7 inches, with a delicate 17 inch pearl and crystal strap.

To match these handbags to your bridal or bridesmaid shoes, we recommend the elegant designer bridal shoes that Model Bride has to offer. Little Rosalee Wedding Shoes start at just $27, and elaborate high heel rhinestone bridal shoes cost between $70 and $300.

If you desire to order any of the shoes, handbags or bridal accessories that we suggest from Model Bride, it can all be done online. It takes 1-3 business days for your order to be processed, and they offer US and international shipping options.

Purses, Dolly Bags and Bridesmaid Gift Bags by Beverly Clark from Eliza Fig

For affordable bridesmaids bags, Eliza Fig has a couple pieces that are stylish, practical and very inexpensive like the Classique Handbag for just $19. This is a dolly bag or cosmetic bag that can be used by both bride and bridesmaids depending on the color you choose.

Personalized bridesmaid bags can be created specifically for you by adding a colored ribbon to the basic white or ivory design. There are about a million ribbon colors to choose from that will match any bridal theme, like fuchsia, burgundy, orange, sky blue, chocolate, sienna, pink, champagne and even lipstick red to name just a few.

The basic bridesmaid dolly bags are Beverly Clark creations made from matte satin, a touch of lace and a slender drawstring closure that slides open easily and also acts as a wrist or arm strap for carrying. This little satchel can easily be held with a bouquet, and is ideal for having a compact, lipstick, handkerchief and other essentials on hand. Perfect for bride, bridesmaids and even for the flower girl. It is a lovely alternative to a basket. Fill the satchel with petals and have the flower girl toss them along the aisle, and when it’s empty she has a little purse for herself.

This inexpensive item may also double for bridesmaids gift bags, used as a jewelry bag in place of gift wrap for a small piece of jewelry the bride may present to each, and then serve as purses on the wedding day. A bridesmaid gift bag may also be used to carry the wedding jewelry, or it may serve as a bridesmaid cosmetic bag. If the wedding is at a hotel or if it is a destination wedding, these small bags may be used to pack all the little niceties: the jewelry, the wedding garters, the gold wedding bands, and anything else that needs to be kept safe. Buy a few bags to use for packaging and then give them to your bridesmaids as a gift.

Seychelles Collection

In the Eliza Fig Seychelles Collection there are bags for bridesmaids that are just the right size to have the essential toiletries at hand. The stylish Seychelles Handbag comes in ivory matte satin with pearly shells and satin ribbon ideal as an accessory for the bride or brides maids. It’s a long slender bag with a double satin finished handle set that can be carried over the wrist along with a bouquet. Instead of a large unsightly tote, use small bridesmaid cosmetic bags to carry essentials in elegant style. This bag costs $36. For other bridal accessories in the same style, choose wedding garters, flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, candles, guest books and even pen sets all in the gorgeous ivory Seychelles collection from Eliza Fig.

Large Bridal Handbags & Colorful Bridesmaid Bags by Anna Bellagio

While a bridesmaid gift bag, or dolly bags, can be lovely presents and double as a purse for carrying cosmetics and little necessary items, sometimes a purse or an evening style handbag is needed, especially if a bride or her attendants need to carry marriage documents, personal ID, or other large items to be used during the wedding. Especial for ceremonies that will take place away from the brides’ home, or for destination weddings in foreign countries, often a small satchel with lipstick and perfume just won’t suffice. It may be tempting for a bride or the bridesmaids to use their favorite comfortable handbag or tote, but with a little forethought, a more appropriate and elegant solution is possible. Instead of a nylon or vinyl tote try an affordable option like the Teresa Bridesmaid Purse by Anna Bellagio. It’s a large satin hobo style purse with plenty of room for documents, a wallet, ID and even space to toss in a little bridesmaid dolly bag with toiletries. Have the space you need with the sleek sophisticated style of a handbag that matches the wedding. Choose from white, silver or black satin designs. All come with a delicate rounded handle and an easy access zipper closure to keep everything safe. And this bridal purse is a real bargain at just $28. Select one for the bride in white and a silver one for the maid of honor.

Another option is the Mallory Purse, which can serve long after the wedding day, since it’s a chic handbag that can be used with suits and business attire or as a larger evening bag. It’s big enough to hold documents, bridesmaid dolly bags with toiletries, and still be discrete. It comes in navy blue, royal blue, platinum, red, brown, burgundy, charcoal, gold, ivory and silver, as well as black and white. It’s all satin and has just a touch of rhinestone on the classic buckle near the top. This is another good deal for just $26 from Anna Bellagio, the wedding accessories specialist!

The same design, but larger and taller is the Carlotta Purse that also costs $26, and has the same rhinestone buckle detail, and comes in all the colors mentioned above, but offers more space. This may be an ideal bridal purse to match with a going away outfit and to use on the honeymoon. It’s elegant enough for the wedding day, but practical for afterwards too.

