Gold & Silver Bangle Bracelets

14k gold and sterling silver bangle bracelets with diamonds, rhinestones, pearls, charms, gemstones, jade, beaded or just plain polished metal; cable, cuff and hinged bangles; kids and baby bracelets; Indian bangles; cheap costume & fashion bracelets; wood, acrylic and plastic styles, vintage bangle bracelets such as bakelite and Lucite creations; black enamel and white gold designs; engraved friendship bracelets; stackable bangles; discount jewelry and high fashion designs – this week at Jewelry & accessories we’re all about bangle bracelets – stack them high to jangle from your wrist to your elbow or wear a single piece as an elegant accent.

2010 fashion jewelry is all about YOUR OWN style: be it feminine gemstone and pearl classic, retro rhinestone glitter or chunky tribal wood or jade, with splashes of turquoise, purple, pink and luminous blue.

The catwalks of New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo have shimmered with elaborate, fanciful necklaces, dangling chandelier and gemstone encrusted hoop earrings; and scarcely a model or celebrity’s wrist has been photographed without a cuff or bracelet or bangle.

2010 fashion accessories accentuate femininity in 3 main ways: with a simple elegant diamond or CZ tennis bracelet, with dozens of stackable
bangles, or with contemporary (geometric or boldly architectural) chunky cuffs or ethnic inspired wood designs. The choice to be bodacious or subtle, sparkling or plain, retro or ultra modern, is yours to select, and buying has never been easier with online jewelry shops offering everything from genuine gold, diamonds and exotic gemstones, to cheap silver jewelry creations for every budget.

We have selected a few of the best shops and offer recommendations on what bangle bracelet designs are available and for what price.

Amrita Singh – Bangles Bracelets & Cuffs

Amrita jewelry designs are a unique fusion of ancient, Indiana and Mughal artistry with contemporary, clean cosmopolitan haute couture. Her bangles have not only graced the wrists of famous Bollywood actors but also Hollywood’s elite and glamorous fashion trendsetters around the world.

Her collection of chic ultra modern fashion jewelry as well as her complex pieces of Indian jewelry have graced the pages of Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, In Style, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Clair, and been spotted on the wrists of Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Lange and others.

Amrita Singh bangles bracelets cuffs and unique jewelry creations are sold through such exclusive stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Holt Renfrew and Takashimaya, as well as through the official Amrita Singh website and more than two hundred other jewelry boutique around the world.

Aside from the popularity of her designs stemming from the uniqueness of their colors, tones, craftsmanship and style, another factor that contributes to her immense success is the price of her jewelry.

For example a complete set of 36 bangle bracelets in your choice of three metals: gold, silver or gunmetal, in medium or large sizes to fit your writs, retails for just $70. That’s a set of bracelets that extends almost 4 inches up your wrist for under $2 each piece. These bangle bracelets are sold as a full set, not separately.

There are larger pieces sold separately, again for just $70, like the silver cuff bracelet with a delicate Aztec filigree design called the Ayau Cuff, which can be worn alone or added to with single stackable pieces to create more elaborate sterling silver bangle bracelet sets that are personalized for your individual style.

There are stacks of gold bangle bracelet designs mixed with silver ones that are adorned with sequence, rhinestones, crystal, glass, and even ivory colored bone.

The blending of the sparkling stones, the glittering bits of gold and silver and contrasting textures, sculpted motifs and intricate inlays, creates some of the most unusual bracelets you will ever own. For day or eveningwear, for fun casual or elegant events, for bridal jewelry or cocktails and black tie occasions, there’s no place these pieces are not appropriate. As accessories to your simple black dress or to create an exotic flavor beside colorful silk or chiffon ensembles, Amrita Singh designs can be eccentric or classic depending on how they are worn.

Mix and match, wood, bone, ivory, silver, gold and antique gunmetal tones and form your own fashion statements for as little as $40 a set.

Bracelet bangle designs as unique and intricate and well crafted as Amrita Singh’s collections, at prices that are so affordable, are difficult to find even at cheap jewelry outlets. And the selection is so extensive that you will be able to find something for almost any outfit even on a budget.

Contemporary Cuff Bangle Bracelet Designs

A set of three wood bangle bracelets in a modern geometric, contemporary design with a hint of tribal flair is just $100, or each piece is available to mix and match as you desire for just under $40. There are round wood bracelets or hexagonal shapes as well as square and other bold designs for around $37.

There’s a piece made from Ivory resin in a square design with rounded corners that’s 2 inches wide and has a zigzag motif, called the Manuela Bangle, or the wood hexagonal shape with carved diamond motifs that’s 1 inch wide, or the complete Baymere collection that, when stacked together, is about 3.5 inches wide.

Chic silver or gold metal contemporary designs with a modern structural style and a feminine delicacy may sound like total contradictions, but Amrita Singh has managed to pull it off with gold and silver plating over brass wire to forge a cuff bracelet that’s as bold as it is delicate. It’s called the Xilo Cuff, and is 1.75 inches wide. It adjusts to fit size 6, 7 or 8 inch wrists and costs just $60 in either silver or gold-tone.

Looking to add color to your wardrobe? For just $8, you can mix and match the colorful contemporary wood bangles from Amrita’s collections Each piece is 1.75 inches wide, so you can stack at least two. Select from this seasons popular colors: hot pink, mottled jade green, speckled maroon, Aztec orange, freckled black and marbled turquoise. There are also three different shapes, and widths from 1 inch, 1.5 inches and the widest at 1.75 inches for the most dramatic look.

These very simple wood bracelets have been seen on the runways, mixing square, round and other geometric shapes, as well as gold and silver to create a chunky focal accent for an ensemble with no other jewelry. For a spring or summer look, pair these bracelets with light strapless summer dresses, a shawl and pair of Amrita’s wedge sandals. You don’t need anything else, unless you’d like to add a hat for wearing to the beach or a garden picnic.

In winter, these bracelets can add a touch of color to a soft, fluid formal suite or palazzo pant set, or pair with a formal black dress to give it a fun accent.

Sleek Gold Bangle Bracelets

For a single or stacking set of simple elegant gold bangles bracelets, there’s the Jessina Bangle for just $25. Add as many together as you like or separate them with some silver bangle bracelets or ornate rhinestone pieces. Amrita Singh leaves the final decision up to you.

Many designers are matching silver and gold bracelets and chain and pearl necklaces in both metals and creating contrasting groups of jewelry for rich retro and antique styles that mimic the 20’s and 30’s. For under $100 you can create your own groups of necklaces and bracelets, mixing metals, faux gemstones, pearls; bangles with cubic zirconia, rhinestones or crystals to have a glamorous retro or vintage look that’s very affordable.

If you want fine gold jewelry bracelets, in genuine 18k gold, Amrita also has very high-end pieces that range from a few thousand dollars to about $14,000 for a piece like the Babur Cuff bracelet. Since they are one of a kind pieces, the Babur is already sold, however, there are many other bangle gold bracelets, from simple to ornate, that are available in pure gold designs. Naturally you can contact Armita directly to commission a piece of your own.

There are delicate solid gold bangle bracelets, beaded bangle bracelets and simple 18k gold bangle cuff bracelets for around $2,400, and more elaborate creations such as inlaid gemstone and detailed enamel bangle bracelets for upwards of $3,000.

The Amrita collections feature a blend of the rich deep yellow Indian or Asian gold in 18k and 22k, which is almost pure gold, as well as the lighter gold tones in 18k and 14k bangle bracelets that have lighter metals in their gold alloy blend. Some of her creations incorporate rubies, diamonds and enamel inlays with carved motifs both inside and outside the bracelets.

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets by Heavenly Treasures

From gemstone encrusted silver bangle bracelet designs to simple engraved friendship bracelets, Heavenly Treasures has it all, and at very affordable prices.

For example there’s a multicolor blue topaz sterling silver bangle bracelets collection that includes a cuff bangle that features not just gemstones but also 14k gold accents around each stone. For genuine topaz jewelry set in silver, this bracelet is very reasonably priced at around $250.

Hinged Bangle Bracelets

For genuine gemstone and diamond designs, the hinged bangle bracelets closure is one of the best and most secure jewelry options to make sure it does not fall off or get lost. Heavenly treasures has two delightful hinged bangle designs one with sapphires and the other with emeralds. The sapphire bracelet costs $398 and the emerald bangle costs a little more at $498. Both have a secure push tongue and clasp closure, with genuine diamond accents set in solid sterling silver that has been treated so as to never tarnish. The sapphire bangle has 4.53 carats of sapphires and the emerald bracelet has 3.81 carats of emeralds. Both of these bracelets bangle styles are elegant and can be beautifully paired with diamond stud earrings or matching sapphire or emerald pieces for complete jewelry sets. Heavenly treasures has matching sapphire hoop earrings and small sapphire and emerald pendants, as well as emerald rings and a variety of silver earrings you can select from.

