A Guide To 9ct Gold Rings

9ct gold wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity bands: yellow and white 9 ct gold with cubic zirconia gemstones; very affordable gold jewelry – at Jewelry & Accessories we’ve found deals on cheap 9ct gold rings that look fabulous! Find out the difference between 9ct and 14ct gold and which is the better buy.

If you’ve been hearing a lot about 9ct gold rings, you may be wondering what the difference is between 14k, 18k and 9k gold. It’s really very simple. Pure gold is 24 carats, anything else like 18ct, 14ct, 10ct gold, has been alloyed with silver, copper, zinc and/or nickel.

Why is 9ct gold jewelry so cheap?

Here’s why: Take a look at some of the gold mixtures and you’ll see.

  1. Pure Gold = 24 carat = no alloys
  2. Some 9ct yellow gold rings will be 37.5% silver, 12.1% copper, 44.4% zinc and no nickel.
  3. Another mix for 9ct white gold rings will be 37.5% gold, no silver, 34.0% copper, 10.8% zinc, 17.7% nickel.
  4. Another 9ct white gold mix is 62% silver.
  5. A forth mix for 9ct pale yellow gold is 55% silver.
  6. A medium yellow 9ct gold will be 42% silver and 20% cooper
  7. A sixth mixture is rich yellow 9ct gold with 31.25% silver and the same in copper
  8. The pink and red tones are mixes that have a higher percentage of gold than silver but alloys total about 62% of the metal

What do these formulas mean to you? They mean that when you buy a 9ct gold ring you are buying mostly silver, copper, zinc or nickel. Even in the richest yellow gold mixes, there is less than 40% gold in the ring. 14 carat gold is almost 60% pure gold, 18 carat gold is around 75% gold. It’s easy to see where there are large price differences when you know what you’re actually buying.

The question is, are 9ct gold rings a good buy? That will depend what your priority is. If your budget is very limited and you will be forced to choose gold electroplated rings or silver ones versus 9ct gold engagement rings in a similar price range, then by all means go for the one with at least some real gold. However, if you can afford 14k or 18k gold wedding rings and are looking at 9ct pieces just because you think they’re about the same quality, don’t settle for the lower gold content. Why?

Since 9ct is mostly silver and other metals, it will not last as long. It may tend to get tarnished or react the way cheap costume or silver jewelry does over time. It may also contain nickel and that can cause allergic reactions. If you know you are allergic to nickel, choose only 9ct pieces that are nickel free, otherwise go for 18k yellow gold or titanium to be safe.

If you’re still wondering if it’s worth buying, this is a question you will have answer yourself now that you know the facts. How important is the gold content? Are you allergic to one of the alloys? Is it an engagement ring or a wedding band or an eternity ring that you will wear everyday? What’s your budget? What will the alternative be? If you are not allergic, if you have a low budget, if you want something that’s better quality than plain silver or a plated gold band and if it doesn’t matter that it will not last forever, then cheap 9ct gold rings are a good buy.

Beautiful 9ct Gold Engagement Rings that Look Great

All things considered there are some 9ct white gold engagement rings, and yellow gold as well, that are really lovely and affordable because they may be crafted with cubic zirconia, which are high quality imitation diamonds. There are some beautiful solitaires for sale in the UK for about £100 through a shop called Beaver Brooks, and in the US 10k seems to be more poplar and is also a similar mixture and reasonably priced around $120 for a ring with a faux gemstone or a cultured pearl or a semi-precious stone.

9ct White Gold Rings

The price difference between yellow gold and white gold when it comes to 9ct gold eternity rings, engagement and wedding bands and other jewelry, is very little. It will depend of the alloy mixture as shown above, but in general there’s just under 40% gold in all the mixtures, be they white or yellow or pink or red. You can get some simple half eternity bands for about £85 in the UK, and similar creations in 10k in the US for around $100 to $200 depending on the gemstone.

9ct Gold Ring Designs with Real Diamonds

Here is where you can have some fun because the ring is affordable you can add a few diamonds and pay as little as £250 for a whole creation with a whole series of real diamonds.

Or you can choose something unique like a white or blue topaz, a large stone, all set in 9ct gold and it will cost only about £225.

There’s also a large amethyst, genuine gemstone, with a few diamonds, which could be a unique engagement ring or cocktail piece, in white or yellow gold, for about £550. These rings are not bargain cheap, but they are a lot cheaper than 14k or 18k gold in similar styles.

In our opinion, 9ct gold rings are a good buy if you go with the cubic zirconia and faux gemstone or semi-precious gem styles. You get a beautiful ring that’s better quality than silver, but about the same price. We’re not sure the full wedding sets with genuine diamonds are good value when set in such a low carat gold mounting. The savings are not as noticeable when you start adding diamonds, and it seems odd to pay several hundred dollars or GBP for a ring that you could get in better quality gold with just a few less diamonds or a smaller gem. However, we leave the final choice up to you.

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