Along a similar line, Anna Bellagio has a small evening clutch purse that’s detailed with the same elegant rhinestone buckle, and is also made from satin, and comes in all the bridal and bridesmaid colors as the Mallory and the Carlotta purses. For a chic alternative to a small bridesmaid dolly try a clutch that will double as an evening bag after the wedding. As a bridesmaid gift this would be an excellent choice instead of cheap jewelry. The Aria Clutch Purse costs $26.

For the bride or bridesmaid, there’s another clutch purse option that has a Hollywood glamour look. It’s called the Chiara Purse, and comes in six colors: snow white, crystal ivory, black, cloud silver, mocha and red. It’s a slim modern clutch that’s 11 X 3 inches and has a silver metal snap closure and an optional shoulder strap. This gorgeous handbag is a little more expensive than the other pieces in the Anna Bellagio collection, but it has received rave reviews by brides and bridesmaids who have bought it. It costs $62.

Order Anna Bellagio from anywhere in the world and your shipment will be sent within 7 days. Custom orders may take longer, so plan ahead.

For colored bridesmaids bag designs in rich satin tones to match the gowns, Anna Bellagio has two series of handbags that are stylish and classic. Simple and clean with no rhinestones or pearls or any decoration, just satin, is the Kaylea Purse collection for just $24 each. They come in a zillion colors, like aqua shimmer, periwinkle, lavender, cloud silver, pink ice and sunset gold to name just some of the choices. Each handbag has a fold over flap and a single 8.5 inch strap. They’re small enough to be toted anywhere and classic enough to be used after the wedding. These bridal bags are affordable gifts for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride.

For satin clutch handbags, Anna Bellagio has the fold over style called Katrina. These are affordable bridal clutch purses for just $24 that come in dozens of wedding colors like orange sorbet, sage silk, stone taupe, lilac silk, blue ice, crystal ivory and many others. Even if your bridesmaids will wear different colors, you’re sure to find a clutch in the Katrina series to compliment the ensemble.

Shop Anna Bellagio for all your bridal purses and bridesmaid bags and while you’re there buy pearl bridal jewelry, cubic zirconia earrings, crystal necklace designs, flower girl jewelry and even select your wedding garters. Shop now!

Elegant Wedding Garters

Elegant pink, red, ivory, white and the popular blue wedding garters; custom garter sets and personalized wedding garters with lace, satin bows, feathers and pearls; toss garters to throw and keepsake designs to treasure – at Jewelry & Accessories we know your wedding accessories are all about the details that give the final touch to your carefully planned wedding day.

Little Things

It’s just a little thing; a bit of satin and lace with a bow, perhaps a touch of pearl or a glimmer of rhinestone sparkle, but along with throwing the bouquet, tossing the garter is one of those unique and fun traditions that makes your day one to remember with family and friends. Unlike so many decisions you’ve had to make since your engagement, the bridal garter isn’t a big decision, and won’t be an expensive one, so have some fun selecting an elegant one that will match your lingerie and another you can toss to the awaiting bachelors. You can also choose to buy a wedding garter set that comes with one for tossing and one for keeping. These sets are usually good value and you don’t need hunt for two garters – just pick the one you like most to keep and toss the other without a care.

Wedding Accessories Shops for Bridal Garters

Since garters for wedding ensembles are a specialty item, they are sold through small shops online who usually offer a wide variety of wedding accessories. So you don’t get lost in other bridal and wedding accessories like ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, champagne flutes and invitations, we suggest you go straight to the best two shops that sell wedding garter sets that are elegant and affordable. One shop that has just a few hand chosen, elegant, yet affordable, wedding garters is Anna Bellagio. The garter designs are unique and beautiful and match their exclusive bridal jewelry and accessories in distinctive good taste. Another shop that has a wide range of bridal garters that include personalized sets and lots of colors and styles is Eliza Fig. Let’s have a look of some their garters and how much they cost. Later we’ll visit Anna Bellagio and show you what’s available there also.

Choosing an Eliza Fig Wedding Garter Set

The attention to detail on the ivory wedding garter designs by Eliza Fig is outstanding, not to mention the blue and pink designs that are equally delicate and feminine with bits of rhinestone, crystal and pearl adding just a touch of sparkle to each. Prices start at just $11 and go up to about $50 for gorgeous sets with two garters.

There are a few garters that stand out in the Eliza Fig collections, for being beautiful and inexpensive. One example is the Fairy Dust Garter Set that costs only $20. Choose pure white or the ivory wedding gator for the same price. The set includes 2 pieces, one to keep and one to throw. The fairy dust design has scattered pearls and rhinestones that dot the little organza ruffle on the wider garter.