There are other stackable and hinged blue topaz bangle bracelet designs in sterling silver for under a hundred and fifty dollars with almost a full carat of gemstones in each bracelet, which can be mixed and matched with a selection of other gemstones to create a multicolored stackable set.

Topaz, sapphire, emerald and other blue and green gemstones are the top picks for jewelry 2010, however, genuine gems, no matter what the fashion trends of the year, are always in style. For more suggestions please see the related articles on silver bracelets, silver charms, silver earrings, sterling silver rings and other silver jewellery recommendations that can be paired with silver bangles.

Silver Friendship Bangle Bracelets for Loving, Laughing and Living

Just one last suggestion while we’re talking about silver bracelets and bangles, and that’s a friendship style that has a word or phrase engraved. Engraved bangle bracelets are perfect as an alternative to a friendship or promise ring, especially for ladies who wear more jewelry on their wrists than on their fingers. Heavenly Treasures has a selection of really cheap silver bracelets for just under $40. they call them Live, Love, Laugh Friendship Bracelets. Each bracelet bangle has a word or phrase. Select from the following: Live, Love, Laughter, Courage, Dreamer, Always Believe, Faith, Princess, Survivor, Best Friends, Peace or Eternity. Each bangle is 5mm wide, fashioned in an open cuff bracelet design, which will fit 6.5 – 7.5 inch wrists. They’re cheap and fun silver bracelets that make wonderful gifts!

Yellow, Rose & White Gold Bangle Bracelets by Heavenly Treasures

For a classic twisted style cable bracelet, Heavenly Treasures has a set which will never go out of style. Set in solid 14k gold, these bangles have 5 bezel set diamonds in your choice of rose, yellow or white gold. Mix and match the gold tones to create stackable bracelet sets, or just one simple bangle for $995. Each bangle bracelet is 4mm wide and has a secure push lock clasp, and is delivered in its very own elegant jewelry box.

Simple Yellow & White Gold Bangle Bracelet – Heavenly Treasures & Ross Simons

The easiest pieces to wear are slip on bangles, and Heavenly Treasures has delicate 14kt Italian yellow, rose or white gold stackable bangle bracelets for just $129. Start your collection with one, and add as many as you can. They’re only 1.5 mm wide each, so you can use a dozen or so. Let your friends and family know you’re collecting and mix and match until your wrists are full of gold in the tone you love the most!

Ross Simons has a set of 7 stackable silver bangle bracelets for about $130, or a set of cheap gold tone bangles – 12 for just under $34. They also have 18k Italian gold bangles for about $260, or yellow and white gold bangle twists for under $200.

Ross Simons is famous for its Estate jewelry, which includes some unique vintage bangle bracelets, which start at just over $1,000 and are solid gold and often have gemstones, filigree designs or are large cuff bracelets with intricate motifs. They also have a variety of unusual antique and vintage Chinese jade bangle bracelets with classic carved jade dragons.

For more jade bangle bracelet designs, carved from solid pieces of jade, we suggest a place aptly called Chinese Jade Bangles who have authentic solid jade creations starting at about $35 to slightly over $100.

Classic Silver Cuff Bangle Bracelets

For everyday, casual wear, at the office, shopping, out with the girls or on the town for drinks, there’s nothing better than a simple shiny cuff bangle in sterling silver to match anything from casual summer dresses and jeans and t-shirts to business suits and cocktail outfits. It’s the essential accessory to be dressed and accessorized with almost no thought! The piece that’s for sale at Heavenly Treasures is very affordable at just $89. Match with a pair of large silver hoop earrings and your ensemble is modern and stylish with no fuss.

Mens Bangle Bracelets

While mens designs are often chain, stainless steel, titanium cable bangle bracelets or the famous tungsten black bangle bracelets, there are some unique styles in cuffs for men and even two-tone and tri-colored designs that suite both distinguished gentlemen and trendy fashion aficionados. Heavenly Treasures has a good selection of simple and ornate large bangle bracelets for men. Two of the top styles are both under $100.

The first is a stainless steel bangle cuff bracelet with subtle 18k gold accents for just under $60. The second is a hinged black bangle bracelet made from steel but features genuine 18k gold accents, all for $75.

Kids Bangle Bracelets / Bangle Charm Bracelets / Engravable Bangle Bracelets

Ross Simons has a selection of high quality 14k gold baby bangle bracelets that are small and delicate with a little dangling heart for about $188. There are also bangle charm bracelet designs that are ideal for kids or young adults with small heart charms that are engravable.

Baby bracelet bangle styles are almost always simple, either just a band of gold or a simple engraved bangle bracelet with a date or name on a teeny charm. Childrens bangle bracelets on the other hand can be very ornate, including gemstones, Disney charms, cartoon characters, engravings and even diamonds. Most are solid yellow gold to avoid allergic reactions. The most popular charm bangle bracelets are the Disney designs from JewelBasket, which can be quite expensive. However, there are some silver bracelets and enamel bangle styles that are much more affordable, under $50 or $100.

Please be careful when buying children’s and baby styles since some may not be hypoallergenic if they have nickel. The cheap ones usually do. Pay a little more and get a nickel free version so your child or baby will actually be able to wear their jewelry without any ill effects. White gold is not always a good choice, the best are pure yellow gold, stainless steel and any hypoallergenic metal that is nickel free. Stay away from really cheap bangle bracelets that may have poorly attached charms that a baby or child may swallow, and remember to buy a large enough size so as not to constrict their circulation. Bangle styles are better than tight fitting bracelets since they’re usually designed so as to move feely about the child’s wrist.

Ross Simons has baby bangles with small diamonds for under $100 that have no dangles or charms, with smooth rounded edges that slip on gently without fuss.

Plastic Bangle Bracelets – Bakelite, Lucite & Acrylic

Fashion bangle bracelets in retro and vintage styles are popular once again, especially colorful acrylic designs and the original Lucite and Bakelite bangle bracelets created when synthetic materials were just starting to be used in jewelry.

Retro plastic jewelry pieces are not exactly cheap since they have become collectors items, although it is still possible to find many vintage costume bangle bracelets for under 100 dollars.

There are several vintage jewelry shops online that offer a wide selection of items; one is Vintage Jewelry Lane who have select pieces of authentic Bakelite bangle bracelets in colorful chunky styles that go well with the latest 2010 trends. For example there’s this funky orange Lucite bangle bracelet at Vintage Jewelry Lane for about $30, which could be worn alone or paired with other retro acrylic bangle bracelets or with gold or silver or even pearls to create a unique bracelet set.

Retro / Vintage Rhinestone Bangle Bracelets

Retro bangle bracelet jewelry is full of sparkle, and mostly it’s about rhinestones, like the magnificent rhinestone bangle bracelets by Joan Rivers Classics Collection that is sold through Vintage Jewelry Lane.

One piece that is outstanding is not strictly a bangle, since it is a stretch bracelet, but it mimics the bangle style and sits wide on the wrist, made in the filigree style from bronze-tone metal and studded with pink and aurora borealis rhinestones. This unique piece of classic bangles bracelet designs from bygone days is available for just under $50, and comes in the original velvet pouch and Joan Rivers jewelry box. This item has never been worn since it was part of a dealers unsold inventory. This is just one example of the unique finds available online through Vintage Jewelry Lane.

Each week Jewelry & Accessories brings you new ideas and suggestions on where to buy the best jewelry. If you desire more recommendations on vintage jewelry, silver bracelets, gold rings, or wish to browse through ideas about what’s available in cheap costume jewelry and fashion accessories, please continue reading other feature articles.


Be Rich diamond jewelry stores and nightlife in Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol

In summer 2012, during the Marbella Luxury Weekend held at Muelle de la Ribiera in Puerto Banús on the Costa del Sol, the elite avant-garde Spanish diamond jewelry store “Be Rich” opened its doors and presented their Indulgence Jewellery collections.

