14k Gold Jewelry Guide

14k gold earrings, necklaces, rings, chains, charms, bracelets and gold jewelry in general – at Jewelry & Accessories we help you find the best deals if you’re in the market for gold, be it as an investment or as a way to have quality jewelry for yourself or gifts. We show you where to but 14k gold ring designs for weddings; where to get affordable bridal sets and where to buy fun gold jewelry creations for adults and children.

14k Gold Price Per Gram and Per Ounce

At the time of writing, one gram of solid 14k gold is worth about $20 per gram and pure 24k gold costs about $34 per gram. Said another way, 1 ounce of pure 24k gold costs about $1,000 and 1 ounce of 14k gold costs about $620.

So if you’re wondering if a piece of 14k jewelry is a good investment or not, all you have to do is deal know the weight of the gold and calculate what it’s actually worth. Naturally, diamonds and gemstones must be priced separately, and the jeweler or designer’s talent for creating the jewelry must be taken into account.

Where to Buy Discount 14k Gold Jewelry

If you’re shopping online, we recommend Goldenmine and Jewelry Vortex, especially for 14k gold ring designs that are beautifully crafted for weddings. Between these two places you will be able to find ladies and mens 14k gold wedding bands, engagement rings and complete jewelry sets that are within your budget.

If you’re looking for 14k gold hoop earrings, pendants, anklets or the latest 14k gold charm bracelet designs, even the famous Disney charms that are gold plated, then we suggest JewelBasket. You can select white and yellow gold in chains and rings and earrings and charms and compare solid 14k with 18k and even with gold plated styles. Let’s take a closer look at what these shops have to offer and what you can expect to pay.

Goldenmine Gold Jewelry

At Goldenmine you can choose from the main categories: Chains, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants. Then, in each you can select 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold or compare with 18k in the same, or similar, designs.

Starting with chains. A simple ball chain that has 1.7-2.1 grams of gold costs about $69. As you can see the actual value of the gold is about $40 and the rest of the cost is the price of the design, the jeweler, the designer and the markup. Remember that creating a 14k gold chain takes a lot of work since each link must be shaped, polished and hooked together. Also a chain necklace, no mater how simple will have an intricate clasp. You can choose several chains in this price range, another being an open link chain with up to 2.5 grams of solid 14 gold. That means you’re paying about $50 for the actual gold and less than $20 for the workmanship and shop markup….that’s a good deal!

A solid 14k gold charm bracelet with little hearts costs only $105 and there are some simpler designs for about $80, again the amount of gold versus the price you pay for workmanship and markup is minimal, making the chain and charm bracelets very good buys.

14k Gold Ring Designs and Prices

A 14k gold ring starts at about $65, which is real bargain because for that price you can get a half eternity band which has a lot of gold content as well as a whole set of cubic zirconia gems. Between $8 and $90 you can choose from a variety of 14k gold heart rings, promise rings, and for $120 to $150 you can select solid gold engagement rings with large solitaire CZ diamonds or small real diamonds or gems. Between $170 and $200 there are so many beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands to choose from you will be surprised to see what you can afford.

14k Gold Necklace Options

A simple 14k gold necklace that’s a chain with a small pendant or charm, starts at around $100 and goes up to around $200 depending on the charm or pendant and the length of the chain you select. More intricate designs with gemstones and cubic zirconia will cost from $300 to around $500. One of the best ways to get quality necklace styles that are exactly what you want is to buy the chain and the pendant or charm separately, so you can get a simple chain for about $100 and then choose a charm for about $50 or more, and although the price is the same you get what you want.

14k Gold Hoop Earrings

A pair of solid 14k gold hoop earrings that are very lightweight start at about $29. They are not small, but they are hollow hoops so there is less gold content in each earring and that is why they are so affordable. Wire hoop earrings are over $50 and the larger the hoops, and the heavier the gold, the more they cost. If you want a good quality decent gold content and a few sparkling CZs or diamonds, you’re going to have to budget at least $100 or more for classic hoops. The styles are varied, from square to oval to huggies and lots of twisted and sculpted designs. Between $100 and $150 you’ll have so many choices you’ll have a hard time deciding. The best buys are the hoops with cubic zirconia because they sparkle and yet the metal and the posts or wires are solid gold.

14k Gold Charms and Pendants

Gold charms and pendants start at about $23 for small animals and simple sculptures. Crosses are about $35 and so are personalized initials or letter charms. The world of possibilities opens wide at around $50, and you’ll find that charms and pendants can be chosen with simple gems and CZs or even pearl. There are also lots of fun and cute charms for kids and young ladies as well as religious and Christian motifs and birthstone charms.

The most expensive items you can buy are 14k gold watch designs for men and women, and solid gold bangle bracelets, but there are many great options to own these items in a more affordable way if you choose 14k gold plated jewelry and watches instead of the solid pieces.

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