Select which piece to keep and which you’ll toss, but usually the wider one is thrown and the slender satin garter with the crystal and pearl flower center will be the one to keep. This set will fit up to an 18 inch leg comfortably. To find out what size will be best for you, measure just above your knee where you plan to wear it. Since a bridal garter has an elastic band, it usually comes in one size, most commonly fitted to accommodate 18 to 20 inches. The ones over that are plus size wedding garters.

There’s another beautiful set from the Eliza Fig collection designed by famous celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. It’s surprising that her gorgeous box set of two lace wedding garters costs only $22.50, and if you order online will ship in 3 days. Both of the ivory wedding garters in this set are so well crafted and perfectly designed with satin ribbon (and one with wide lace) that the hardest part of all will be choosing which one to throw and which to keep. Console yourself by giving yourself a little present from the Mindy Weiss bridal accessories collection; perhaps a delicate white lace handkerchief and sachet for just $20.

Blue Wedding Garters

There’s no shortage of blue wedding garters to choose from at Eliza Fig, but there is a set that’s elegant and a little different than the average baby blue lacey garter. We’re talking about a platinum garter that’s a platinum blue satin with rhinestones at the heart of each layered bow. One of the garters, the one with the ruffle, is accented with pearls and crystal. This set will stretch to 20inches comfortably. The set of two platinum blue garters costs just $22, and like the other sets, can be ordered easily online, and will be delivered in a few days depending on the shipping options you choose.

Another unusual blue wedding garter set that brings a beach wedding theme to any bridal ensemble is the Eliza Fig design with a silver starfish on a garter with a distinctive seaside feel. This Seaside Allure Wedding Garter Set has the usual two pieces, and the one with the starfish is the piece you may choose to keep, the other simple white and blue one can be tossed to the boys! The set costs $20.

Other wedding garter blue or green or pink or even red and black designs can be created to match your wedding colors since Eliza Fig has custom wedding garters you can select in a variety of colors and personalized wedding garters that can be made to your specifications for about $28. Make your wedding bridal garter set a n elegant accessory for yourself and a fun keepsake for the lucky gentleman who will catch the one you toss. Choose dozens of fun ribbon colors and even mix and match colors – two per garter. Even the custom personalized garters come in sets of two for the $28. There are also basic ivory wedding garter styles that you can personalize with a bit of colored ribbon and a few rhinestones or pearls, but be sure to place these orders in advance because they take about a week to make since they are made specifically for you.

A Sexy Black Garter for Wedding Romance

Not all garters are for tossing in public, some are made for removing in private, like the Midnight Garter by Eliza Fig – a sexy little item to match red or black lingerie. Naturally you can also have a bit of fun and toss a black garter instead of a classic white or ivory one, and if you do so, then pick up two, and keep one for later. Since each black wedding garter is just $14, two will cost about the same price as the other sets. Perhaps you may prefer to buy one black wedding garter and second one in another color.

Chic Colored Garters

There’s nothing that says you must have a white, ivory or blue garter on your wedding day. You may want to have a bit of color on your leg with one of the hot and sassy red wedding garters by Eliza fig for just $21 a set. Red is the color of love, and a perfect accent under a white or ivory bridal gown. The set we recommend is a red satin garter with a matching white ribbon bow and sparkling rhinestones for a luxurious final touch to your ensemble. Even if the wedding colors are not red, this is a regal bridal accessory and a fun surprise to toss into the crowd! Keep the prettiest one for yourself to match with honeymoon lingerie in red and black and other evening colors.

Pink Wedding Garters

The pink wedding garter is a classic accessory for young brides and even bridesmaids. Cheap pink garters are easy to find, but Eliza Fig has one that stands out. It’s a modern garter with a rich pink satin band and chocolate brown bow and a flower embellishment that’s classy and contemporary. It comes in a set of two for $21.

A Gold and Ivory Garter

The final piece we’ve selected from the Eliza Fig collection is a classy garter that costs a little more than the others – $30. The elegance of this piece speaks for itself with the ivory and gold satin ribbon accented by a little cluster of pearls. It’s one of those little things a bride will appreciate as a keepsake long after the excitement of the wedding day.

Anna Bellagio Wedding Garters with Style

From $20 to $34, you can select a high quality bridal garter from the exclusive Anna Bellagio bridal Accessories collection.

One set that is made of fine blue lace and delicate blue rhinestones is the Mira Bridal Garter. It’s any brides’ perfect “something blue”, and instead of tossing it to the guys, how about throwing it in the direction of the gals who will appreciate the pale blue satin and richly embroidered French lace with genuine sapphire Swarovski crystal accents. It costs $34, is available online, and will be shipped to you in a bout 5 days.