Be Rich designer diamond jewelry – 18k gold with coloured precious gemstone accents

Joyería Be Rich Puerto Banús made a splash of an entrance into the world of luxury diamond jewelry designers on the Costa del Sol with the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, inaugurating a show that featured the current Mister and Miss Marbella (Lidia Santos and Dani Rivero) who exhibited a variety of luxury items. The inaugural Be Rich designer diamond jewelry line has been created to appeal to men and women who can afford impulse purchase like fine 18k gold rings with coloured diamonds and precious gemstones, limited edition red carpet inspired earrings and high-end sterling silver jewelry plated with 18k gold. All the fine diamond jewelry at Be Rich, as well as the precious gemstones series in the celebrity inspired collection (with diamonds and genuine sapphires & emeralds), have been handcrafted: individually made by artisans exclusively for the Be Rich stores.

Be Rich limited edition fine diamond jewelry – almost one of a kind

One of the reasons for choosing a piece of BR designer diamond jewelry over prèt-a-porter items from high-end jewelry shops in the area is that the pieces in Indulgence are limited to 200-300 items per design. Although not one-of-a-kind, they’re the next best thing.

Only two BR diamond jewelry stores in Spain

There are only two Be Rich diamond jewelry stores in Spain, one on Calle Goya in Madrid and the other on Muelle de Ribera in the luxury capital of the Costa del Sol: Puerto Banús. To view the latest Be Rich silver, gold and diamond jewelry online, go to their official website at See gemstone and diamond pieces with prices starting at around eighty euros and going up to….whatever anyone can unreasonably afford.

Immediate indulgence and capricious impulses

The concept behind these exclusive diamond jewelry stores (and especially the Indulgence Jewellery collection), is to make the dream of immediate indulgence possible; to induce men and women to become swept up in the impulsive spirit to seize the day and not deny themselves a capricious desire or luxury, no matter the cost. Although it’s a concept everyone may like to live by, there’s a good reason Joyería Be Rich is situated in Puerto Banús, one of the few places in Spain where luxury and capricious impulses are still the order of the day…and the night. Indeed, indulgence continues at luxurious venues for nightlife in Puerto Banus… at elite clubs, bars and sophisticated lounges that provide a natural habitat for flaunting silver, gold, gemstones and colored diamond jewelry.

Nightlife in Puerto Banus – living the “lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”

Critics say that Puerto Banus nightlife has become fake and pretentious; that the Costa del Sol is less of a place for genuine “lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” to unfold and more of a place where rich and famous wannabes strut phony gems and cubic zirconia costume jewelry while pretending to lead an indulgent lifestyle. But the yacht lined harbour, parking lots with Ferraris, fine diamond jewelry stores and the variety of high-end luxury clubs, bars and lounges tell a different story. As do the pages of local celeb magazines that abound with images of pop idol sightings in and around bars in Puerto Banus…like Linekers Bar and the chic Babilonia lounge (one of the newer additions to Linekers Puerto Banus Group) as well as funky Astral Cocktail bar situated in front of some of the top designer shops and jewelry stores. Although the Costa del Sol may no longer be what it was in it’s heyday, it thrives. It’s still catering to the “who’s who” who can afford to indulge in jewelry, fast cars, sailboats, and of course, luxury nightlife in Puerto Banus clubs.

Nightlife in Puerto Banus – with or without diamonds

If you’re up for indulging your senses, even if you’re not a millionaire, there are a few Puerto Banus nightlife venues that merit visiting, with or without diamond jewelry. Get entertained atop a replica ship on the harbour and sip some of the best, fresh fruit cocktails…while celebrity spotting. Or…start an evening gazing out over the harbour and its glistening array of yachts, while sipping cocktails and nibbling tapas at the eclectic Arabic-fusion lounge – Babilonia. Although Babilonia isn’t a place to party all night, it’s a great place to get in the mood for nightlife Puerto Banus style with international cocktails in a luxury Moorish-Andalusian setting. This is one of the more unusual restaurant, bar lounges that have come to the Costa del Sol courtesy of the Linekers Bar Puerto Banus Group, the same people who started the original Linekers Bar (now at 2nd Line, New Town), famous because Wayne Lineker (brother to Gary Lineker – the celebrated former English football player) was its founder. While you don’t need diamonds or gemstone jewelry to have fun at Babilonia or the sporty Linekers Bar, you may spot the TOWIE girls or other celebrities who frequent these clubs, lounges and upscale bars in Puerto Banus.

Ancient Greek Jewelry Designers – The Vaphiadis Family Tradition

Handmade Authentic Greek Jewelry Replicas from the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop in Athens – Greek Coin Jewelry; Byzantine and Greek Orthodox Cross Jewelry; Goddess and Mythology Reproductions; Fine Sterling Silver and Gold accented items; affordable Greek Costume Jewelry – Greek Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Brooches, Bracelets, Cufflinks and Collectable Museum Reproductions.

Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop

Ancient Greek Jewelry Designers Just a Click Away

The Vaphiadis Workshop is one of the oldest Greek jewelry design centers with a tradition spanning generations and a modern track record of excellence since 1928.

After decades of supplying hundreds of Athenian jewelry shops with high-end silver and gold museum reproduction pieces, their celebrated creations have are also carried by Greek Museums and Museum shops around the world.

Vaphiadis not only provides Greek costume jewelry items to retail outlets across Greece, from Delphi, Crete, and Rhodes to Olympia, Corfu and the Cycladic islands, but also offers extensive collections of fine ancient Greek jewelry reproductions to online buyers with thousands of items in dozens of catalogues in easy to view online galleries.

For retail and wholesale buyers, the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop offers traditional quality and modern accessibility.

Contact this Greek jewelry designer through their website called The Greek Jewelry Shop, to buy select items or make wholesale buying arrangements by contacting A.N. Vaphiadis in Athens or through the UK telephone.

The Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop

Address: Patroou 8-10, 105 57 Athens, Greece

Telephone in Greece: {30} 211-780-1230

Telephone in the UK: {44} 208-133-3266

Examples of What the Vaphiadis Greek Jewelry Designers Offer

Here are some examples of the most popular items in the Vaphiadis ancient Greek jewelry museum reproduction and costume jewelry collections.

1. Greek Key Jewelry

One of the most famous of all Hellenic patterns is known as the meander or meandros design, which in English is commonly referred to as the Greek Key motif. It’s formed by a repetitive design that resembles ancient interlocking keys in a somewhat twisting or “meandering” way, which is indeed what “meandros” means and from where the English word “meandering” is derived.

It is thought that the endlessly twisting pattern, found on Greek pottery, architecture and ancient Greek key jewelry, represents unity and infinity.

There are many variations of bracelets, pendants and other Greek key jewelry pieces that use the meandros pattern as part of a bordered edge or as an accent and others that use it as the main design element, such as the bracelets and necklaces where each link is a key.

There are hundreds of Greek key jewelry designs in the Vaphiadis Jewelry Workshop collections such as hoop earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sets all handcrafted in sterling silver and priced between $90 and $300. Many of the pieces feature the key link chain motif with Greek mythical gods on central pieces, such as on bracelets and necklaces, others are medallions such as the ones with a helmeted Athena head on coin-like pendants edged with the Greek key design.

2. Replicas of Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry

Amongst the items crafted by the Vaphiadis Greek Jewelry Designers for museum shops around the world are the Greek coin jewelry collections that feature an array of mythical and historical characters .

It’s impossible to name them all, but here are a few of the Greek coin jewelry items crafted into affordable pendants in sterling silver:

  1. Syracuse dekadrachm
  2. Thassos tetradrachm with Dionysus & Hercules
  3. Ainos – Hermes the messenger god & goat
  4. Larisa Coin with nymph & horse
  5. Amphipolis coinage with Apollo
  6. Delphi coin with ram & dolphins
  7. Sinope with eagle and dolphin
  8. Athenian Didrachm coin with Goddess Athena and a lion
  9. Shield Amphora
  10. Argos Wolf coin
  11. Corinthian pegasus and Swastika coin
  12. Apollonia cow and calf
  13. Alexander the Great of Macedonia coin
  14. Alexander the Great with helmeted Goddess Athena & Nike

Stylized Byzantine Greek Cross Jewelry and Traditional Greek Orthodox Jewelry

The Greek cross jewelry collections are a medley of historic and religious pieces encompassing a wide range of styles and religious cultures.

These diverse styles include Byzantine Crosses {since Byzantium was originally a Greek colony named after Greek King Bizas} as well as traditional Greek cross jewelry in Orthodox designs.

There are adaptations of various cross-type symbols that include the Byzantine Baptism Cross, stylized geometric crosses, replicas of the Byzantine Knights Templar Cross Patée, heavy Reliquary Cross Pendants, Bar Cross designs and even Double Sided Greek Orthodox Baptism Cross Pendants with rubies and emeralds.

View hundreds of pieces in the traditional Greek orthodox jewelry collections crafted in sterling silver, some with gemstones and others with decorative sculpted motifs.

