Discover Bridal Jewellery UK Discounts

Bridal jewellery UK discounts on pearl and crystal sets for just £20; bridal necklace, earrings, tiaras and accessories starting at £4; designer and vintage wedding sets; bridesmaid jewellery; wedding fascinators; hair jewellery; satin, pearl and sequins bags – at Jewelry & Accessories we have suggestions for all the final touches to your bridal ensemble.

Affordable Crystal, Pearl and Diamante Sets from Bridal Jewellery Co UK

Silver and gold-tone bridal jewellery sets with crystals and pearls are ultra affordable at a place simply called Bridal Jewellery Co. You’ll find sets like the white pearl collar choker with 9 dangling drops of pearls and matching pearl dangle earrings for about £20, or the lacey silver chain crystal/ pearl choker that blends aurora borealis crystals and white pearls in a sparkling neckline bridal adornment for just £21.

Cheap Faux Vintage Bridal Jewellery

For a piece of faux vintage bridal jewellery that replicates the elaborate Victorian or Edwardian style, there’s a set that has rows of beaded circles and drop pearls with matching earrings. Such an elaborate creation is very reasonably priced at £31.50 through Bridal Jewellery Co and if ordered online will be dispatched within the UK on the same day.

Authentic Swarovski Crystal Bridal Jewellery

For authentic Swarovski crystal bridal jewellery with antique findings, in sets that include a bridal necklace and the matching crystal earrings, there are two sets we recommend. The first is a fine crystal beaded necklace with delicate pearls and a central clear crystal pendant as a focal point, with matching antique crystal drop earrings for just over £36.

The second bridal jewellery set is a simple antique gold leaf design with two pearls and a large drop crystal on an antique gold chain and the matching earrings with diamante crystals. The whole set of three pieces costs about £47.

Colored Crystal Bridesmaid Jewellery

Bridesmaid jewellery in antique styles on velvet ribbon in colors to match the gowns are just over £43, and come in bronze and red designs with delicate leaf-shaped crystals and antique gold-tone accents.

Choose from the luxurious red velvet ribbon style or select the same drop crystal on a beaded necklace with a red velvet bow.

The honey bronze coloured necklace and matching earrings are also genuine Swarovski crystals in a leaf shape, accented by matching beads and taupe velvet ribbon. Each necklace comes with chain extensions so they can be worn as chokers or a little longer to rest on the open décolleté or above a strapless or off the shoulder gown.

Any of these handmade bridal jewellery sets with necklaces and earrings can be paired with bracelets in pearl or crystal designs, crafted with ether silver or antique gold wire. There are dozens of styles to choose from at Bridal Jewellery Co, starting at just £7 and going up to about £45 for delicate diamond shards bracelets that sparkle like diamonds.

Silver versus Gold Bridal Jewellery

Most of the pieces are silver-tone, but there are a few gold bridal jewellery sets, or separate earrings and necklaces that will match gold accents if that is what you have chosen for your wedding.

Silver tends to accent diamante, rhinestone and crystal better than gold, and it’s often chosen because its more versatile when matching with white gowns, as well as the fact that silver tends to be much cheaper even in costume jewellery designs.

Gold plating and gold wire, even in simple beaded creations usually will add to the price. Choosing silver bridal jewellery, in most cases, will allow you to have a better quality metal than going with gold plated designs that may loose their golden sheen. Since costume wedding jewellery is often specific to your bridal ensemble and may not be worn afterward, your main consideration will be matching the right tones to best accent your gown and accessories for a well put together look.

Cheap Faux Pearl Bridal Jewellery

If you can’t afford genuine pearls but desire the luster of a cream, white or champagne coloured pearl design, then Bridal Jewellery Co will be a pleasant surprise, since they have jewellery and bridal accessories in pearl styles that are very, very cheap, like simple pearl necklace styles for £15 to £19 and pearl stud wedding earrings for just £4!