For a classic white or ivory garter in satin with organza ruffle and a pearl and silver bead edging on a satin ribbon cord, there’s nothing quite like the delicacy of the Vernoa Bridal Garter by Anna Bellagio. It’s elegant and yet affordable at just $28. This is a great bridal shower gift that will be appreciated, since it’s a timeless bridal accessory that will match almost any gown or wedding theme. For more elaborate bridal accessories and lingerie that make excellent bridal shower presents, shop the Anna Bellagio section called Fun Stuff for Brides. And then pop over to bridal and bridesmaid jewelry and select every accessory a bride could desire to perfectly accent her gown with cubic zirconia earrings, necklaces, bracelets and complete jewelry sets.

For more detailed information on choosing high quality and affordable Anna Bellagio designer bridal and bridesmaid jewelry please continue reading other related topics or shop for beautiful bridal jewelry and accessories now.

Bridal Accessories Jewelry Shops

Bridal accessories jewelry, tiaras and headbands; wedding hairpins, bridal veil; bridal necklaces, bracelets; wedding earrings; bridal and bridesmaid cheap costume jewelry – at Jewelry and Accessories we’ve found the shops that sell what you need at prices you can afford!

Bridal accessories jewelry and hair accents, such as tiaras, hairpins, headbands and even wedding veils are affordable if you know where to shop. We know the best places to buy what you need for your wedding. Compare jewelry accessories prices quickly and without frustration.

High Quality Accessories Jewelry & Hair Accents by Anna Bellagio

The best shop for high quality accessories like jewelry sets and bridal necklaces, wedding earrings and bracelets that are affordable is Anna Bellagio. Cubic zirconia earrings under $50, complete jewelry sets for $44, pearl and rhinestone pieces for $18, and all in high quality settings. This is not cheap wedding accessory jewelry that’s poorly made, but gorgeous fashion pieces that you will be proud to wear on the most important day of your life.

If you need accessories like fashion jewelry, bridal necklaces, hair accessories, pearl, rhinestone or cubic zirconia bridal jewelry sets, satin bridal purses, matching bridesmaid bags, gifts for the bridal party, including the flower girl, or even cocktail rings for formal dinners before or after the ceremony, we are confident that you will not be disappointed with what Anna Bellagio has to offer.

Cheap Jewelry and Accessories in the UK from Bridal Jewellery Co

If you are in the UK and need quick delivery on very cheap jewelry accessories made of bead, crystal and pearl, we recommend Bridal Jewellery Co, who specialize in all your wedding needs, including cheap wedding tiaras, crystal necklace designs and even bridesmaid jewelry. Cheap jewelry and accessories start at £4, pearl and crystal sets for £20, and there are many vintage wedding sets under £40. For bridesmaid jewellery in crystal colors, feather wedding fascinators and other hair jewellery you can’t go wrong with spending £7 to £20. Bridal Jewellery Co fashion jewelry and accessories can be ordered online and they ship within the UK on the same day you place your order.

Bridal Accessories Jewelry & Veils

For bridal veil and hair accessories we recommend Orange Blossom Tiaras where you will find classic bridal veil styles like cathedral, mantilla and custom veil creations to fit your budget, starting at about $59. They also have a complete range of headpieces, combs, tiaras and headbands to go with your chosen hairstyle and to accent any veil, be it long, mid-length, short or a classic Spanish mantilla. Orange Blossom Tiaras is an exclusive online bridal accessory jewelry store that keeps your budget in mind while offering dozens of customizable bridal and bridesmaid options.

Orange Blossom Wedding Tiaras, Wedding Hair Jewelry & Accessories

We know you will find the best wedding tiaras at Orange Blossom Tiaras, and the prices are extremely affordable starting at $59 for gorgeous crystal, rhinestone, flower and pearl bridal tiaras. You can select styles in both silver and gold and even customize your tiara with colors to match your bridal theme.

Orange Blossom Tiaras also offers a wide selection of wedding tiara combs for bridal veil attachment, and even simple bridesmaid headbands and hair accessories to accentuate any bridal hairdo, for the bride, bridesmaids and even the little flower girl. Almost everything they sell is $60 to $70, with a few select items around $125. For the quality they offer, Jewelry & Accessories beleives they are one of the best tiara and wedding accessories jewelry companies online.

Gold and Silver Jewelry and Accessories for the Bride and Bridal Party

For selecting genuine gold and fashion jewelry and accessory styles as bridesmaid or flower girl gifts, you will find some very good bargains on gold and silver jewelry at JewelBasket, who although they do not specialize in bridal jewelry and accessories, they carry a selection of fine products that are affordably priced and may be exactly what you need for your wedding day. For gold earrings with diamonds, stud earrings, flower girl bracelets and pearl wedding earrings for the bride, JewelBasket is a place you can trust for high quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

Affordable Genuine Gold Jewelry from Goldenmine

The best place to buy high-end yellow and white gold jewelry and fashion accessories for your wedding is Goldenmine.