Greek Crosses Jewelry Prices

The designs, with and without gemstones, handcrafted by the Vaphiadis traditional Greek jewelry designer team and sold online come in different price categories.

On the low end there are delicate Greek orthodox jewelry items for as little as $38.

On the high end there are Byzantine masterpiece replicas in museum quality sterling silver, accented with gemstones, that retail for over two hundred dollars.

For both retail and wholesale buyers, the best way to view the designs is to download the Vaphiadis Jewelry catalogue which is available from their website in a convenient PDF format.

Two Classes of Greek Goddess Jewelry

There are two distinct types of what might be termed Greek goddess jewelry.

  1. The first category includes jewelry items that feature goddesses {or at least their heads}on pendants, medallions, coins and rings. The most common pieces of female Greek mythology jewelry depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire and sexuality. The jewelry collections include every imaginable Aphrodite design – carved, etched, sculpted or otherwise depicted – on bracelets, charms, coins, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings.
  2. The second category of Greek Goddess Jewelry doesn’t have anything to do with engraved or carved goddess designs that depict a mythical figure or their heads, but pieces crafted in the style of jewelry that a goddess would wear. This means upper arm bracelets, bangles with sculpted animal-head motifs and various jewelry sets that come as goddess-style ensembles that include dangle earrings, bracelets, twisting rings and armlets. There are dozens of sets available from the Vaphiadis Family Greek jewelry designer collections and each of them are available to view in online galleries and the extensive catalogue that’s downloadable from the website.

Order eccentric goddess style Greek mythology jewelry pieces or recreations of what artist’s and sculptor’s believe goddesses might have worn.

Sets are available in sterling silver or accented with 14k gold.

Greek Gold Jewelry Sets

Solid gold jewelry in the Greek style isn’t very practical or affordable because the designs are intricate and often heavy.

The best buys in Greek gold jewelry items are those that have been crafted in high quality silver but are accented with gold.

View the designer collections that include bracelets, rings and necklaces some with gemstones and some delicately accented with twisting bands of 14k gold.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Replicas by Nilestone and Nile Cartouche

Replicas of Ancient Egyptian Cartouche, Scarab and Ankh Jewelry; 18k Gold and Silver Egyptian Inspired Jewelry – Pendants, Cartouche, Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings and Chains – one of a kind handcrafted items by Egyptian artisans made with turquoise, unique beads, colorful enamel, sterling silver and solid 18k gold. Discover Egyptian jewelry history and shop for unusual handmade pieces at Nilestone and Nile Cartouche.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Meticulously Replicated by Nilestone

At Nilestone, ancient Egyptian jewelry history is recreated in all its detail by artisans in Cairo who hand make each piece for buyers around the world.

All Nilestone items, such as the popular Egyptian cartouche jewelry, is crafted in Egypt by craftsmen who keep their forefather’s art alive.

What’s the Secret Behind Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry?

Egyptian jewelry history is linked to the godlike pharaohs, and in the case of what we now call a “cartouche” {actually shenu in ancient Egyptian}, they were worn exclusively by pharaohs or gods and placed on tombs / monuments, primarily as an amulet to protect against evil in the afterlife or to illustrate eternal authority and immortal power.

What Des Cartouche Mean?

The word “cartouche” was coined by French soldiers who thought the shape resembled the cartridges in their guns, but the original form was auspicious, placed only around a royal name or depicted with Horus {the falcon god} or Nekhbet {the vulture goddess}.

It wasn’t only the hieroglyph {which was always the pharaohs name}that held powder, but also the elliptical shape itself – an elongated form of the “shen ring” meaning “encircled”. The round and the lengthened oval version of the original shape, protected the bearer and represented eternal power.

Order Custom Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry

You can have what was once reserved for immortal winged gods and all powerful pharaohs – a silver or 18k gold cartouche pendant, handcrafted in Egypt – with your name in hieroglyphs or letters.

How Much Does Egyptian Gold Jewelry Cost?

There are of unique cartouche-style Egyptian silver jewelry items available for as little as $40. Gold versions range from $250 to $800 depending on whether the item is double, triple or four-sided.

It’s possible to order custom Egyptian cartouche jewelry in silver with raised 18k gold hieroglyphic symbols for less than the gold versions. For example one piece sold through Nilestone is priced under $120.

Browse Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Pictures and Shop for Replicas

To view hundreds of ancient Egyptian jewelry pictures, learn lots of ancient Egyptian jewelry facts and buy handcrafted replicas in silver and gold, visit Nilestone at:

Egyptian Inspired Jewelry by Nile Cartouche

Affordable silver Egyptian costume jewelry and gold pieces are also available from Nile Cartouche – handcrafted in Egypt by artisans who pride themselves in attention to detail.

1. Egyptian Scarab Jewelry in Silver

  • pieces of finely crafted Egyptian scarab jewelry, such as delicate pendants, are available for as little as $47.

View complete collection at Nile Cartouche.

2. Egyptian Ankh Jewelry in Silver and Gold

  • choose from a wide selection of Egyptian ankh jewelry items encrusted with turquoise stone for around $47.

To view one of the largest selections of replicated versions of antique Egyptian jewelry that include custom handcrafted gold and silver cartouche, bracelets, rings and specialty items, direct from Egypt, watch the following brief video courtesy of Nile Cartouche.

Ancient Egyptian Jewellery | Ancient Egyptian Jewelry:

One of the most popular Egyptian style jewelry pieces is the Cartouche, and Nile Cartouche specializes in creating unique pieces that are customized with names in hieroglyphs or letters.

See what styles are available, from open filigree-bordered designs to gold twin pendants, by watching this presentation courtesy of Nile Cartouche.

Egyptian Jewelry – Cartouche:

Egyptian Gold Jewelry Versus Silver – Rings and Bracelets

View a variety of designs in the Nile Cartouche Egyptian silver jewelry collections and the high-end gold Egyptian jewelry designs that range in price from $179 for simple gold items to about $611 for thick knotted styles. Also take a look at the affordable Egyptian ankh jewelry in silver, such as simple rings that are priced as low as $41. There are gold bangle bracelets and silver version for under $175.

The following video offers a quick glimpse into the tantalizing world of silver and gold Egyptian jewelry by Nile Cartouche.

Gold Cartouche Rings | Silver Egyptian Rings:

Read about Egyptian jewelry facts and buy silver and gold Egyptian jewelry at:

Black Diamond Jewelry for Women from Bell Jewels

Black Diamond Jewelry for Women – Black Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants – Top Quality. NARURAL Diamonds and enhanced BLUE diamond jewelry. Bell Jewels – your DIAMOND Jewelry Store online.

Natural Black Diamond Jewelry by Bell Jewels

1. About the Bell Jewels Diamond Jewelry Store

Bell Jewels, a high-end designer diamond jewelry store with affordable prices and unique black, blue, pink and other colored diamond pieces, is located at:

71 West 47th Street, Suite 1302
New York, NY 10036

Toll-Free: 1-877-993-BELL

2. Designer Diamond Jewelry Collections in New York and Abroad

Bell retails their fine diamond jewelry online, offering high quality pieces at affordable prices to international buyers.

Many of their designs are unique and exclusive to Bell Jewels because they manufacture their own creations.

They also offer some of the best gold and gemstone jewelry deals because they operate in the heart of the gem and gold suppliers district in New York City.

3. Order You Custom Diamond Jewelry from Bell

Yes, They accept custom diamond jewelry orders. If the designer Bell collections don’t have what you’re looking for, then send them a picture or drawing and they’ll create your customized piece in about a week. Bell Jewels says: “if you can picture it – we can make it!”

Engagement Rings on a Budget – Black Diamond Jewelry Under $500

Here are 7 Designer Diamond Jewelry Items for Less Than Five Hundred:

1. Black Diamond Engagement Ring – Solitaire

This 1.20ct solitaire black diamond engagement ring features a 6mm stone set in polished 14k white gold $379.

2. Antique Style Engagement Ring – Accented with 10 Black Diamonds

This piece of fine diamond jewelry has a .75ct fancy Black Diamond as the central gemstone and an additional .15ct of black diamonds accenting the band – 5 small gemstones on either side.

This unique, antique-style Engagement Ring is crafted in 14k white gold and costs $419 through Bell Jewels.

3. Rose-cut Engagement Ring – Exclusive Black Diamond Jewelry for Women

This solitaire diamond ring is a delicate classic with a clean minimalist look. The central gem measures 6mm {1.2 ct weight}, is set in 14k white gold, and retails for $375.

