Affordable Wedding Tiaras

Crystal, rhinestone and pearl bridal tiaras in silver and gold; wedding tiara combs for bridal veil; wedding hair tiaras and headbands; affordable prices from $59 to $125 – at Jewelry & Accessories we’ve found beautiful wedding tiaras and show you where to buy them easily online.

Bridal Tiara Styles

A bridal tiara is more than an accessory, it is often the focal point of the bridal ensemble, around which bridal hairstyles are created and from where the veil may be attached.

The style of tiara chosen will dictate what jewelry can be selected, for example, with gold wedding tiaras the other accessories should be gold-tone, and with pearl wedding tiaras, the earrings, necklaces and bracelets should be pearl. The exception to this would be rhinestone and crystal wedding tiaras, which can be paired with similar white or transparent gemstone jewelry such as diamond studs, cubic zirconia earrings or white topaz pieces.

The most versatile wedding tiaras and headbands are those that mix sparkling crystals, rhinestones or CZs with pearls, allowing the bride to have the option of wearing either pearl jewelry or gemstone accessories with a bit of sparkle. These may be very elaborate creations, usually handmade, and therefore are quite expensive.

One that is reasonably priced and exquisitely designed is from Orange Blossom Tiaras, and is called the Cynthia Pearl and Crystal Tiara and costs $145. It’s elaborate yet delicate with mirrored crystals, pearls, Swarovski crystals and silver beads. The tiara stands about 1 inch in height, so it will stand out even if you wear your hair in curls.

Garlands and Bridal Wreaths

Instead of stones or pearls, try flower tiaras or wreaths, which come in contemporary gold or silver metal designs as well as the more traditional velvet or silk flower creations. A circular garland may also have a teeny bit of rhinestone, crystal or pearl accents with the flowers, leaves and ribbons. Bridal wreaths are perfect for spring or tropical beach weddings, and may be worn by the bride, the bridesmaids and the flower girl.

Headbands, Combs & Bridal Hairpins

The alternatives to tiaras are headbands, which rest closer to the head, or delicate wedding hair accessories like combs and hairpins with metal flowers, rhinestones, crystals or pearls.

Bridal hairpins are designed with double stem-like pins to insert into hairdos, and are usually sold in sets of 4 – 6 so that a tiara effect may be created by placing them close together or they may be randomly inserted into a hairdo for a bit of glitz between curls, princess updos or around the folds of a French roll. Some of the best bridal hairpins are available from Anna Bellagio.

A wedding tiara comb may serve to hold your bridal veil in place, or may be worn without a veil, placed at the crown of the hairdo like a small decorative tiara, or as a means to secure curls in princess hair designs. Use one or more of these combs and give them to your hair stylist in advance of the wedding to practice the style you will ultimately select for the big day. Large wedding tiara combs that are in fact mini tiaras cost between $45 to $85 and a good place to shop for them online is Orange Blossom Tiaras.

Glamorous Rhinestone Tiaras

Rhinestone wedding tiaras with hundreds of sparkling stones are a gorgeous choice, but be careful when ordering online, since cheap wedding tiara styles may use inferior quality stones that are dull or look like cheap plastic. For a quality rhinestone tiara you must budget about $85 or $95 to have a piece that’s well made and will add to your hairstyle or veil instead of detracting from them. There are two pieces we recommend, both from Orange Blossom Tiaras The first is called the Maya Pearl and Rhinestone Tiara and blends sparkle with pearly luster for just $85.

The second is the Sheba Crystal Rhinestone Tiara which is laden with sparkle and can be ordered in 18k gold finish or in rhodium silver-tone for the same price. It’s a piece that’s encrusted with rhinestones, but isn’t too tall so as to be out of place with a veil or a simple hairstyle. It stands just ¾ of an inch at it’s widest point and costs $95. This vintage style tiara is so glamorous it can easily be worn alone with no veil, and would match some of the Anna Bellagio vintage crystal or rhinestone bridal earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Unusual Colored Crystal Wedding Tiaras

Unusual tiaras for wedding themes that incorporate a bit of color are a marvelous idea, especially if the color added is a touch of “something blue”. Wedding garters are not the only blue items a bride can wear, for example this delicate rose bud and Indian sapphire crystal tiara by Orange Blossom Tiaras has just a splash of blue mixed with clear Swarovski crystals, metal roses and a hint of pearl for just $79. Since Orange Blossom Tiaras are customizable, you may choose from 40 colors of crystal beads, add creamy ivory or white pearls and select the metal finish in yellow gold or rhodium silver. High quality handmade wedding tiaras customized to your exact specifications and delivered to your door – what more can you ask for?

Discount Wedding Tiaras

Wedding tiaras that are affordable at discount prices include such creations as the delicate vintage styles that include any color of Swarovski crystals and genuine freshwater pearls for just $59 through Orange Blossom Tiaras. These are also ideal as bridesmaid jewelry pieces since they can be matched to any color gown, including red, black, purple, brown, and lots of shades of greens, teals, turquoise and blues. They also come in diamond in silver mirror and black diamond Swarovski crystal styles for the same price.

Other discount wedding tiaras, from the Orange Blossom Tiaras collections, come with white or colored crystals that can be combined in 6 different ways. For an antique look choose gunmetal, for a traditional design select yellow gold, and mix and match crystal colors to make YOUR very own design. This piece made with fine quality craftsmanship and genuine Swarovski crystals costs just $65. These make great tiaras for bridesmaids as well.

Gold Wedding Tiaras for $125

If you have been searching for a gold wedding tiara and are frustrated by finding cheap looking rhinestone designs with poor quality gold plating, then you may want to have a careful look at one of the gold wedding tiaras that Orange Blossom Tiaras offers. It is a piece that has been crafted with a delicate garden of stamped metal roses, leaves and pearl clusters, with dashes of crystal accents, set in fine 18k gold plated metal. You can personalize the crystal colors and the pearls for the same price – $125.

Practical Wedding Jewelry Suggestions

Planning your wedding accessories jewelry is a whole lot easier if you know what’s available, where to shop, what prices to pay and where to find the best quality for the lowest price. That’s why Jewelry & Accessories offers a series of articles on matching bridal jewellery and accessories, offering suggestions on where to buy wedding earrings, bridal necklaces, gold wedding bands, wedding garters, bridal veils, pearl bridal jewelry, gold jewelry, silver earrings and even bridesmaid jewelry and bridesmaid bags from shops that specialize in bridal costume jewelry and accessories.