They have genuine gemstone jewelry as well as high quality fashion pearl and cubic zirconia earrings and bracelets and bridal necklace styles that are a notch above your average costume jewelry designs. Select items in pearl or cubic zirconia for bteen $20 and $40. Complete bridal sets in sterling silver and white pearl, with earrings and matching bridal necklace, cost under $33.

Cubic Zirconia Bridal Jewelry & Wedding Earrings by Heavenly Treasures

Heavenly Treasures is yet another shop that offers a wide range of cubic zirconia jewelry ideal for brides and bridesmaids. They sell designer and high-end costume jewelry and accessories, with many of their cubic zirconia wedding earrings and bracelets costing under $50. They do not specialize in bridal accessories jewelry items, so you will have to look for what you need under cubic zirconia, pearl, crystal and fashion jewelry categories to find the best items for your wedding needs. They may not say they are bridal pieces, but some delicate and high quality bridal sets can be put together using the glamorous Heavenly Treasures collections. From $20 to $70, you can select pearl, crystal or CZ earrings, pendants and gold and silver chains. Match with CZ or pearl bracelets from under $30 to about $40.

Genuine Pearl Bridal Jewelry at Wholesale Prices from Shecy Pearls

For genuine freshwater pearl bridal jewelry sets we must not fail to recommend Shecy Pearls, where pearl bridal sets start at just $16 to $49 for genuine pearls in gold settings. Cheap pearl accessories costume jewelry retails for almost the same price as buying genuine pearls from the source. When you buy Shecy pearls you receive authentic lustrous pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are lustrous and high quality, shipped directly to you from their china jewelry accessories wholesale outlet. And although they have no minimum order, you will pay wholesale jewelry prices while receiving the service and attention of a retail buyer.

For more suggestions on where to buy bridesmaid and bridal accessories jewelry and hair accents, please continue reading other related topics about crystal necklace designs, bridal jewelry sets, cubic zirconia and silver jewelry, and even vintage jewelry alternatives.

Crystal Necklace Designs for Brides & Bridesmaids

Genuine Swarovski crystal necklace for $75; complete sets for $100; antique and vintage styles for under $200, delicate crystal bridesmaid or flower girl necklace sets for $70, crystal y necklace for $90; black crystal necklace creations, pendants, necklace sets and more – Jewelry & Accessories suggests the hottest and most affordable authentic Swarovski crystal jewelry for brides and bridesmaids. Buy crystal necklaces online!

Bridal Crystal Pendant Necklace

One of the most elegant ways to accent a wedding gown is with a simple crystal pendant necklace and earring set. It’s a classic way to add sparkle without investing in diamonds. Genuine Swarovski jewelry creates high quality crystal jewelry necklace designs that can be worn long after the wedding day. Swarovski crystal pendants and earring sets are not as expensive as you might think. For example the Brilliance Set, which has the pendant, a chain and the set of shimmering double crystal earrings cost only $100, or the delicately dangling crystal necklace is only $90. Pair them with earrings for $60 to $90 and create a bridal set of your choice.

Blue Crystal Necklace

For a touch of “something blue” a unique bridal set called the Gloria Light Sapphire Set has a crystal pendant necklace and earrings in a light sapphire crystal color bezel-set in a rhodium-plated chain. All four pieces, the pendant, chain and earrings cost only $100, and are genuine Swarovski crystal quality sold directly from the creators of this famous brand. Although it may not be traditional, blue crystal necklaces for brides or bridesmaids, may be just the touch of color you need to make your wedding attire uniquely your own. If blue isn’t your color, choose from yellow, black or red crystal necklace styles.

Black Crystal Necklace

For a stunning piece of bridal jewelry, how about something really different like a black crystal necklace, made with an assortment of gemstones, like jet hematite, black diamonds and silver and clear Swarovski set in 4 rows that rest as a little more loosely than a choker, being 15 inches around. It’s not a cheap creation at $500, but even if you can’t afford it, this gorgeous piece of jewelry may be the inspiration you need to choose something just a bit different for your wedding. Choose less elaborate black crystal necklace designs and pair with matching earrings for under $170, or black crystal hoop earrings for just $150. Blend silver clear or gunmetal antique crystal necklace styles to create a look that is contemporary with a touch of retro or vintage elegance.

Modern brides are not limited to pearl and rhinestone jewelry when there are artistic creations such as brown crystal necklace designs that mimic the popular, and very expensive chocolate diamonds.

Crystal Heart Necklace Set

For bridesmaids, colored crystal bead necklace designs in lavender, purple, teal, green or even yellow or red may be matched to the shade of the gowns or dresses, or be a contrasting or deeper or lighter color. For just $70, add a little color with the Swarovski crystal heart necklace set that has genuine crystals in different settings, some clear crystal pave, others light pink and blue in a separate heart pendant. The set comes with a pair of crystal stud earrings to match. This delicate jewelry set is ideal as bridesmaid jewelry or even as a flower girl gift..

