Amber Earrings and Extraordinary Amber Jewelry

I own a lot of amber jewelry and yet I am always amazed by each piece, each pair of amber earrings and every bracelet and ring that I see.

silver amber earrings

It’s not like a diamond or a ruby that requires a jewelers loop to see the differences between pieces, with amber it’s obvious! Each piece is a different color, has a different fossil, has a luminosity or darkness or brightness that’s unique and stunning. I recently saw a pair of amber earings that had 5 square stones – they were dangle earrings – but what was amazing was that each stone was a totally different color.

The first was a rich green amber, the second a traditional orange amber stone, the third a variant of green with small fossils, the third a lemon yellow so bright and clear it could have been a yellow diamond and the last was a deeper auburn rust color amber gemstone. An amber earring like that is jewelry and a talking piece and a history book and a work of art all in one.

Amber Jewelry Pictures

silver amber jewelry

I found this wonderful website the other day that has not a single word anywhere on all its pages, but it had amber, oh did it have amber to make your eyes pop out – green amber earrings and silver amber earrings and the most glorious giant amber stud earrings I’d ever seen.

silver amber stud earrings

It also had amber drop earrings and lots of strange fossils in real Baltic amber earrings that were odd shapes….oh and lots of crosses encrusted with amber…but I noticed that there were very few gold amber earrings, mostly silver, perhaps because gold is expensive for jewelry designers who are trying to keep their prices as low as possible.

Amber Jewelry Price

That’s the other funny thing about amber. A pair of earrings or a piece of amber set in a fashion jewelry necklace or bracelet can be as inexpensive as paste jewelry, and yet in other creations it can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

silver amber pendant

The price difference between one piece and another can be so different that you wonder if one is fake, but it’s not. I don’t know if it’s because amber can be found on the seaside of the Baltic and designers go there to collect it themselves and then make jewelry or if there is a markup on commercial jewelry that is just astronomical.


However, as all jewelry, it seems to depend on the setting, and in this case also depends on what fossil the piece has and on how translucent the stone is and the color.

The term amber jade is simply a strange way of saying green amber because this material is available in so many colors.


Exclusively Amber Shops

It is rare for a jewelry shop to deal in only ruby rings or only pearl drop earrings or only rubies and sapphires or just emeralds, but when it comes to amber…most people who sell it deal solely in that one stone or gem. It has enough variety in shape and color and detail that an entire shop can easily be filled without scarcely duplicating a shade or tone or fossil pattern.

silver amber ring

Earrings and bracelets and rings can also be extremely chunky or very delicate, however the reason that it is often thought to be a heavier style is because amber, having a fossil inside each piece, will require different, often larger sized stones to keep the fossil intact. Fossils are not cut down the middle as that would be a shame to destroy a creature or leaf or pattern that has survived millennium.

silver amber ring

Amber Deposits around the World

In Eastern Europe there are icons and crosses and lots of antique jewelry in amber.

But also in Asia and the Caribbean since there are amber deposits in the Baltic coasts of Russia and Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Sicily and in the Dominican Republic, the United States, Canada, Chile and Myanmar ( Burma). In Asia amber is prized for its magical properties and that is why many charms and amulets are made from this stone.

Amber jewelry in Asia is for rubbing and caressing the skin, and stones are often ground into powder to be drank for intestinal and stomach ailments.

amber earring

Mens earrings and huge amber silver rings and great gold earrings and gold necklaces with Taoist and Buddhist goddesses and gods carved into amber dangle about people’s necks on almost all Asian streets. In the markets there are merchants who have the typical handmade jewelry sometimes pearl earrings and silver jewelry, silver necklaces, but most pieces will have either jade or amber somewhere, even if it’s a pendant or a small bead near the clasp.

silver amber jewelry ring

Aside from the massive Polish wholesale jewelry industry the Asians seem to have a hold on the market, not because they have the largest supply of this stone (because the largest deposit in the world is west of Kaliningrad, Russia, buried under 100 ft of sand where the 30 ft layer of amber lay), but the Asian peoples have the greatest affection for this stone and its magical and medicinal properties.

