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Bridesmaid bags; dolly bags; bridal handbags and purses in ivory, white satin and a rainbow of colors; bridal and bridesmaid bags with rhinestones, crystals, pearls and ribbons; personalized bridesmaid bags to match wedding themes for just $19, and designer bridal purses from $24 to over $200 – whatever handbag, purse or dolly bag you want for your wedding, Jewelry & Accessories shows you what’s available, where to shop and how much to pay.

An Essential Bridal Accessory

The little niceties that every bride should have on her wedding day include the obvious accessories and jewelry like earrings, necklaces bracelets, wedding tiaras, a bridal veil and wedding garters, but one of the items sometimes overlooked is a bridal purse that matches the gown or wedding ensemble. And even if the bride has decided not to carry a handbag, bridesmaid bags will be indispensable for carrying a mirror, hairpins, makeup, perfume, a handkerchief and other essentials to keep the bride and bridal party looking fresh throughout the day. It’s recommended that at least one attendant have a dolly bag or a cosmetic bag that is near at hand.

A tote or regular ladies purse may be cumbersome to carry and unattractive as an accessory; totes get in the way of pictures, end up taking up space under tables, messing up the finely decorated head table and in general are a nuisance. However a small satin bridesmaid bag with a ribbon and a drawstring closure can even be held when walking down the isle, and will be unobtrusive even if it ends up beside centerpiece on the head table. Likewise a beautiful rhinestone, feather or crystal accented bridal bag can be an accessory that matches bridal jewelry and will be useful for trips to the ladies room or when a handkerchief is needed to wipe away a tear.

Bridal Accessories Shops Online

There are several shops that specialize in elegant bridesmaid bags, satin dolly bags, bridal purses and decorative cosmetic bags that are ideal for weddings, however, after much research, Jewelry & Accessories has found the top three shops that have a good selection of high quality bags in a variety of price ranges to accommodate those on a tight budget as well as those who have a little more to spend on unique designer creations. The three shops are Anna Bellagio, Eliza Fig and Model Bride.

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bags from Model Bride

Some of the most unique bridal and bridesmaid bag designs can be found at a shop called Model Bride who specialize in exclusive luxury wedding accessories. Their purses and handbags have special designer touches, for example: the Princess Bridal Purse is all handmade from silk organza, trimmed with rhinestones, and set in your choice of silver, bright yellow gold or antique gold. It’s a long narrow bag, 8 X 10 inches, and comes with a delicate 10 inch rhinestone studded strap. You can add a gorgeous antique style hand mirror that attaches to the bag with a slender chain. This is handcrafted luxury designer bridal accessory costs $398. The mirror is $75.

In the same Model Bride collection, and in a similar quality and price range, there’s another bridal masterpiece called the Ravishing Bridal Purse, which is a romantic baroque style handbag with a coil handle. This bridal or bridesmaid bag is all hand made from European silk and can be ordered in white or ivory. The decoration is a floral rhinestones pattern that can be chosen in silver, bright yellow gold or antique gold settings. It’s a little smaller than the other bag at 7 X 7 inches, and costs $350.

Elaborate Feather Bridal Bag

The most elaborate and expensive bridal purse that Model Bride has is an exquisite creation called the Satin Diva Bridal Purse. It’s patterned after the retro 1920s style, replete with ostrich feathers, Swarovski crystals and white Japanese pearls. The pearls and sparkling accents can be set in your choice of silver, bright yellow gold or antique gold. This is a small bag, 5 X 7 inches, with a delicate 17 inch pearl and crystal strap.

To match these handbags to your bridal or bridesmaid shoes, we recommend the elegant designer bridal shoes that Model Bride has to offer. Little Rosalee Wedding Shoes start at just $27, and elaborate high heel rhinestone bridal shoes cost between $70 and $300.

If you desire to order any of the shoes, handbags or bridal accessories that we suggest from Model Bride, it can all be done online. It takes 1-3 business days for your order to be processed, and they offer US and international shipping options.

Purses, Dolly Bags and Bridesmaid Gift Bags by Beverly Clark from Eliza Fig

For affordable bridesmaids bags, Eliza Fig has a couple pieces that are stylish, practical and very inexpensive like the Classique Handbag for just $19. This is a dolly bag or cosmetic bag that can be used by both bride and bridesmaids depending on the color you choose.

Personalized bridesmaid bags can be created specifically for you by adding a colored ribbon to the basic white or ivory design. There are about a million ribbon colors to choose from that will match any bridal theme, like fuchsia, burgundy, orange, sky blue, chocolate, sienna, pink, champagne and even lipstick red to name just a few.

The basic bridesmaid dolly bags are Beverly Clark creations made from matte satin, a touch of lace and a slender drawstring closure that slides open easily and also acts as a wrist or arm strap for carrying. This little satchel can easily be held with a bouquet, and is ideal for having a compact, lipstick, handkerchief and other essentials on hand. Perfect for bride, bridesmaids and even for the flower girl. It is a lovely alternative to a basket. Fill the satchel with petals and have the flower girl toss them along the aisle, and when it’s empty she has a little purse for herself.