This is an excellent price for fine diamond jewelry in solid gold.

4. Fancy Designer Diamond Jewelry –14k gold Engagement Ring

This piece of designer diamond jewelry has 1.33ct weight of black diamonds set in 14k yellow gold. The band is accented with 16 smaller stones – 8 on each side. {Item number R447.} See R448 for the white gold version.

This piece is available online through Bell Jewels and retails for $445.

5. Antique-style Jewelry Diamond Rings – 1.15ct Gemstone

This piece has a 6.3 mm central black diamond and 10 accenting stones – 5 on either side of the band. The high polished 14k white gold is beautifully sculpted to offer an antique look.

Buy online and pay less than you would in a diamond jewelry store. At Bell it’s retailing for $479.

6. Affordable Black Diamond Jewelry for Women – Solitaire Engagement Ring

The most affordable piece of jewelry diamond rings in the Bell collections is item number R360, which is a Solitaire Black Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k white gold with a round-cut .40ct central stone in a polished band. This is a classic design that’s clean and simple.

It’s reasonably priced at $239.

7. Fancy-Black Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

This 1.33ct engagement ring has a 6mm black diamond central stone and a series of stones along the band as well.

It’s priced at $445.

This is item number R448, identical to R447 except for the gold color.

Other Black Diamond Jewelry for Women

1. Necklace – .45ct Black Diamond Bead NECKLACE

This piece of designer diamond jewelry is crafted with almost a half carat of black diamond beads that measure between 5.5 and 2mm.

The black diamond necklace is 18-inches long and retails for $685.

2. Pendant – .60ct Black / White Diamond PENDANT

This piece of fine diamond jewelry is a masterful creation with a blend of white and black diamonds totaling .60 carats in weight, mounted in 14k white gold.

The pendant measures 19mm x 12mm and costs $419.

3. Earrings – .45ct White and Black Diamond Earrings

It’s easy to find fine diamond jewelry that’s simple, especially when it comes to earrings like studs and hoops, but unique diamond earrings are either extremely expensive or require custom designing. However, Bell has a variety of unique pieces like this pair of black and white diamond earrings with .45ct of gems, set in 14k white gold, and sculpted into an ultra modern creation.

This unusual pair of diamond earrings is priced at just $439 and can be ordered online.

Blue Diamond Jewelry

Bell Jewels stocks a selection of blue diamond jewelry and will also take custom orders. Blue diamonds are natural white ones that have been enhanced.
Prices range from $379 for simple heart-shaped blue diamond promise rings to $675 for blue diamond engagement rings and wedding band sets such as the ones pictured.

Women and Mens Diamond Jewelry Sets

Women and mens diamond jewelry sets are available with white or black diamonds, plain bands or colored stones.

Choose matching items as sets sold together or pair engagement rings, bands and mens diamond rings to create the sets you want. The designer diamond jewelry collections at Bell include:

  • Mens rings with black diamonds in tasteful designs
  • womens sets with engagement rings and wedding bands sold together
  • plain wedding bands in white or yellow gold to pair with diamond engagement rings
  • blue, champagne, green and yellow diamond engagement / cocktail / right hand rings
  • custom diamond jewelry sets in all the top diamond colors

Colored Diamond Jewelry

Fine diamond jewelry is no longer just white – even engagement rings and wedding bands can be colored.

The most popular are:

  • blue diamonds
  • champagne diamonds
  • green diamonds
  • yellow diamonds
  • pink diamond rings for women

Recently chocolate and black diamonds have been added to the list for both men and women.

Bell Jewels offers a selection of all the top colored diamond jewelry items that include rings, earrings, necklaces and wedding sets.

Browse their extensive galleries at their New York diamond jewelry store or shop their collections through their diamond jewelry online center where items are divided into color and price categories for ease of selection.

Right Hand Gemstone Jewelry Diamond Rings and Cocktail Pieces

Diamond jewelry designers are now creating elegant jewelry for wearing on the right hand – not as engagement or wedding sets, but for the pleasure of wearing genuine gemstones and diamonds as a fashion statement.

One exclusive items sold through Bell Jewels is a 1.38ct Champagne Diamond Right Hand Ring set in 14k rose gold. The featured right hand ring has a series of round-cut Fancy Brown {champagne colored} diamonds, accented by white diamonds in a an overlapping design with 5 circles spanning the upper shank.

Shop for this piece at the Bell Jewels online diamond jewelry store and pay $1,125 for this luxurious masterpiece.

While you’re shopping for diamond jewelry online, make sure to check out the gorgeous collection of gemstone pieces that feature sapphires, rubies, tanzanite, aquamarine, tourmalines, topaz and other gems, many accented with white diamonds mounted in 14k or 18k gold. One example is the natural pink sapphire right-hand ring with diamonds set in 14k white gold for $539.

Locate the Bell Diamond Jewelry Stores or Shop Online

Go to:

Personalized Baby Jewelry for Girls and Boys from The Corner Stork Team

Personalized baby jewelry for girls – collections include: silver necklaces, bracelets with pearls / crystals, silver charms ready to monogram, beaded rosaries, birthstone necklaces, monogrammed baby bangles, heart charms, custom christening jewelry and baby jewelry boxes. Corner Stork Baby Gifts offers affordable specialty items for baby girls and boys – each piece handpicked by a team of Atlanta moms.

Corner Stork Baby Jewelry for Girls

The most affordable baby girl jewelry in the Corner Stork collection is a Baby Girl’s Beads and Pearls Sterling-Silver Bracelet for just $17.99.

There are two other affordable pieces:

  1. the Girls Heart Charm Bracelet
  2. the Girls Flower Charm Bracelet

Either of these baby bracelets cost $18.

The Girls Heart Charm Bracelet is one of the best buys at Corner Stork because it’s made with small pink/clear Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and a charm that can be engraved {included in the price} with a single initial. It’s practical because the bracelet will fit a baby or a toddler up to 5 years old. It comes ready to give – in an organza gift pouch.

Five Pieces of Jewelry for Baby Girls

Here are 5 suggested items that are affordable in the collections of jewelry for baby girls:

1. Bracelet

Pastels and Pearls is a baby bracelet for just $22.99. Or choose the Pink Crystals baby bracelet for the same price. The first item is a string of freshwater pearls interspersed with real Swarovski crystals in a variety of pastel colors like pink, peach, lavender, yellow, green and blue. It’s adjustable so it will fit babies from 0-12 months. It comes packaged with a gift card / poem.

2. Rosary

The Rosary Beaded Necklace – crafted from pink pearls – comes with a sterling silver cross and only costs $35.99. It’s not a genuine rosary, but it’s still a wonderful christening / baptism gift. Combine it with the Bella Pink Pearl Baby Bracelet and create a set. The Bella Pink Pearl Baby Bracelet costs $22.99.

3. Cultured Pearls Baby Bracelet

There’s a 5 inch pearl bracelet made with genuine cultured pearls that’s white instead of pink, and also comes with a small silver cross, but is presented in a gorgeous baby jewelry box complete with a pink satin ribbon, that costs a little less – just $26.50. It’s simply called the Cultured Pearl Bracelet with Silver Cross.

4. Faux Pearl Baby Necklace

A fun gift that’s priced at just $20 is called Baby Girl’s First Pearls, which is a simple 12 inch white, faux pearl necklace with a sterling-silver spring-ring fastener that comes in a display-window gift box.

5. Silver Beaded Baby Bracelet

For something a little different, choose an item called She Sparkles! – a 5-inch sterling silver beaded bracelet with a lobster claw fastener that comes ready to give in a gorgeous display-style windowed gift box. The baby bracelet costs 23.99.

Affordable Personalized Baby Jewelry

Personalized baby jewelry can be had for a lot less than you might imagine.

Monogrammed Baby Jewelry:
One of the top items that the Corner Stork Team have chosen is called the Monogrammed Circle Baby Bangle and another similar item is the Monogrammed Oval Baby Bangle. Both are delicate silver bangles that can be personalized with 3 initials to create a unique monogram. Prices range from $69.99 – $78.99.

There are other designs for just $37.50, like the Monogrammed Freshwater Pearl Baby Bracelet or a similar design matching Freshwater Pearl Necklace that comes with a monogrammed heart charm for $63.95. Buy the set or choose individual pieces.

Personalized Birthstone Baby Jewelry

Two other personalized baby jewelry items specifically designed for girls are the Personalized Freshwater Pearls birthstone necklace that comes with a small cross and your choice of birthstone for $56.50 and/or the same Personalized Freshwater Pearl birthstone bracelet for $46.95. The pieces are sold separately. Both have two ways to be personalized – with baby’s first name engraved on the cross and with a specific birthstone choice.