Crystal Choker Necklace

A crystal choker necklace may be a ribbon or piece of lace with a crystal drop or cluster, or it may be a slightly looser style worn lower like the brilliant Diamanta Necklace from Swarovski that has an innumerable amount of crystals woven into a criss-cross design to form a crystal pave necklace of dreams, set in white rhodium plated metal and expertly finished with silver-tone findings. The crystal choker necklace costs $380 and has matching earrings, bracelets, brooch and even watches and other accessories in the same style.

For affordable crystal choker necklace styles, try buying any crystal pendant of your choice for about $100 from Swarovski, and then slip it onto a velvet or satin ribbon or cord and create a custom design to match your bridal or bridesmaid ensemble. Pair with the earrings that match the pendant and a complete set may be created for about $170, including the pendant and earrings.

Antique Crystal Necklace

Red beads, colored and clear crystals and antique rhodium metal settings give the illusion of being antique crystal necklace designs and are very affordable. For under $200 you can have a classic y necklace with matching stud earrings. This is much more reasonable than the genuine antique creations which usually have rubies, garnets or other gemstones and diamonds.

Alternative antique crystal necklace styles are those that incorporate quartz, amethyst, rhinestones and bits of antique silver or gold chain. These are available through antique and vintage specialist like Adin Antique jewelry but are often several hundred dollars. The crystal quartz necklace designs by Swarovski are good value and high quality and replicate vintage classics that go well with bridesmaid outfits with a retro theme. The amethyst crystal necklace designs by Swarovski are tasteful, elegant and affordable high-end jewelry at just $170. Most are sold in sets with dangling crystal earrings or studs to match.

Gold Crystal Necklace

Silver or rhodium plating is the most common and affordable crystal necklace setting, and is used because clear crystals are best offset by white metals, however, if you have your heart set on gold or gold-plated or gold rhodium settings, there are a few styles to select from at Swarovski.

One is the Mini Parallele Bordeaux Necklace which has a double gold-plated chain and would make a lovely bridesmaid jewelry piece. It costs just $140, and features a large colored crystal and a 15 ¾ inch gold chain.

Another gold crystal necklace that would be lovely for bride or bridesmaid is a gold-plated design with a series of topaz and golden crystals mixed with clear crystal accents. The chain is 13 ¾ inches in length and the whole creation sells for $170. Matching earrings are $70.

For a unique crystal chain necklace in gold, there’s a stunning, eccentric design called the Fantasy Large Necklace, that could be a unique piece for a modern bride. This gold-plated necklace features bezel-set clear Swarovski crystal chatons and antique silver crystals all set on a 15 3/4 inch chain. If you want a necklace that fills the décolleté of a strapless gown, this piece will do the trick, and how! For such large crystals and gold plating, the necklace is reasonably priced at $180.00.

Cheap Bridal, Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Jewelry

If the suggested Swarovski crystal jewelry pieces are beyond your budget and you need handmade crystal necklace designs that cost between $10 and $50, then we suggest that you continue reading other articles on related topics where you will find cheap silver jewelry, discount crystal beads necklace and earrings and ideas on where to shop for rhinestone crystal necklace styles that are very affordable. There are many more suggestions under bridal jewelry sets, bridal jewellery and even flower girl jewelry.

Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal

Discover Bridal Jewellery UK Discounts

Bridal jewellery UK discounts on pearl and crystal sets for just £20; bridal necklace, earrings, tiaras and accessories starting at £4; designer and vintage wedding sets; bridesmaid jewellery; wedding fascinators; hair jewellery; satin, pearl and sequins bags – at Jewelry & Accessories we have suggestions for all the final touches to your bridal ensemble.

Affordable Crystal, Pearl and Diamante Sets from Bridal Jewellery Co UK

Silver and gold-tone bridal jewellery sets with crystals and pearls are ultra affordable at a place simply called Bridal Jewellery Co. You’ll find sets like the white pearl collar choker with 9 dangling drops of pearls and matching pearl dangle earrings for about £20, or the lacey silver chain crystal/ pearl choker that blends aurora borealis crystals and white pearls in a sparkling neckline bridal adornment for just £21.

Cheap Faux Vintage Bridal Jewellery

For a piece of faux vintage bridal jewellery that replicates the elaborate Victorian or Edwardian style, there’s a set that has rows of beaded circles and drop pearls with matching earrings. Such an elaborate creation is very reasonably priced at £31.50 through Bridal Jewellery Co and if ordered online will be dispatched within the UK on the same day.

Authentic Swarovski Crystal Bridal Jewellery

For authentic Swarovski crystal bridal jewellery with antique findings, in sets that include a bridal necklace and the matching crystal earrings, there are two sets we recommend. The first is a fine crystal beaded necklace with delicate pearls and a central clear crystal pendant as a focal point, with matching antique crystal drop earrings for just over £36.