Dangle earrings and more elaborate pearl bridal earrings in a variety of designs are just £16, and many mimic the famous designer bridal jewellery styles that are featured in magazines. Since bridal jewellery is often worn for just one day, selecting inexpensive bridal jewellery sets is a practical solution to saving money without giving up the look you want. Mix and match your selected bridal jewellery pearls with rhinestones, diamantes, crystal or even cubic zirconia jewellery pieces. It’s not a faux pas to blend faux diamonds and pearls, in fact it’s very a la mode to do so.

Pearl and Crystal Jewellery Bridal Tiara Creations

One of the most popular ways to attach a bridal veil or decorate a wedding hairdo with some sparkle or pearls is to use a bridal tiara. At Bridal Jewellery Co the tiaras that match their bridal sets in both crystal and pearl are very inexpensive and come in a variety of unique designs for just £10, £25 or £36.

While most bridal veil and tiara headpieces start at around £100, even for fashion jewellery pieces, the ones that we suggest from Bridal Jewellery are a real bargain, because they look so similar to the more expensive pearl, rhinestone and crystal styles that they are difficult to tell apart.

The Twisted Silver Circle Diamante Tiara has diamante sparklers all around the base and dozens of white pearls twisted into a princess tiara that’s simple and elegant. This is Bridal Jewellery Co’s most expensive piece. It costs £36.

The other styles include one for just £25 that has 8 large oval pearls in a princess bridal tiara creation that is also encrusted with diamante stones.

And the piece that sells for just £10 is a delicate tiara with silver wire and diamante gems in assorted sizes and shapes. This is a piece that would be ideal for a bride or bridesmaids and is also small enough to be perfect for a flower girl. Match crystal and pearl jewellery to the specific tiara you have chosen and walk down the aisle with all the sparkle and glimmer you have dreamed of for well under £100.

Wedding Fascinators and Bridal Combs

If you decide not to have a veil or a tiara, you may find that hair jewellery or what are called wedding fascinators are just the little something you need to accent your hairdo. A wedding fascinator is simply a bridal comb with feathers, sequins, beads, pearls or sparkling rhinestones to give just a splash of detail. There are simple designs available at Bridal Jewellery Co for just £7, and more elaborate creations for around £20. The most common wedding fascinators have a few feathers or flowers for a delicate retro or vintage look. Add a bit of tulle and you have a bridal visor or a simple birdcage veil. There are dozens of inexpensive designs to choose from, some that could even be added to a pillbox hat or as a bit of detail to a contemporary short veil.

Tips on How to Save Money on Wedding Jewellery & Accessories

Bridal sets may be very affordable, but if you want a pearl drop bridal necklace but only a pair of pearl stud earrings, you may find it better to buy to buy the pieces separately. For example a set with a dangle or drop necklace and matching dangle earrings may cost £20, but if you’re not happy with the length of the earrings and prefer a stud, then just buy the bridal necklace, like the pearl strand, for £7 and pair it with a pearl stud for another £7 and the whole set will cost just £14. Or buy a higher quality pair of earrings for £15 and forgo the necklace and buy a pearl bracelet for about £5. The same £20 will get you the pieces you will actually wear.

Matching pearls and crystals is easy when shopping at Bridal Jewellery Co, and you’ll find that the pearl and crystal colours in the sets and the individual pieces are so similar they will look like bridal sets.

Indispensable Accessories – Bridal & Bridesmaid Bags

For costume bridal jewellery UK customers can order easily online try Bridal Jewellery Co and have your necklaces, earrings and bracelets delivered to your door. With all you save you’ll be able to add a few other accessories like bridal or bridesmaid bags that cost just £10 to £22 for satin, sequins and beaded designs that will perfectly accent your gown. A bridal bag or purse is one of those items often forgotten yet perhaps one of the most essential accessories a bride or bridesmaid can have.

For carrying makeup, a handkerchief, some extra hairpins, a little perfume and other toiletries that will be necessary between the ceremony, the photo shoots and the reception, a bridal or bridesmaid bag will be indispensable.

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