Strange Amber Jewelry Creations

I have made a list of the strangest, most wonderful, most kitsch, most bizarre amber jewelry.
Some are available for sale online and some are part of private collections:

Sliver earrings – Amber set silver earrings from jazz it up jewelry has a very unique pair of hook design earrings set with genuine amber blades. Yes AMBER BLADES as in knives!

Children’s jewelry – Sparkling cognac amber teething necklace hand crafted from genuine Baltic sea amber for children to CHEW. Yes that’s right, it’s for teething babies and toddlers to chew and slobber on!!! Baltic amber jewelry is suppose to reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach and fight respiratory disease and that is why it is apparently good for babies to chew amber gemstones.

Gold jewellery – 10k yellow gold hand-carved jaguar amber pendant with diamond; and even better is the JC Penney amber and citrine leopard pendant in 10K gold for over $500. It’s leopard’s face carved into amber. I have never seen anything quite so kitsch!

Silver jewellery – A handcrafted bracelet with a massive 1 inch oval Labradorite gemstone cabochon linked by a 7 inch amber beads bracelet. Labradorite and Amber – a very unique jewelry combination indeed!

Labradorite amber gemstone cabochon

Earrings – Baltic amber heart earrings from the National Geographic Jewelry Shop. This particular piece is translucent amber from the Pomeranian region of Poland set into sterling silver. It is the region’s traditional wedding gift and is an amulet from harm.

Gold chains – An antique Russian amber and 16 inch 14K gold chain with pieces of antique honey colored Russian amber brought from Russia in 1910. Within the 3 large pieces of amber, strung onto the gold chain, there are tiny insects trapped in the amber.

Silver necklace – There is an Ethiopian rectangle shaped silver necklace with copal amber trade beads. Very beautiful and one of a kind amber creation.

Clip on earrings – Amber leaf clip on earrings. These amber earrings have a slender wedge of amber set on a silver leaf. The setting is odd, the shape of the amber unique and these earrings are clip on as well. Some other clip earrings that are worthy of note are available through cliptomania, where all their amber earrings are clip earrings.

Gold jewelry with amber stones – Amber wrapped in 14K gold square and round wire strung onto an 18k gold 20 inch wheat chain. A delicate stunning gold jewelry creation.

antique amber komboloi prayer beads
Amber Antique Indian Playing Card Pendant Necklace

Antique jewellery – This antique amber Komboloi or prayer beads is unique without a doubt. Amber is one of the most widely used gemstones for worry beads, prayer beads, stress beads and meditation beads from Hindus, Buddhists Mala or muslims masbaha to the Orthodox komposkini to Catholic Rosaries. Amber stone is aromatic when rubbed against the skin and has always said to have magical properties for health or protection.

Antique jewelry – Garnet and amber antique Indian playing card pendant necklace was hand painted India almost 100 years ago. This particular piece of amber jewelry has been set into a gold leaf and sterling silver frame and is also protected with glass. This pieces is one-of-a-kind with a blend of hessonite garnet, rhodalite garnet, vesuviaite, quartz crystal, and amber beads.

Gold & Amber Nefertiti Necklace Set

Gold necklace – Gold and amber Nefertiti necklace and amber earrings by Caloua Collection for a little extravagant gold Egyptian Kitsch!

Sterling silver earrings
– There is an inexpensive pair of gorgeous sterling silver cognac amber drop earrings that are sold through Amazon that make my list of the best amber jewelry ever. They are classic, delicate and just the right size and length to be seen. They are feminine and delicate and within most ladies jewelry budget.

ladylavona spiritual turquoise amber amulets

Turquoise jewelry – Turquoise jewelry mixed with amber is a rare find, usually used in north American native jewelry and Tibetan turquoise earring and bracelet creations, but these specific pieces of jewelry have been made by spiritual ladylavona. They blend antique tortoise shell beads, Somalia brass, African mud bone, Indian medicine bone, turquoise, antique amber beads, a Tibetan ‘dzi’ heavan bead, and a few other things specifically for protection and healing! Quite a masterful ensemble!

