Art Deco Jewelry Designs by Top Designers from Max & Chloe

Inspired Designer Vintage Art Deco Jewelry – Rings and Bracelets – Blu Bijoux Crystal Art Deco Cuff for $56; Beyond Rings Art Deco Ring for $55; Ceek Oval Art Deco Ring for $50; Melinda Maria Melted Art Deco Cuff Bracelet for $198; Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Oversized Cocktail Ring for $238; Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Bracelet for $207; Gold Plated Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Bracelet with Austrian Crystal $170; Designer PDB Gold Vermeil Minimalist Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Ring for $145. Shop for these and other art deco costume jewelry pieces at Max & Chloe.

Designer Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Cuff Bracelets

1. Blu Bijoux

Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Crystal Cuff Bracelet – $56; Crystal Flower Cuff – $112; Pearl Flower Cuff – $98

Blu Bijoux is one of the hottest names in art deco jewelry designers with pieces recommended by Oprah. Shop Blue Bijoux vintage art deco jewelry collections made from resin, crystal and wire as well as the latest ultra modern cuff designs, through Max & Chloe.

The Crystal Cuff is a piece of high-end art deco costume jewelry by Blu Bijoux that’s silver plated with 12 prong-set Austrian crystal gemstones intertwined between four twisting bands. The cuff bracelet is almost 3 inches wide and wraps around the wrist. The vintage design is a geometric-type shape that’s rustically elegant. Other recommended Blu Bijoux art deco style jewelry pieces include the wide Crystal Flower Cuff for $112 and the eccentric Blu Bijoux Pearl Flower Cuff with resin and pearl accents for $98.

2. Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria 18k Gold Plated Melted Art Deco Cuff Bracelet – $198

Melinda Maria, another of the top art deco jewelry designers, makes this sophisticated melted Art Deco cuff that features a flat checkerboard-style faceted black onyx cubic zirconia gemstone set in an asymmetrical geometric frame that conceals part of the stone. This bracelet isn’t your average art deco costume jewelry item, but a piece of art with a textured 18k gold plating that’s been molded to give the illusion that’s it’s melting. This cuff bracelet is adjustable but isn’t as wide as it appears – just 1.25 inches, which means it’s delicate enough to accent eveningwear.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane Ivory Art Deco Bracelet – $170 / $207

Kenneth Jay Lane is well-known for high-end art deco jewelry designs that are elegant, yet artistic. This Ivory Bracelet is part of the art deco inspired jewelry collection that’s crafted with Austrian crystal and trimmed with gold plating. It’s 1 ¾ inches wide and has a secure magnetic closure and a hinged opening system.

Kenneth Jay Lane also makes another piece of art deco costume jewelry that’s similar but comes in black and costs a little more – $207. The bracelet is part of the art deco inspired jewelry collection that’s accented with a large pearl-like bead in the center and assorted geometric-shaped Austrian crystal gemstones mounted onto a stylized cross-shaped gold-plated platform. Although it’s about 2 inches wide, the bracelet is lightweight, has a secure magnetic closure, and opens with a hinge.

Buy these art deco inspired jewelry pieces from Max & Chloe.

Vintage Inspired Art Deco Jewelry Designs – Cocktail Rings

1. Beyond Rings

Beyond Rings Art Deco Jewelry Ring – $55

There’s a fine line between vintage art deco jewelry and antique pieces, which is especially true of this piece by Beyond Rings. It combines clear crystal gemstones with a blackened background and gold plated accents in a design that captures the flamboyant spirit of art deco jewelry period, which spanned the 20’s and 30’s, with elaborately stylized geometric symmetry mimicking architectural shapes and melding into opulently detailed artistic extravagance.

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2. Ceek

Ceek Art Deco Jewelry Reproductions – Large Oval Ring – $50

The antique art deco jewelry by Ceek is uniquely made to replicate the elegant extravagance of the period with a smooth brass band and a large oval-shaped area that’s sculpted and embellished with crystal and a large diamond-shaped topaz gemstone. This piece of antique art deco jewelry faithfully duplicates the original styles, which now retail for between five hundred and a thousand dollars through dealers who trade in antique Art Deco ring designs with Old Miner Diamonds in. Compare with genuine art deco fine jewelry pieces such as those listed with Etsy dealers or with Dover Jewelry – a company that specializes in vintage, antique and art deco estate jewelry.

3. Kenneth Jay Lane

Kenneth Jay Lane Art Deco Costume Jewelry – Oversized Cocktail Ring – $238

When it comes to modern art deco jewelry designers Kenneth Jay Lane is one of the best, incorporating fine sculpturing techniques and gemstone placement with art deco jewelry history to replicate pieces that would otherwise be unaffordable to most women. This particular oversized cocktail ring mimics the extravagant creations made by the original art deco jewelry designers in the roaring twenties but replaces genuine emeralds and old mine diamonds with clear / emerald colored Austrian crystal stones mounted into intricate silver plated sun-bursting geometric designs. With a series of baguette-cut and round-cut crystals, and a large faceted green gemstone in the center, the masterpiece, which measures 2×2 inches, is a splendid replication of vintage jewelry.

4. PDB

PDB Gold Vermeil Minimalist Art Deco Costume Jewelry Ring – $145

PDB are not necessarily art deco jewelry designers devoted to replicating vintage pieces, and although most of their jewelry items would be categorized as unique if not somewhat bizarre, for the most part they’re altogether modern. However, they’ve made a couple art deco jewelry designs that aren’t classic vintage but certainly elegant and geometric. Perhaps the best term for the PDB Art Deco Ring would be “sophisticated”. It’s crafted in gold vermeil without gemstones or crystal, just a large smooth globe mounted in a wide textured band that gives the illusion that the globe is floating without support. This minimalist piece of art deco costume jewelry sits apart from other extravagantly embellished pieces, but is no less striking.

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