If you aren’t sure which birthstone to choose when selecting your personalized birthstone baby jewelry, then follow the chart and select the one you prefer:

  1. January – color: red/pink – choose a garnet or a rose quarts stone
  2. February – color: purple/lavender – choose an amethyst or an onyx stone
  3. March – color: green/greenish-blue – choose aquamarine, jasper or bloodstone
  4. April – color: transparent – choose a diamond or a clear quartz stone
  5. May – color: deep green – choose an emerald or a chrysoprase stone
  6. June – color: lavender – choose amethyst, pearl, alexandrite or moonstone
  7. July – color: red – choose a ruby, a carnelian or a jade gemstone
  8. August – color: green/yellow – choose peridot, aventurine, or sardonyx
  9. September – color: deep blue – choose a blue sapphire or lapis lazuli
  10. October – color: mixed pinks – choose an opal or a pink tourmaline
  11. November – color: yellow – choose a citrine, topaz or a turquoise stone
  12. December – color turquoise/blue – choose turquoise, lapis, zircon or tanzanite

Baby Jewelry Boxes – The Finishing Touch

The moms at the Corner Stork have chosen some unique personalized baby jewelry boxes to add to their collections.

A – Baby Jewelry Boxes with Personalized Tops

One of the most affordable ones is the Personalized Lift Top Jewelry Box for $34.99. This is a delightful box for baby girls who will quickly grow into young ladies needing space for their jewelry treasures. It’s 7 ½ inches by 5 ½ by 3 and is decorated with ribbons and lavender confetti. This is just one of the baby jewelry boxes that can be personalized with a painted name on the top of the wooden box.

Be sure to order in advance because the personalization takes time and therefore ships in about 2 or 3 weeks after ordering.

B – Two-Drawer Hand Painted Baby Girl Jewelry Armoire

There’s a smaller version of the above hand painted personalized baby jewellery box that only has two drawers and costs just $21, and a more expensive version called the Little Miss DressUp Musical Jewelry Armoire which is likewise hand painted and beautifully personalized with baby’s name for $46.99.

C – Princess Baby Name Jewelry Chest

The top of the line keepsake treasure chest is called the Princess Jewelry Box and also is made of wood and comes with a hand painted name for $58.99.

Shopping for Baby Gift Jewelry – Christenings, Baptisms and Showers

Whether you need baby birthstone jewelry for giving as a gift, or a some baby name jewelry for keepsakes in the family, or fun shower favors and christening / baptism presents, the moms at Corner Stork have what you’re looking for at the prices you can afford to pay. Visit their online baby jewelry stores at:

Cheap Discount Jewelry Online from Ruby Imports

Discount WHOLESALE Jewelry at the LOWEST PRICES from a US company – Discount Fashion Jewelry; Earrings / Rings / Pendants / Brooches / Watches; Cheap Beaded Jewelry; Affordable Antique, Victorian and Vintage-style Jewelry; Discount Silver; Swarovski Crystal and Austrian Rhinestone; Discount Fine Jewelry in 14k Gold; Cheap Cubic Zirconia Rings; Freshwater Pearl Bracelets, Silver Bangles, Wedding Necklace Sets, Discount Bridal Jewelry / Tiaras – Cheap Discount Jewelry Online from Ruby Imports in Memphis Tennessee.

Ruby Imports – a Leader in Wholesale Discount Jewelry Stores Online

If you’re a retailer, online reseller or jewelry store buyer, why should you choose discount wholesale jewelry from Ruby Imports? Here’s what we’ve discovered:

They’re a family-owned company based in the United States

Address: 3113 Carrier St. Memphis Tennessee 38116
Telephone: 901- 375-2513 / 901-375-4377
Fax: 901-375-4468
Toll Free: 800-420-7760

They ship internationally.

They specializes exclusively in wholesale discount jewelry and accessories…

offering thousands of discount wholesale jewelry products. View and buy online from their user-friendly website that classifies extensive collections of cheap jewelry items by New Arrivals, Style, Color and Special Ruby Deals.

Categories include Discount Fine Jewelry items like:

14k Gold Earrings and Necklaces

With offers for exclusive 14k gold jewelry items priced at 50% below wholesale including dozens of fine gold earrings with pearls, gemstones and diamonds

Silver, Pearl, Bead and Charm Bracelets

Arranged by styles and types such as: Bangle Bracelets, Glass Beads, Charms or other types of strand, cord and pearl bracelet designs

Categories include Discount Fashion Jewelry items like:

Fashion Jewelry Necklace and Earring Sets

Arranged by style such as Bead Necklaces, Chokers, Chunky designs, Cord styles, Glass Bead creations, Metal Link necklace sets, Multi Strand items, Natural Stone, Shell and Wooden Jewelry, Pearl Necklace and Earring sets and Rhinestone Discount Jewelry.

Categories include Discount Costume Jewelry items like:


Including hundreds of cocktail rings, designer pieces, stretch rings, promise rings, chunky jewelry, stackable rings


Arranged by chandelier, fine jewelry, hoops, pearls and Swarovski Crystal

Pendants and Pins

From pink breast cancer ribbon pins studded with cubic zirconia to cross pendants and vintage replica brooches


Arranged by styles such as choker, cord, multi strand, pearl and rhinestone with featured items such as high-end pink CZ and rhinestone heart pendant necklace designs

Fashion Watches

Including designer ladies watches studded with rhinestones, classic fashion timepieces and sporty designs for teens

Bags and Accessories

Including clutch purses, bridal bags, evening handbags and leather coin purses

Hair Accessory and Tiaras

From rhinestone tiaras and bridal hair pins to colorful feather accents

How to Get the Best Discount Jewelry Prices

Join the FREE membership program to receive the maximum jewelry discount possible.

Here’s How the Jewelry Discount Membership Program Works:

1. Silver Membership

When you enter your basic membership information you’ll be automatically eligible to receive Silver Member discounts, which means a 1% discount on your next order. You’ll also be able to view price lists and be entitled to access the Ruby Special Page.

2. Gold Membership

When you order discount fashion jewellery or gold or silver items totaling over 1, 000 during 3 months {90 days} you’ll become a Gold Member, which will entitle you to a discount of 3% on orders. You also gain access to seasonal specials and discounts offered on the Ruby Special Page.

3. Diamond Membership

After placing a total of 3 orders, spending over $3000 during a 90 day period, you’ll be rewarded with a Diamond Membership. This means you’ll receive a 5% discount on orders as well as gain access to Ruby Specials.

4. Platinum Membership

This is the ultimate reward granted to special customers who are chosen as preferred members. Receiving a platinum membership means a 10% discount on orders.

Shop for Discount Jewelry Online Now

Whether you need to buy a little for a boutique or a lot for a department store, Ruby Imports offers a discount program that will help you save money and pass those savings onto your clients as well as increase your profits.

Start buying discount designer jewelry, bridesmaid and bridal jewelry, gold and silver and the latest discount fashion jewelry items by going to the main Ruby Imports website at:

Below we offer some suggestions for HOT products that we know you’ll love:

Examples of Discount Fashion Jewelry – EARRINGS

  1. Crystal Drop Earrings
    This pair of 2.5 inch drop earrings feature clear and colored crystal stones.

  2. Hoop Earrings with Crystal Dangle Hearts
    These trendy hoop earrings feature 4-inch dangling hearts encrusted with crystal stones.

Examples of Discount Costume Jewelry – NECKLACES

Affordable necklaces that don’t look like they come from a cheap discount jewelry outlet:

  1. Cross Pendant Necklace
    – this cross pendant necklace has a 4-inch cross encrusted with colored / clear crystals and comes on a 20-inch chain.

  2. Chunky Black Multi-Strand Natural Lucite Stone Necklace
    – this 18 inch natural stone necklace features multiple strands of black stones and silver chain. Comes with matching stone earrings.

Two Examples of Ruby Imports Specials for Discount Jewelry Stores

Special weekly discount jewelry store deals include items such as:

  1. Crystal Stone Heart Necklace
    An elegant faux gemstone studded pendant that measures 1 ½ inches and comes on a 24-inch chain. View current discount items by logging in to your account.

  2. Ultra Modern Natural Stone Cuff Bracelet
    This cuff bracelet includes a 3-inch natural gray stone in a silver-tone cuff. To view this item and others on the Ruby Special page, log in to your Ruby Imports account.

Examples of Ruby Imports Seasonal Jewelry Discount Items

  1. Funky Hoop Earrings
    – this pair of 2.5 inch gold-tone hoop earrings are accented with delicate metallic rings and three round disco balls.