Blue earrings – sterling silver BLUE AMBER earrings a rare find and so delicate! Costume earrings that mimic blue or green amber can also be fun even if they’re not real.

blue amber sterling silver earrings

pearl jewelry –Two exquisite pearl jewelry creations that blend pearl and amber for a stunning effect. One is the hand made sterling silver bracelet with fresh water pearls and Baltic stones. The other is an pearl necklace. Both are one of a kind pieces available Online. The pearl necklace costs about $1,400 and the bracelet costs about $900. They are pieces of ingenious wearable art.

White gold earrings – Perhaps the most elusive piece of jewelry I have ever searched for is a pair of amber earrings set in white gold…not silver but white gold. I found a ring that is a fine art deco design in 4k white gold and diamond filigree vintage ring from the 20’s but the earrings….I challenge anyone to find me pair of white gold earrings set with amber stones – not colored glass beads or imitation amber but the real thing set in white gold. I can’t find any!

Davinci designs amber and pearl silver earrings

DaVinci jewellery – DaVinci Designer Amber Jewellery is a New Zealand Jewelry designer who specializes mostly in sterling silver creations. Sleek modern designs mark this as a unique place to shop for contemporary jewellery designs and handmade earrings that are affordably priced. The DaVinci Baltic Amber Jewellery Collection uses only real gem quality pieces from the Baltic Sea in Poland.

Discount jewelry – Cheap jewelry is available online from discount jewelry dealers from Poland to Latin America and Asia. Some of the cheapest amber jewelry can be had through places like Alibaba Trading, but for single discount jewelry items I recommend the Baltic Shop that offers high quality cheap jewelry amber earrings for as little as $16. There’s also a place called My Jewelry Box that has special offers from time to time on discount jewelry. Cheap jewelry, when it comes to amber, does not mean cheap stone quality or that it is artificial or manmade, it is simply less expensive than the top graded items.

Wholesale costume jewelry – It is quite amazing how cheap amber really is when you buy it at wholesale prices. Although amber is not technically costume jewelry since it is a genuine gemstone and is usually set in real metals like silver and gold, there is a variety of wholesale costume jewelry that deals with amber creations using lower quality stones and small pieces that are set into hemp or leather or even less expensive sterling silver settings.


One place for such jewelry would be AmberMan who sells polish amber pendants, hearts, simple pieces of jewelry, rings, small bracelets and lose amber stones and cross pendants and tons of earrings. Some of his pieces sell for as little as $1.29 per piece. There is a minimum order for fashion earrings and small amber pieces are usually sold in lots of 200 pieces, but still the price can’t be beat.

Wholesale fashion jewelry outlets will include WholesaleGemShop, ecrater, Natashas Jewelry, and Amberizon Jewelry. Wholesale silver jewelry outlets are also good sources for inexpensive items at wholesale prices because amber is often made into sterling silver earrings and not as often into gold or white gold. Also vintage costume jewelry outlets have stunning creations, and they are called costume jewelry not because the amber isn’t real but because perhaps other stones in the vintage settings are imitation or because the rings or earrings or necklaces are set into brass or copper or something other than silver or gold.

Wholesale earrings with amber chips or small beads or a simple drop earring can be as little a $4 to $6, but the problem is the back of the earring which is often a simple French wire or post, so if buying wholesale earrings for an exclusive boutique, you may want to consider buying the amber stones that are set in such a way that they can be added to better quality backs with better closures. This way you can offer inexpensive jewelry to your clients without it being poor quality. It is very difficult to find wholesale gold jewelry in amber earrings and necklaces and bracelets, which is why buying the stones and creating a few pieces for clients to view in your shop or online may be a good decision.

wholesale amber jewelry

If you work in gold or have access to a goldsmith, you may also consider getting a few pieces custom made. Most wholesale silver rings that have amber stones are inexpensive enough without making such custom orders and in general fashion jewellery wholesale pricing does not allow for you to even select the exact amber pieces because they are sold in lots as say 200 wholesale earring sets or 500 wholesale priced beads in packages.

These may then be made into jewelry if you have a wholesale silver company who sells you the wire or the silver settings for these stones. No matter how you buy your amber at wholesale prices, you may find that going to the Baltic region or to Poland may be worth the trip to establish a good wholesale jewelry contact instead of relying on pictures and price catalogues.