The second bridal jewellery set is a simple antique gold leaf design with two pearls and a large drop crystal on an antique gold chain and the matching earrings with diamante crystals. The whole set of three pieces costs about £47.

Colored Crystal Bridesmaid Jewellery

Bridesmaid jewellery in antique styles on velvet ribbon in colors to match the gowns are just over £43, and come in bronze and red designs with delicate leaf-shaped crystals and antique gold-tone accents.

Choose from the luxurious red velvet ribbon style or select the same drop crystal on a beaded necklace with a red velvet bow.

The honey bronze coloured necklace and matching earrings are also genuine Swarovski crystals in a leaf shape, accented by matching beads and taupe velvet ribbon. Each necklace comes with chain extensions so they can be worn as chokers or a little longer to rest on the open décolleté or above a strapless or off the shoulder gown.

Any of these handmade bridal jewellery sets with necklaces and earrings can be paired with bracelets in pearl or crystal designs, crafted with ether silver or antique gold wire. There are dozens of styles to choose from at Bridal Jewellery Co, starting at just £7 and going up to about £45 for delicate diamond shards bracelets that sparkle like diamonds.

Silver versus Gold Bridal Jewellery

Most of the pieces are silver-tone, but there are a few gold bridal jewellery sets, or separate earrings and necklaces that will match gold accents if that is what you have chosen for your wedding.

Silver tends to accent diamante, rhinestone and crystal better than gold, and it’s often chosen because its more versatile when matching with white gowns, as well as the fact that silver tends to be much cheaper even in costume jewellery designs.

Gold plating and gold wire, even in simple beaded creations usually will add to the price. Choosing silver bridal jewellery, in most cases, will allow you to have a better quality metal than going with gold plated designs that may loose their golden sheen. Since costume wedding jewellery is often specific to your bridal ensemble and may not be worn afterward, your main consideration will be matching the right tones to best accent your gown and accessories for a well put together look.

Cheap Faux Pearl Bridal Jewellery

If you can’t afford genuine pearls but desire the luster of a cream, white or champagne coloured pearl design, then Bridal Jewellery Co will be a pleasant surprise, since they have jewellery and bridal accessories in pearl styles that are very, very cheap, like simple pearl necklace styles for £15 to £19 and pearl stud wedding earrings for just £4!

Dangle earrings and more elaborate pearl bridal earrings in a variety of designs are just £16, and many mimic the famous designer bridal jewellery styles that are featured in magazines. Since bridal jewellery is often worn for just one day, selecting inexpensive bridal jewellery sets is a practical solution to saving money without giving up the look you want. Mix and match your selected bridal jewellery pearls with rhinestones, diamantes, crystal or even cubic zirconia jewellery pieces. It’s not a faux pas to blend faux diamonds and pearls, in fact it’s very a la mode to do so.

Pearl and Crystal Jewellery Bridal Tiara Creations

One of the most popular ways to attach a bridal veil or decorate a wedding hairdo with some sparkle or pearls is to use a bridal tiara. At Bridal Jewellery Co the tiaras that match their bridal sets in both crystal and pearl are very inexpensive and come in a variety of unique designs for just £10, £25 or £36.

While most bridal veil and tiara headpieces start at around £100, even for fashion jewellery pieces, the ones that we suggest from Bridal Jewellery are a real bargain, because they look so similar to the more expensive pearl, rhinestone and crystal styles that they are difficult to tell apart.

The Twisted Silver Circle Diamante Tiara has diamante sparklers all around the base and dozens of white pearls twisted into a princess tiara that’s simple and elegant. This is Bridal Jewellery Co’s most expensive piece. It costs £36.

The other styles include one for just £25 that has 8 large oval pearls in a princess bridal tiara creation that is also encrusted with diamante stones.

And the piece that sells for just £10 is a delicate tiara with silver wire and diamante gems in assorted sizes and shapes. This is a piece that would be ideal for a bride or bridesmaids and is also small enough to be perfect for a flower girl. Match crystal and pearl jewellery to the specific tiara you have chosen and walk down the aisle with all the sparkle and glimmer you have dreamed of for well under £100.

Wedding Fascinators and Bridal Combs

If you decide not to have a veil or a tiara, you may find that hair jewellery or what are called wedding fascinators are just the little something you need to accent your hairdo. A wedding fascinator is simply a bridal comb with feathers, sequins, beads, pearls or sparkling rhinestones to give just a splash of detail. There are simple designs available at Bridal Jewellery Co for just £7, and more elaborate creations for around £20. The most common wedding fascinators have a few feathers or flowers for a delicate retro or vintage look. Add a bit of tulle and you have a bridal visor or a simple birdcage veil. There are dozens of inexpensive designs to choose from, some that could even be added to a pillbox hat or as a bit of detail to a contemporary short veil.

