14K Gold Charms For Bracelets

Gold charm bracelet designs with 14k gold charms; heart and religious cross styles, Italian and Disney charms; affordable gold plated pieces; pendants and gold charm necklace creations – at Jewelry & Accessories we know where to find the charms you need to start or complete your collections.

A genuine gold charm can cost as little as $19 or as much as several hundred if it has diamonds or gems. But no matter what you need, be it a gold cross necklace charm as a gift for someone’s first communion, or a set of Disney gold charms for a child who collects Mickey and Minnie or Piglet and Pooh, it’s all available at JewelBasket, an online jewelry shop that specializes in high quality fashionable 14k gold charms.

Getting Started with a Gold Charm Bracelet

Before you can add charms, you’ll need a gold charm bracelet. Unless you choose to go with a plated design, you’ll need to budget between $140 and $400 for a good quality link bracelets that’s about 7 inches long and is solid 14kt gold. Most bracelets will not include any charms. They are sold separately, and unless you have a very liberal budget, it will be extremely difficult to be able to afford a bracelet and a complete set of 14kt gold charms to fill it.

Since you can add up to 30 or more charms to each bracelet, even if each charm you desire is priced between $20 and $50, it will end up costing between $600 and $1,500 for all the trinkets. Even if you only buy about a dozen gold bracelet charms, the least can expect to spend will be close to $250.

Obviously, gold charms for charm bracelets are intended to be collected over time, and that is exactly what we recommend you do. That way you can afford a single high quality piece, one at a time, instead of cheaper pieces all at once. And if it’s for a kids Disney gold charms collection, there’s really nothing like giving the sweet excitement of expectation that a child will feel before a present is received and one more trinket is added to their collection, slowly over time.

Fun, Cute and Elegant White Gold Charms

We start with fun white gold heart charms that can be broken in half for friends to share. What’s great is that after broken in two, each piece still has a bail from which hand the charm, either as a pendant charm on a necklace or as a bracelet adornment. It’s solid 14k gold, and costs just $66, which is really a bargain considering you get two charms out of the deal.

For the same price you can share a laugh with a friend by giving a bikini bathing suite charm. It may not be as sentimental but it’s a talking pieces, and for some people that’s what a charm bracelet is all about – a jewelry storyboard of memories, laughs, fun events and friendship.

Cute and fun, and hugely trendy this season, and for many to come, are the white gold baseball charms with a glove and a bat and a ball that can dangle from a bracelet or a necklace as a pendant charm. With 2.4 grams of gold, this large charm is a good buy at just $143. For those who love making home runs or sliding into base, there’s no better gift, unless it comes with a hotdog and some beer.

If sports, bikinis and hearts isn’t what you’re after, but you need an elegant gift for someone who dreams or loves to travel, there’s an delicate Eiffel tower design that costs just $83.

There’s also a lacey filigree butterfly charm in solid 14k gold for just $53 that can be part of a lady’s white gold charm bracelet or a pendant on a chain necklace. And if you’d prefer a more solid look, there’s a similar creation that features a butterfly with textured wings with 1.6 grams of gold and costs under $100. Remember, these are not gold plated charms, and although they’re white, they are solid gold pieces. This is fine gold jewelry, not cheap costume imitations.

Gold Italian Charms

Some of the trendiest gold charms are nothing like the traditional dangling designs that clip onto a chain link bracelet. Instead they are modular gold Italian charms that slide or snap onto special bracelets that have flat, square or rectangular, surfaces where charms may be added. These are some of the hottest and most fashionable designs that have altered the classic look of a bracelet that usually would jungle with little trinkets.

It’s a much cleaner and more streamline way to display modern charms. Although they may be trendy, they are by no means intended only for children or teens, in fact some of the most elegant diamond and CZ charms for charm bracelets come in the Italian versions. They are ultra chic when planned carefully, or fun and frivolous for those who like personalized or picture charms of their friends, boyfriends and girlfriends or even their pets.

One great thing about Italian charm bracelets is that many places, including the JewelBasket, offer a free starter or basic bracelet when you buy just 5 charms. And each charm can cost as little as $9 to $13. Naturally there are more expensive ones, but you can a great collection started for a lot less than you might have thought.

Many of the cheapest pieces are gold plated charms for the famous Zoppini bracelets. These charms cost about $9.

Gold Cross Charms

Whether it be for used as a religious icon or as a fashion statement, some of the most beautifully crafted designs are the gold cross charms, which are often two-tone and encysted or accented with diamonds or cubic zirconia. Some are so ornate they cost several hundred dollars, but there are lovely simple designs for just over $50. These usually come with a clasp that can easily be added to a chain link bracelet or be worn as a pendant.

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