Amber necklace – Here’s one piece of amber jewelry that requires no comment. A huge strawberry amber necklace.

andzias bali amber jewelry set

Designer jewellery – When it comes to amber it’s a designers heavenly playground because of the fossils, the possible sizes of the stones and the wide range of colors. One incredible designer piece is the Bali Amber Jewelry set which consists of ten amber rounds in cognac, lemon and green amber, with oval honey amber accents in stud earrings or dangle earrings. Graceful, elegant designer jewellery with amber earrings and necklace with a Balinese feel. All the jewelry design concepts that are sold through Andzia’s Amber Jewelry are unique handcrafted jewelry and affordably priced.


Crystal jewelry – The only real rival to amber is amber crystal jewelry, especially the dazzling Swarovski Crystal teardrop amber earrings. The reason they rival genuine amber earrings is two- fold: price and sparkle. Many amber crystals are offset by cubic zirconia and can cost under $10 like the Amber Crystal Drop Clip On Earrings available from glamourkits. Another unique amber crystal is pure glass like the amber earrings and necklace set by glasshousecrystals. Yet another exquisite pair of amber earrings that are not really amber are the Amber Austrian Crystal Chandelier Earrings by amazingaccessories for just $10.

Gemstone jewelry – The blends of amber with other gemstone creates some of the world’s most fascinating gemstone jewelry, like the jewelry found Arkadian Collection where amethyst gemstone earrings meet amber and amethyst gemstone pendants that have a magical touch. For example the 20 carat Baltic amber and amethyst pendant, from their line of healing gemstone jewelry that is all handmade in sterling silver, costs only a little over $100….That’s 20 carats of genuine Baltic amber from Poland with a genuine amethyst …an astounding piece of craftsmanship.


Or the handcrafted moldavite and amber bracelet set in silver with no less than a 28 carat Baltic Amber center stone and two moldavite stones beside all for just $244!!!!. These are indeed what you would call amber gemstone jewelry. Amazing! It is unfortunate that I can’t show more gold with the amber gemstone jewelry collections I recommend on this list. It seems that silver jewelery dominates the amber gemstone world due to price and general demand of sterling silver over gold.

Ruby earrings – It’s rare to find a pair of genuine amber ruby red earrings and so there are many fantastic imitations like these Amber Teardrop Earrings sold through Fair Trade Tent House and Villages from Indonesia for only $20. However, here is a real pair of deep red amber ruby earrings from glitteringstones set in heavy sterling silver squares.

ruby amber earrings fair trade

Amber rings – The wildest and most unique amber rings jewelry creations that exist must be the ones made by Gregory Pyra Piro – what he calls Art Jewelry. He mixes a strange variety of gemstones into sterling silver and 18k gold settings. He also makes amber necklaces, pendants, amber earrings and bracelets all available through artzonegalleries.

Bead jewelry
– Polish amber beads are the most common form of creating necklaces earrings, bracelets and pendants. Beaded earrings have been made from a hand polished amber bead for hundreds of years in Poland. The beads necklace use are all unique and with fossils in each. The problem with amber bead jewelry is that it is often heavy looking with too many beads all strung together and so the delicacy of each bead is lost. However, there are some creations that are worth looking at. For example: a yellow amber and freshwater pearl pendant necklace, bracelet and earrings set from gardenofearrings, and a 30-inch chip necklace made from mixed amber colored beads and stones from crystalshop.


Garnet earrings – These stunning garnet earrings with amber and turquoise and carnelian and lapis lazuli in a unique square dangle earring setting come from the Tabra Collection. They are delightful, one of a kind and cost $256. Garnet earrings with a little amber never looked so good!! 14k gold earrings work very well as settings for garnet earrings and amber because gold brings out the best in both these gemstone colors.

amber pendant by firedance

Amber pendant – Amber pendants are everywhere, but the weirdest and wildest amber pendant sets I have ever seen are unquestionably at firedance. These two pieces are part of a private amber pendant collection and are not for sale. And, outrageous but gorgeous is the Tibetan amber pendant necklace and polish amber pendant earrings that sell at danladi for $165 for the amber pendant necklace and $20 for the pendant earrings. Pendants can also be added to other simpler amber necklaces with only a few beads or chips.