Tips on How to Save Money on Wedding Jewellery & Accessories

Bridal sets may be very affordable, but if you want a pearl drop bridal necklace but only a pair of pearl stud earrings, you may find it better to buy to buy the pieces separately. For example a set with a dangle or drop necklace and matching dangle earrings may cost £20, but if you’re not happy with the length of the earrings and prefer a stud, then just buy the bridal necklace, like the pearl strand, for £7 and pair it with a pearl stud for another £7 and the whole set will cost just £14. Or buy a higher quality pair of earrings for £15 and forgo the necklace and buy a pearl bracelet for about £5. The same £20 will get you the pieces you will actually wear.

Matching pearls and crystals is easy when shopping at Bridal Jewellery Co, and you’ll find that the pearl and crystal colours in the sets and the individual pieces are so similar they will look like bridal sets.

Indispensable Accessories – Bridal & Bridesmaid Bags

For costume bridal jewellery UK customers can order easily online try Bridal Jewellery Co and have your necklaces, earrings and bracelets delivered to your door. With all you save you’ll be able to add a few other accessories like bridal or bridesmaid bags that cost just £10 to £22 for satin, sequins and beaded designs that will perfectly accent your gown. A bridal bag or purse is one of those items often forgotten yet perhaps one of the most essential accessories a bride or bridesmaid can have.

For carrying makeup, a handkerchief, some extra hairpins, a little perfume and other toiletries that will be necessary between the ceremony, the photo shoots and the reception, a bridal or bridesmaid bag will be indispensable.

For other wedding and bridal related topics please continue reading about bridesmaid necklaces, wedding earrings, gold jewelry, wedding hair accessories, flower girl jewelry, bridal veil styles, wedding garters, pearl ring jewellery, cubic zirconia earrings and an assortment of cheap jewelry buying guides. At Jewelry & Accessories we offer suggestions on where to buy genuine gemstone and precious metal designs as well how to save money buying cheap bridal costume jewelry online.

Cheap Flower Girl Jewelry Sets

Inexpensive flower girl jewelry sets in pearl, crystal, flowers and rhinestone; hair jewelry; cute flower girl gifts; bracelets and charms; complete pearl earrings and necklace sets; prices from $14 to $40; high quality Anna Bellagio designs with matching bridal and bridesmaid jewelry – Jewelry & Accessories brings you suggestions on wedding accessories jewelry and gifts to make your wedding as easy as possible.

Flowers as Flower Girl Jewelry

Flower girls are exactly that FLOWER GIRLS, and often it’s enough to put rosebuds or flowers in their hair and a simple ribbon choker around their necks and give them a basket of petals to complete their ensembles. Especially for spring or summer garden weddings, a flower girl with a simple pair of pearl earrings and flowers to match the bride, will be more than enough.

Crystal, Rhinestone & Pearl Flower Girl Jewelry by Anna Bellagio

For formal weddings, you may want flower girl jewelry sets in crystal, rhinestone or pearl, and the best place to shop for affordable, quality sets is Anna Bellagio, where sets start at just $20, and single pearl stud earrings are as little as $14, and come in 33 different colors.

Flower girl crystal jewelry sets that blend delicate crystal gems and pearls in necklaces and earrings are just $24 for all three pieces, and rhinestone hair jewels in sets of 6 corkscrew patterns with silver floral buds are just $22. Select the same sets only in pearl designs for the same low price.

Monogrammed Bracelets and Wristbands

Order jewelry for flower girl gifts as well, like personalized charm bracelets and engravable bracelets or even funky wristbands in pink, lavender and aqua to match the bridal party colors. There’s a sterling silver engraveable monogram bracelets for just $30 which includes the engraved monogram on the front and even a separate personal message or inscription on the underside.

Each flower girl jewelry set from Anna Bellagio comes in a gorgeous flower girl jewelry box with custom gift wrap ready to give and delight any little girl.

Flower Girl Hair Jewels

To add the final touches to any flower girl outfit, there are some delicate flower rhinestone hair jewels that can be matched with either the crystal or pearl flower girl jewelry sets. Each hairpin has a metal flower and five rhinestones, and the hairpins are sold in sets of two for just $18. Or select the little corkscrew hair jewels in crystal, rhinestone or pearl, and embed them into princess wedding hairstyles with curls and swirls to give a touch of luster or sparkle. Mix with real flowers to match the smallest flowers in the bride’s bouquet.

Anna Bellagio has all you need for flower girl, bridesmaid and bridal jewelry at prices you can afford even on a budget. The craftsmanship is high quality, the materials are silver, gold and pearl in designer styles that are unique and elegant.

For more suggestions on bridal jewellery sets, wedding hair accessories and even tiaras for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls, continue reading other articles with related topics.