This inexpensive item may also double for bridesmaids gift bags, used as a jewelry bag in place of gift wrap for a small piece of jewelry the bride may present to each, and then serve as purses on the wedding day. A bridesmaid gift bag may also be used to carry the wedding jewelry, or it may serve as a bridesmaid cosmetic bag. If the wedding is at a hotel or if it is a destination wedding, these small bags may be used to pack all the little niceties: the jewelry, the wedding garters, the gold wedding bands, and anything else that needs to be kept safe. Buy a few bags to use for packaging and then give them to your bridesmaids as a gift.

Seychelles Collection

In the Eliza Fig Seychelles Collection there are bags for bridesmaids that are just the right size to have the essential toiletries at hand. The stylish Seychelles Handbag comes in ivory matte satin with pearly shells and satin ribbon ideal as an accessory for the bride or brides maids. It’s a long slender bag with a double satin finished handle set that can be carried over the wrist along with a bouquet. Instead of a large unsightly tote, use small bridesmaid cosmetic bags to carry essentials in elegant style. This bag costs $36. For other bridal accessories in the same style, choose wedding garters, flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, candles, guest books and even pen sets all in the gorgeous ivory Seychelles collection from Eliza Fig.

Large Bridal Handbags & Colorful Bridesmaid Bags by Anna Bellagio

While a bridesmaid gift bag, or dolly bags, can be lovely presents and double as a purse for carrying cosmetics and little necessary items, sometimes a purse or an evening style handbag is needed, especially if a bride or her attendants need to carry marriage documents, personal ID, or other large items to be used during the wedding. Especial for ceremonies that will take place away from the brides’ home, or for destination weddings in foreign countries, often a small satchel with lipstick and perfume just won’t suffice. It may be tempting for a bride or the bridesmaids to use their favorite comfortable handbag or tote, but with a little forethought, a more appropriate and elegant solution is possible. Instead of a nylon or vinyl tote try an affordable option like the Teresa Bridesmaid Purse by Anna Bellagio. It’s a large satin hobo style purse with plenty of room for documents, a wallet, ID and even space to toss in a little bridesmaid dolly bag with toiletries. Have the space you need with the sleek sophisticated style of a handbag that matches the wedding. Choose from white, silver or black satin designs. All come with a delicate rounded handle and an easy access zipper closure to keep everything safe. And this bridal purse is a real bargain at just $28. Select one for the bride in white and a silver one for the maid of honor.

Another option is the Mallory Purse, which can serve long after the wedding day, since it’s a chic handbag that can be used with suits and business attire or as a larger evening bag. It’s big enough to hold documents, bridesmaid dolly bags with toiletries, and still be discrete. It comes in navy blue, royal blue, platinum, red, brown, burgundy, charcoal, gold, ivory and silver, as well as black and white. It’s all satin and has just a touch of rhinestone on the classic buckle near the top. This is another good deal for just $26 from Anna Bellagio, the wedding accessories specialist!

The same design, but larger and taller is the Carlotta Purse that also costs $26, and has the same rhinestone buckle detail, and comes in all the colors mentioned above, but offers more space. This may be an ideal bridal purse to match with a going away outfit and to use on the honeymoon. It’s elegant enough for the wedding day, but practical for afterwards too.

Along a similar line, Anna Bellagio has a small evening clutch purse that’s detailed with the same elegant rhinestone buckle, and is also made from satin, and comes in all the bridal and bridesmaid colors as the Mallory and the Carlotta purses. For a chic alternative to a small bridesmaid dolly try a clutch that will double as an evening bag after the wedding. As a bridesmaid gift this would be an excellent choice instead of cheap jewelry. The Aria Clutch Purse costs $26.

For the bride or bridesmaid, there’s another clutch purse option that has a Hollywood glamour look. It’s called the Chiara Purse, and comes in six colors: snow white, crystal ivory, black, cloud silver, mocha and red. It’s a slim modern clutch that’s 11 X 3 inches and has a silver metal snap closure and an optional shoulder strap. This gorgeous handbag is a little more expensive than the other pieces in the Anna Bellagio collection, but it has received rave reviews by brides and bridesmaids who have bought it. It costs $62.

Order Anna Bellagio from anywhere in the world and your shipment will be sent within 7 days. Custom orders may take longer, so plan ahead.

For colored bridesmaids bag designs in rich satin tones to match the gowns, Anna Bellagio has two series of handbags that are stylish and classic. Simple and clean with no rhinestones or pearls or any decoration, just satin, is the Kaylea Purse collection for just $24 each. They come in a zillion colors, like aqua shimmer, periwinkle, lavender, cloud silver, pink ice and sunset gold to name just some of the choices. Each handbag has a fold over flap and a single 8.5 inch strap. They’re small enough to be toted anywhere and classic enough to be used after the wedding. These bridal bags are affordable gifts for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride.

For satin clutch handbags, Anna Bellagio has the fold over style called Katrina. These are affordable bridal clutch purses for just $24 that come in dozens of wedding colors like orange sorbet, sage silk, stone taupe, lilac silk, blue ice, crystal ivory and many others. Even if your bridesmaids will wear different colors, you’re sure to find a clutch in the Katrina series to compliment the ensemble.

Shop Anna Bellagio for all your bridal purses and bridesmaid bags and while you’re there buy pearl bridal jewelry, cubic zirconia earrings, crystal necklace designs, flower girl jewelry and even select your wedding garters. Shop now!


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