Amber necklaces with large amber pendants need to be worn with care because they tend to overpower a look. Select simple suits or dresses to coordinate with these heavy amber pendant jewelry creations so they add to your ensemble and not detract. Otherwise, amber pendants are simply great to have in a collection that can be displayed in a glass jewelry box or case. They can also adorn mirrors just as nicely as necklines!!

Amethyst jewelry – The best amethyst jewelry I have seen that incorporates amber gemstones is still from the Arkadia Collection mentioned above. In the collection there is another piece of Baltic amber cabochon with moldavite and amethyst stones set in sterling silver. This piece is for sale and costs $178.

Horse jewelry – Oddly enough there seems to be a lot of amber horse jewelry, much more than I would have expected. In this case horse jewelry isn’t for a horse but for a person, in the shape of a horse head on a pin-pendant. This hand carved amber Horse Pin/Pendant is available through Amazon for about $229. There’s also a funny little piece of horse jewelry from equineaddiction that is a gold and amber colored enamel horse brooch which sells for just $10.50.


Jade earrings – The tones of yellows or oranges and greens work well in many combinations. These simple jade earrings with amber beads from Amazon are a good example. For other jade earrings that have amber stones included it is best to check online for handcrafted earrings in silver. Many contemporary designers are mixing these stones because of the earthy effect and because they are less expensive gemstones with which to work, especially for new designers. For unusual designer earrings try Dolls of India, or Luxury Vintage or even Barneys New York. Another option to find jade earrings with amber gems is to search for antique earrings because they used this specific stone combination a lot in the past and in Asian countries. The best place to find them are Tibetan or Chinese shops that have vintage jewelry items.

Ring jewelry – This antique gold ring with a large square-cut amber stone is a regal amber ring. Not much is known about its origins, except that it’s a fine intricately detailed ring with what is presumed to be a piece of Baltic amber. For a genuinely astounding amber ring jewelry creation have a look at the Goldmajor Cherry Amber Ring by John Lewis, available for sale at John Lewis for £69. Amber stones are wonderful for ring settings that are large because they need not be cut small to have sparkle being that the great part of the amber stone is the fossil within. If properly cut and mounted amber rings will allow the best view of these trapped creatures or fossilized plants.

Garnet Amber Carnelian 14K Gold Chain Maille Bracelet

Amber bracelet – Garnet, carnelian and amber bracelet in 14K Gold Chain Maille. This unusual and unique amber bracelet creation is a cluster bead bracelet made form a strange mix of garnet, carnelian and amber gemstones blended with pink coral, freshwater pearls and 24K gold vermeil beads that dangle from a handmade 14K gold bracelet. Strange but stunning amber jewelry piece.


Also for something unique and delicate in a wrist cuff amber bracelet try this Butterscotch Amber Bracelet from Amber Dream. Unfortunately it is sold out, but Amber Dream has other remarkable amber bracelet designs to choose from. They also have a wide selection of amber jewelry in sterling silver settings and it appears their jewelry designer creations are unique and one of a kind.

There are also some nice cheap and simple beaded amber bracelet designs at turtlebeads. Amber bracelets are also available in Buddhist designs from Asia and some black lave prayer beads from India also have a piece of amber on the tip, like this gorgeous one called lakshmi mala bracelet that is here courtesy of Moondog Treasures on Etsy.


Bangles – I don’t know about you but I’m in love with this Sterling Silver Large Framed Cognac Bangle from Poland available Online for about $225.

Brooches – Amber brooches were a tradition a long time ago and therefore there are some fantastic online dealers that specialize in vintage jewelry brooch collections from estate sales and private sellers. Gold brooches are of course the most expensive and most modern creations are in silver.