  2. Glass Bead Necklace and Earring Set
    – this beaded jewelry set includes an 18-inch necklace and glass bead dangle earrings.

Examples of Discount Gold Jewelry Specials

Discover discount fine jewelry items such as:

1. 14k Gold Pearl Earrings

These gold earrings are crafted in 14k gold with two 8mm freshwater pearls accented by cubic zirconia. They’re called Ribbon Hoop – One Touch Earrings.

Unusual Pieces of Discount Gemstone Jewelry include:

2. 14k Gold Champagne Diamond Earrings

This pair of 14k gold earrings features two 10mm square-cut champagne diamonds in a dangle design.

Examples of Discount Silver Jewelry Sales

1. Silver Cuff Bracelet

-this delicate cuff bracelet is nickel and lead compliant and is available from the silver jewelry collections through Ruby Imports

2. Silver Turquoise Ring

– this exotic adjustable ring features a large turquoise stone set in a sculpted framework that mimics Aztec artisan jewelry. View this piece and others like it in the Discount Silver Jewelry collections at Ruby Imports. You must log in as a member to be able to see prices and find out what additional discounts you may qualify to receive.

Examples of Discount Designer Jewelry Offers

Designer Discount Jewelry Sets include items such as:

  1. Silver Chain Link Necklace and Earring Set
    This necklace and earring set features a silver-tone necklace with large Coco Chanel-type links accented by crystal stones. The set comes with a pair of matching silver / crystal earrings

  2. Pink Multi Strand Necklace Set
    This pink set includes an 18-inch beaded necklace and earrings. Comes in other colors.

Examples of Discount Bridal Jewelry Pieces

Elegant pearl, crystal and rhinestone discount wedding jewelry items include:

1. Pearl and Crystal Bridal Choker and Earring Set

This set of bridal jewellery includes a 16-inch white pearl choker necklace accented with crystal stones and a pair of matching pearl/crystal earrings

Also find cheap discount bridesmaid jewelry such as:

Three-piece Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

This bridesmaid set includes an 18-inch pearl necklace, pearl stud earrings and matching bracelet {8mm pearls}. Available in a variety of colors.

Examples of Discount Pearl Jewelry Deals

  1. Pearl and Crystal Necklace and Earring Set
    this set is one example of the many pearl jewelry sets available at discounted prices. It includes an 18-inch necklace with a creamy colored pearl and crystal accents. Comes with matching drop pearl earrings
  2. Elegant Designer Pearl Necklace Set
    this elegant 18-inch pearl necklace set comes with matching earrings – both with crystal stone accents.

Custom Photo Engraved Jewelry by Face 2 Face

Personalized Photo Engraved Jewelry PENDANTS and TAGS on 9k, 14k and 18k white or yellow gold, silver, stainless steel or rhodium plated items. Order lockets, Card Holders, KEY RINGS, Seasonal Gifts, Custom Engraved Jewelry Boxes and CHARM Bracelets direct from the high-tech professionals at Face 2 Face Photo Engraving.

State-of-the-art Techniques Behind Photo Engraved Jewelry

At Face 2 Face Photo Engraving the techniques involve a high-tech process that converts your photographs into engraved images in solid gold, silver, stainless steel or other metals.

Step One

Precision Engraved Photo Jewelry Starts with Transforming the Image

It all begins with high definition equipment to digitally enhance the pictures that will be engraved with a dot by dot technique.

Skilled technicians manually work with each picture, first cropping them to fit onto the chosen jewelry item and then working with the image’s shapes and the light and dark areas to create contrast and provide the right amount of depth so the engraving will stand out once etched into the metal surface.

Step Two

High-Tech Picture Engraved Jewelry Software

The exact depth of each piece of custom photo engraved jewelry will depend on the metal chosen.

Once the image has been digitally prepared, it must then be further enhanced and transformed into a high definition grey-scale piece of artwork.

Specialized software reads white, grey and black in different ways to creates dots that will represent each area as follows:

  1. White becomes a deep point {or dot}.
  2. Black doesn’t receive a point.
  3. Grey gets a soft dot.

Step Three

Diamond Head Equipment for Personalized Engraved Jewelry Quality

Once the transformation has been completed, the image is sent to a precision diamond-head engraving machine that uses approximately 8000 dots {points} to engrave an average sized pendant with a detailed likeness of the picture.

Step Four

Quality Inspection of Custom Engraved Jewelry Items

The photo engraved jewelry is inspected manually to ensure a high quality final product.

Only after careful inspection is the piece packaged and shipped by FedEx Express or DHL International.

Beware of Cheap Engraved Jewelry by Impact Printing

Fine precision quality cannot be achieved by impact printing.

Genuine photo engraved jewelry will provide a meticulously sculpted image in gold, silver or other metals. The results of high quality engraving are outstanding.

Top Quality Engraved Photo Jewelry Requires:

  • high-tech digital equipment
  • specialized software
  • state-of-the-art diamond engraving machines
  • technicians with an artistic eye and attention to detail

Example of Photo Engraved Silver Jewelry by Face 2 Face

  • Rectangle Sterling Silver Pendant

Photo Engraved Silver Jewelry {925 sterling silver} in a pendant style piece, measuring 14 x 20, costs $35 and includes the pendant and engraving one face.

The cost to add a second face is $9.50. Photo engraving can also be done on the back side for an additional $12.50 and text may also be added for $3.50 per line.

Example of Gold Engraved Jewelry by Face 2 Face

  • Oval, Round, Square or Heart – 18k Gold Pendant

High-end engraved photo jewelry on solid 18k gold pendants, with a lifetime guarantee, cost between $450 and $460, and includes expertly engraving one face.

Additional faces as well as text on the backside cost the same as when done on silver pendants.

Personalized Photo Engraved Jewelry Boxes

  • One of the most unique personalized items that Face 2 Face offers is the collection of heat-shaped engraved jewelry boxes made from chrome with brass bases. They measure 110x107x45 mm and costs $55 each. The price includes the box and engraving one face.

Extra faces and text engraving is available for $9.50 per face and $3.50 per line of text.

Picture Engraved Jewelry for Men and Unique Gift Ideas

Ideas for engraved mens jewelry include:

  1. stainless steel pendants and military tags
  2. father’s day special sets such as photo engraved card holders, travel clocks, pill boxes, key rings and chrome Zippo lighters
  3. chrome Flash USB Discs with 2Gb of space and a photo engraving on the front for as little as $50.

Consider another of the latest pieces of unique engraved jewelry for men: it doesn’t have a face, but instead, a set of footprints on a pair of silver cufflinks. Photo engraved mens jewelry doesn’t get better than this funky Square Sterling Silver Cufflink Set. They measure 20x20mm and have a set of engraved footprints on each. The cost: $115/pair, which includes the cufflinks and precision engraving of one image.

Custom Engraved Jewelry for Women

Some of the cutest items in the Face 2 Face collections are found in the series of engraved jewelry for MOMS.

Choose a sun-shaped pendant or a heart, oval, rectangle, square or other shape, and have baby’s picture etched in silver, gold or stainless steel.

The pieces of engraved jewelry for moms that offer the best overall value are the pendants in SILVER such as the Sun Pendant that’s 925 sterling silver, measures 22x22mm, and includes one engraved baby face for $48.

ORDER 18k Gold and Sterling Silver Engraved Jewelry from the Experts

Order fine picture engraved jewelry on silver, gold or other metals by going to Face 2 Face at:

Custom Fingerprint Jewelry from First Impressions

Unique Custom Fingerprint Jewelry – Pendant Necklaces, Charm Bracelets and Charms – from 11mm – 17mm in assorted shapes. Customize engraved bead, choose birthstone and diamond bail accents and select 14k white / yellow gold or sterling silver fingerprint jewelry. Personalize each piece using the Custom Configurator, plus receive FREE engraving. Discover the secret of Jake Fuhrman’s First Impressions jewelry designs.

The Most Original Adult and Baby Fingerprint Jewelry Available

First Impressions is one of those rare companies that offers warm fuzzy feelings of love, tenderness and remembrance with little items specifically designed to celebrate life. Jake Fuhrman’s secrets, which has made his custom fingerprint jewelry so successful, is summed up in this quote:

“Whether worn by a new mom, by a spouse of a distant soldier, in support of a person who is battling a life threatening illness, or in memory of someone who has passed, they simply reflect the notion, ‘I need you to be with me – always.’ ”

Feel the warmth of First Impressions in this video {courtesy of Jeffrey Brandt}:

Fingerprint Jewelry by First Impressions

How to Order Personalized Gold or Silver Fingerprint Jewelry

Whether you want adult or baby fingerprint jewelry, First Impressions makes it easy to customize your pieces through a unique Custom Configurator on their website. Just click on the icon that says “Create Your Own First Impressions® Masterpiece” and get started.

Step One: Making You Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Metal Choices

Choose the precious metal you desire. The options are:

  1. Sterling Silver
  2. 14k Yellow Gold
  3. 14k White Gold

Step Two: Decide on the Basic Style of Pendant or Charm

Choose the adult or baby fingerprint jewelry style. You can select from 7 different designs that include:

  1. Basic “Simply You” fingerprint charm or pendant without a frame
  2. Circle Halo fingerprint charm / pendant with a round frame encircling the print
  3. Square Halo pendant / charm with a square frame around a circular print
  4. Triangle Halo pendant / charm with a triangular frame around the print
  5. Diamond Halo pendant / charm with a diamond studded circular frame {includes .25 / .33 carat weight of diamonds set in silver or 14k gold}
  6. Heart Halo charm / pendant with a heart-shaped frame around the print
  7. Oval Fingerprint Bead for charm bracelets – 11mm size bead with basic print

Step Three: Choose the Size of your Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Pendant / Charm

The sizes of the charm bracelet charms or pendant necklace pieces are as follows:

  1. Little – 11 mm
  2. Middle – 14mm
  3. Big – 17 mm

Step Four: Select a Standard or Custom Bail

The bail is the piece that connects the pendant or charm to the bracelet or necklace. The options available for custom bails include:

  1. Basic Silver or Gold Bail – no extra charge
  2. Gold or Sterling Silver Bail studded .05 carat weight of genuine diamonds
  3. Birthstone Bails {12 choices} with a 2.5mm gemstone accent

Step Five: Bracelet or Necklace Selection

Now you’ll need to decide if your gold or silver fingerprint jewelry pieces will be added to a cable link bracelet or necklace, or if you only want the pendant / charm on its own. The options include:

  1. No Bracelet / No Chain
  2. 16-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  3. 18-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  4. 20-inch sterling silver or gold 2mm cable link chain
  5. 7-inch sterling silver or gold bracelet
  6. 8-inch sterling silver or gold bracelet

Step Six: View Your Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Before Ordering

While you’ve been selecting the above choices, the Custom Configurator program has been creating an image for you to view. Scroll down and see what your personalized adult or baby fingerprint jewelry looks like.

If you’re happy, click: “Purchase this Configuration”, if you want to make changes, go back and alter your options.

How Much Does a Piece of Customized Silver Fingerprint Jewelry Cost?

The total price of your custom order will be displayed in the Custom Configurator image after you’ve made your personalized choices.

If your imagination allowed you to choose 14k gold mountings and customized diamond-studded bails, but your budget doesn’t stretch that far in real life, you can change your choices to suite your budget.

  1. The most affordable item you can order is the basic sterling silver “Simply You” fingerprint that measures 11mm. It comes with a basic silver bail but without a bracelet or chain. This pendant / charm costs $149.
  2. The most expensive item you can order is the 14k white / yellow gold 17mm diamond halo fingerprint with .33 carat diamond accents, and a custom diamond bail in 14k gold with .05 carat of diamonds, mounted on an 8-inch bracelet in 14k white or yellow gold. The total price of this luxurious custom configuration totals $3,066.


If you’re wondering how First Impressions gets the fingerprint to create your custom jewelry, here’s how:

There are two ways:

  1. Once you’ve made your personalized choices using the Custom Configurator, you’ll be sent a “no-mess Print Pack”. Then, using the materials provided you can follow instructions and capture the baby or adult fingerprints and send them to First Impressions. Once the prints arrive, it usually takes about a week for your custom fingerprint jewelry to be crafted.
  2. If you already have high quality prints, be they of a hand, foot or a finger, you can scan them {at least 600 dpi resolution} and email them to First Impressions along with your order.

See the “no-mess Print Pack” in the following video {courtesy of Jeffrey Brandt}:

First Impressions…Print Taking

Place your orders or get more information by going directly to First Impressions at:

Interested in Getting Involved in Custom Fingerprint Jewelry?

Find out how to share the experience of gold and silver fingerprint jewelry with others by watching the following video with information for retailers.

First Impressions…Retailers

The Latest Walt Disney Jewelry for Adults and Kids

2012 Disney Couture Jewelry for Adults and Kids – Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Bracelet / Necklace, Pirates of the Caribbean Ship in a Bottle Necklace, Disney Couture Cinderella Bracelet, Minnie Mouse Bracelet, Snow White Pendant Earrings by Disney Couture Jewelry, Minnie Mouse Necklace, Cinderella Key Necklace by Disney Couture, Snow White Apple Necklace and the latest Mickey Mouse Diamante Brooch for women.

Where to Buy Official Walt Disney Jewelry Online

Shopping for Disney Jewelry online has become like shopping for books and CDs – the official Disney Store websites allow access only to shoppers in specific regions.

1. United States Disney Store

  • the Disney Store in the United States is for US shoppers.

2. Disney Couture Jewelry UK

  • European shoppers and UK buyers can go to the Disney Couture Jewelry UK website and choose a region. Shipping is available to select countries.

3. Precious Collections – Disney Jewelry Finder

  • shop for specific pieces of Disney gold jewelry and high-end couture items through authorized distributors by using the services of Precious Collections. Search for Disney jewelry by category and enter a region to find dealers that offer specific items and will to ship to where you’re located.

4. Sears Disney Jewelry for Adults and Kids

  • Sears carries some Disney charms, but if you’re outside the US, you’ll have to provide regional information to be allowed to order products.

5. Jewel Basket – Gold Disney Jewelry for Kids

  • Jewel Basket is an online store that carries authentic Disney gold jewelry items. They ship across the United States and around the world. For international buyers, shipping charges are extra, so be sure to use their Shipping Calculator before ordering. Jewel Basket uses USPS Priority Mail for international orders.

Official Disney Couture Jewelry UK

Here are the ten latest Disney jewelry items available through Disney Couture Jewelry UK:

1. Disney Couture Jewelry Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Bracelet

  • this is a fun fabric bracelet made from two-tone material with a metal skull charm and accenting diamantes. It comes in a Disney Couture bag.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Necklace from Disney Couture Jewelry

  • this Pirates of the Caribbean necklace has a metal skull pendant mounted on a chain attached to black fabric. The necklace comes in a Disney bag.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean Ship in a Bottle Necklace from Disney Couture Jewelry

  • this is a funky necklace with a metal ship in a glass bottle, with a cork, on a fabric cord. Disney Couture drawstring bag included.

4. Cinderella Bracelet – Disney Couture Jewelry Collection

  • this new piece of Disney jewelry for adults or young ladies is a metal bracelet with a snap closure. The main feature is the saying that spans the length of the bracelet: Have Faith in Your Dreams. A Disney Couture Jewelry bad in purple satin is included.

5. Minnie Mouse Bracelet – Disney jewelry for kids and adults

  • this is one of the most affordable pieces in the collections for adults and kids – priced at just £8.00. It’s a silver bracelet with a red Czech stone and a Minnie Mouse pendant accented with blue Czech stones on her skirt. The bracelet is beautifully presented in an official Disney gift box.

6. Snow White Pendant Earrings from Disney Couture Jewelry

  • These earrings are part of the Disney jewelry for adults collection. They feature a heart-shaped red faux gemstone and diamante accents. They have a secure butterfly closure.

7. Minnie Mouse Necklace

  • the Minnie Mouse necklace is another affordable piece of Disney jewelry for kids or adults – priced at just £10.00. Comes in a white Disney jewelry box.

8. Cinderella Key Necklace from the Disney Couture Jewelry Collection

  • Women, young ladies and girls will all love this 80cm chain necklace that features a diamante studded replica of the key from Cinderella. The key is inscribed with the words: A dream is a wish your heart makes. A Disney Couture bag is included.

9. Snow White Apple Necklace from the Disney Princess Jewelry Collection

  • this piece of authentic Walt Disney jewelry is ideal for young ladies and women. It features a delicate gold-tone chain and a golden apple pendant – a replica of the one from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It comes in a purple satin drawstring bag.

10. Mickey Mouse Diamante Brooch from Disney Jewelry for Adults

  • this piece of high-end Disney jewelry for adults is as fun as it is elegant. The sterling silver brooch features a Mickey Mouse silhouette encrusted with jet black stones. It comes in one of the classic white Disney jewelry boxes.

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