Amber jewelery is best offset with gold but because of the price it is not used as often, which is a real shame…I have tried to find vintage gold brooches to recommend and this is what I have come up with: A 14K yellow gold swirl brooch with a genuine amber stone and three bells that sells for $459 from Krikis Jewelry. And this other amazing antique brooch which I doubt is for sale: The Roscrea Brooch from the 9th century by Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, which is cast in silver with gold filigree and amber stones.

fake but cool brooch

On a totally different tasteless extreme there is a gaudy vintage brooch that is 3 1/2 inches with jewel tones of emerald green smoky topaz, russet, black and amber tear drops all set in gold tone. This brooch is prong set and slightly domed with a center stone that measures 7/8 inch in diameter. It’s not genuine gemstone and still costs $ order from eclecticala. And although this broach design is bit much in my opinion, eclecticala does have a huge selection of very eccentric antique and vintage brooches are that well worth a look.

green amber jewelry smithsonian store

Green amber jewelry – The Smithsonian Store has some wonderful green amber jewelry sets, with earrings and necklaces and bracelets that set into sterling silver as leaves and grapes. Their selections are luminous pieces of Baltic amber and each item is individually priced: Necklace $89.99 Bracelet $89.99 Pierced Earrings $54.99, Clip Earrings $54.99 They are in the Smithsonian shop because they are samples of what fossilized resin is like and go with the exhibits of the talisman found in the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals at the National Museum of Natural History. There is also a stunning silver bracelet with one red and 4 green amber stones for £310 from oghamjewellery.


Celtic earrings
– Brown amber Celtic knot dangle earrings from Amazon are inexpensive and classic.


Cufflinks – Personalisedsilver has a huge selection of fabulous mens cufflinks and ladies cufflinks. Many of the amber cufflinks are inexpensive at around $20.

Cuff earrings – For unique and totally handmade ear cuff earrings I recommend a little place called artfire Thyme2dream that has jewelry and fanciful things like the Amber Fairy Star Ear Cuff for just €13. This designer has a lot of ear cuff earrings that are all unique and fanciful.

Dominican amber – Dominican amber is famous for being blue and much rarer than the brown or yellow Baltic. There is some amazing blue amber jewelry at Amber Azul Blue like pure joy necklace and the pebble necklace and the ocean spray pendant and the midnight melody earrings.


Diamonds earrings with amber stones – To find diamond earrings that are accented with amber stones or incorporated in some way is very difficult. What most people seem to mean when they ask for diamond amber earrings is amber earrings that are shaped like a diamond. It’s just that simple. But I have managed to find an unusual amber earring set that has amber and diamonds. So here it is: Rasvihar rosecut diamond earrings with amber in 18k gold from Parisera, which is a private Amazon store, and they cost $1,100.

huge chunks of amber earrings vintage

Large earrings with huge chunks of amber – For weird try large earrings from glitterbox who have Schiaparelli large unusual shaped topaz and amber earrings in gold-tone settings. And antiques2jewelry have some horrid vintage clip earrings, although many of their vintage earring are wonderful and totally unique. I also found some random vintage large earrings that don’t seem to belong to anyone and aren’t for sale or at least I don’t know how to tell you where to buy them. But here they are: They are round amber, large earrings with diamonds or some white gemstone around the amber. They seem elegant and classic and don’t know why there aren’t more large earrings that have similar chunks of amber so nicely done. If anyone knows where to buy them, please let me know.

Pewter earrings – The amber silver combination has one competitor and that is amber pewter especially in vintage designs. Gemstone creations from the Victorian or Edwardian eras and even earlier from medieval times seem to be cast in pewter. A cheap version of such is the heavy pewter and stain amber glass earrings by Ruby Lane for the low price of $22, but please remember they’re not genuine amber stones.


But first, what is pewter? Pewter is a metal alloy that consists primarily of Zink (tin) and small amounts of copper, antimony, bismuth and lead which became extremely popular in Europe in the 12th Century especially in France and in England in the 15th century. However pewter has been around since the bronze age and has also been found in Egyptian tombs so there is antique and vintage pewter in many styles.

For some unique pewter and amber creations there’s a place called stjustin who specialize in Celtic pewter and incorporate a lot of amber. They don’t have many earrings however. The weirdest and oldest amber or resin and pewter earrings I have stumbled upon are the Dalsheim Maltese cross earrings made of translucent amber resin with pewter tops. It is said that Dalsheim jewelry was created between the1930s and 1957.

These rare pewter earrings are for sale for only $59 from the fantastic Ruby lane. There are lots of inexpensive pewter earrings however unless they are vintage or antique they don’t seem to have much to offer over the fabulous sterling silver earrings on the market.


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